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Personal trainer's dizziness turned out to be caused by a brain tumour that surgeons had to remove while keeping her AWAKE in a 10-hour operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINNESOTA, USA: This woman worked out FIVE TIMES A WEEK and loved pushing her body to its limits, so when she visited her GP complaining of dizziness the last thing she was expecting to be told is that she had a BRAIN TUMOUR - that required surgery whilst AWAKE. Health and wellness coach, Nichole Bates (29) from Minnesota, USA, enjoyed working out five times a week to reach her goal of competing as an international professional bikini bodybuilder in 2018, mainly focusing on strength training. As a certified personal trainer, Nichole enjoyed pushing her body to its limit, but in 2019 she started to experience dizzy spells up to three times a day and she found herself retching multiple times a day also, but there was never any vomit, she could only spit up saliva. Nichole didn’t think too much of these signs, but as they continued, she was also needing to take naps every day as she was becoming increasingly fatigued and by July 9, she decided she needed to go the hospital to get checked over. A doctor sent Nichole for an MRI and straight away a mass was found in her brain which was believed to be a cancerous tumour. Following the shock discovery, Nichole was referred to an oncology team where a biopsy could be carried out and it was later determined that the tumour was an astrocytoma cancer which had mutated. A team of neurologists decided that Nichole needed brain surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible because it was located in the front left side of her head, and it was impacting her front and temporal lobes. Surgery was on August 23, and Nichole had to be awake during the operation to enable surgeons to remove 85 per cent of the tumour, more than they would have been able to remove had she been under general anaesthetic. For someone who always took pride in her health and fitness, a cancer diagnosis and the ensuing battle showed Nichole that her strength is more than just physical as she can overcome such health obstacles.


Man who retired at 24 after making £578k shares his secrets to success

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who amassed a colossal £578,132 and retired at the age of 24. Mike Rosehart, 27, enjoys a life of leisure with his wife Alyse, 28, and their two children, Emma, three, and Arielle, six months, after working for just seven years. The former IT business analyst saved aggressively, lived frugally, and bought his first home when he was just 19 years old. The dad-of-two is convinced that anyone can achieve financial independence and retire early, known as FIRE, with a little financial wizardry.

Woman who hoped that surgery to fix breathing problems would also give her the perfect nose reveals she's spent $36,000 on THREE procedures - but is still plagued by medical issues

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman says doctors CAN’T FIX EVERYTHING after spending over TWENTY-SEVEN-THOUSAND-POUNDS on THREE failed NOSE JOBS ? leaving her BARELY ABLE TO BREATHE. As a child, skin care business owner, Nicole Spinden (43) from Washington, USA, was bullied by her primary school peers for her nose. They would throw rocks and torment her every day on the way to school. She would often cry over the lump on her nose and despite asking her parents to undergo surgery, they refused. It wasn’t until 2010, when she went to her ear, nose and throat doctor about an issue she had with her ear that she discovered she had a deviated septum and needed to fix her nose to relieve it. He told her that he could help her and without hesitation, she agreed to have a nose job. However, following the surgery, she noticed that her septum had shifted back to its original shape and her breathing had worsened, which worried her. She went back to the doctor but she was encouraged to wait longer before undergoing her next surgery. In 2012, she had it done again but the same thing happened, and it became more swollen. When she had another nose job to fix it in 2016, her nose began to swell even more and she instantly regretted getting it done. She had collectively spent Ł27,470 ($36,000) on her surgeries. She now plans to get her nose fixed again but with a more reputable doctor and despite her disappointment with the results she now feels more secure in herself and believes that being authentic is beautiful.

Britain's longest serving shop worker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shoe shop manager Roy Wallbridge has laid claim to being Britain's longest-serving shop worker after serving an astonishing 54 years at the same store.  The 70-year-old has worked in the same place since he was 15 and has sold more than 75,000 pairs of shoes during his long career. He worked for more than 20 years as a sales assistant on the shop floor of the historic W. J. French & Son in Southampton, Hants, before getting a promotion in 1986.  Over the years he has served multiple generations of the same families and seen the world outside his shop window experience extraordinary change.

Photography tours in Upper Antelope Canyon, one of the most popular and controversial photography attractions in the US, are shutting down in 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** According to Navajo National Parks, they have made the decision to stop running photo tours in Upper Antelope Canyon following the negative reviews and feedback from many attendees. The last official photography tour will go out on December 20th, 2019. After this, people will still be able to take pictures during the regular tours, but these groups are larger and you are not allowed to bring tripods or monopods.

Couple's 'faultless' £200 boiler finally packs up - after 48 years of service

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elderly couple are getting rid of their boiler after it finally stopped working - after 48 YEARS; An elderly couple are getting rid of the boiler they have had for almost 50 years after it finally stopped working. Graham Braddick and his wife Dorothy - both 87 - bought the boiler for £200 in 1971 when they moved into their house. The couple, from Northam in Devon, said they have "never had any problems with it". "I thought it came with a 50-year guarantee but I cannot find the paperwork," Mr Braddick joked. "That would have been lovely."

How humans learnt to dance: Scientists claim the chimpanzee 'conga' sheds light on how early humans learnt to respond to rhythm and move together in sync

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers from the University of Warwick, Durham University and the Free University of Brussels studied movements of a pair of apes at a zoo in the US.  It showed them moving in sync, one behind the other with its hands around the waist, in a motion that looks uncannily similar to the famous Cuban shuffle.  This behaviour could be the basis for human dance and how people learnt to respond to rhythm, according to Dr Adriano Lameira from the University of Warwick.

Ospreys make a series of catches

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey is reflected mirror-like in a river as it dives for fish. At one point the bird of prey even resembles a Star Wars X-wing. The osprey was captured on camera clutching onto a trout it had caught in Aviemore, just on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. Photographer Stephen Laycock, a wildlife photographer from Blackrod, Greater Manchester, told of his excitement after getting the shot.

Four oxpeckers hang out on top of a bathing hippo

***EXCLUSIVE*** The cheeky birds landed on the hippo as it was asleep causing the animal to suddenly wake up and open its eyes. Accomplished wildlife photographer Christine Hadfield, ARPS DPAGB, captured this amusing moment whilst visiting the Kruger Park in South Africa.  Christine said: ďThe oxpeckers are always on the look out for ticks which benefits the hippos, keeping them tick free!