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Teenager's left leg 'could break at any moment' because of a rare condition that causes her the bones in her limb to slip out of their sockets

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s condition was initially mistaken for an AGGRESSIVE CANCER before doctors realised she had a rare BONE EATING DISEASE. When private health care assistant, Caitlin Watterson (19) from Peel, Isle of Man, was just three years old she started to complain to her mum that that her leg hurt and developed a limp. Initially Caitlin’s mum thought that she was just being a typical toddler but she grew concerned when she didn’t stop limping and took Caitlin to A&E where she had an x-ray. A few hours later her parents were called back and were told by a doctor that the x-ray showed something they had never seen before and they suspected that Caitlin had an aggressive form of bone cancer. Upon seeing a specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Caitlin’s parents were told that it may not be cancer but advised she needed a biopsy to rule it out for certain. A biopsy revealed that Caitlin had a rare genetic bone disease, fibrous dysplasia, a genetic condition caused by a mutated gene which affects bones maturing into solid bone. An MRI confirmed that she had polyostotic fibrous dysplasia and it affected her left arm, left femur and left tibia. Caitlin suffers from chronic pain due to her condition but has learnt to manage this with pain killers. Over the years, she has had six surgeries which have involved having her bones dislocated, shaved, reshaped, pinned with metal rods and screws to try and provide support to and strengthen the bone. As well as learning to cope with pain, Caitlin has had to rely on walking aids which has seen her become a target in the past with people calling her horrible names like peg leg and laughing at her and mocking her in a wheelchair. Her surgeries have left her with scars on her legs which she loves to show off as they have made her who she is today.

Rare Aston Martin DB4 that was one of only nine ever made sells at auction for £2.4million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super rare Aston Martin sports car has sold at auction for a whopping £2.4m after an incredible 54 years in the same ownership. The DB4 GT Lightweight dates back to 1961 and was one of only nine of its kind to be built by the British marque. Its first owner was gentleman racer and Northern industrialist Phil Scragg but it was purchased by engineer Malcolm Cramp in 1965.

Stunning photograph shows how a Chinese fisherman uses a flock of cormorants to haul in his catch of the day in an ancient tradition dating back to 960 AD

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the spectacular moment a fisherman with a close bond to cormorants used a flock of birds to catch big fish in a centuries old ritual in southern China. Photographer Julia Wimmerlin, 42, snapped the aquatic birds perching on a bamboo raft before swooping into the calm water to grasp hold of prey at the Li River in Guilin, China. Cormorants have thick, hooked bills perfect for firmly seizing fish and help fishermen catch bigger finds than their nets usually can. Julia said the 'beautiful' setting 'takes your breath away' and 'in fact, it was so beautiful it felt surreal'. She put her camera in a waterproof case before dipping it slightly in the water to snap the special moment. The ancient practice of cormorant fishing dates back to 960 AD and has been brought back to life for tourists.

Girl, 7, saved her mother’s life by performing CPR she learned from YouTube after she suffered a seizure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seven-year-old girl has been hailed a hero after she administered emergency CPR on her mum - which she learned by watching videos on YouTube. Quick-thinking Jessica Kinder was watching the Grinch when she saw her 32-year-old mum Becky Green collapse to the ground having a seizure. The schoolgirl grabbed a nearby glass of water and threw it in Becky's face to "try and wake her up" before straddling her and performing CPR. She then took hold of her mum's phone and attempted to unlock it before realising she could ring 999 without entering a password or fingerprint. Becky, an admin worker for the NHS, said she woke up being treated by paramedics and has since described Jessica as her "hero".

Toddler has condition so rare that she is the only person in the world with it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A toddler from Leicester is the only child in the world with a terrifying life-threatening condition. After two-year-old Isla Kilpatrick-Screaton was born she had a whole host of medical problems and it was a month before her parents, Kyle and Stacey, were able to take her home. But she had to be rushed back to hospital soon after when she turned blue. She had to be resuscitated after another emergency when she was 10 months old, and it was discovered that her tongue was blocking her narrow airway every time she became upset. A tracheostomy was performed, to make sure she was no longer at risk of suffocation, which left her unable to cry. Isla was diagnosed with mandibuloacral dysplasia, a condition that causes a variety of abnormalities involving bone development and skin colouring. She also has a heart condition and very narrow airways. Isla is able to speak some words but her main form of communication is Makaton sign language. Their genetic consultant told Stacey and Kyle that Isla is the only child in the world recorded with this condition and she is being studied by numerous consultants, paving the way for other children with the condition in the future.

Britain's longest-serving Santa bringing kids magic of Christmas for 57 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's longest serving Santa Claus is still bringing the magic of Christmas to children - after donning his festive suit for 57 YEARS. Ray Hulse, 75, has been playing Father Christmas since he was just 18 and has been spreading yuletide cheer to people of all ages for well over half a century. He has distributed thousands of gifts to gleeful kids to make their Christmas dreams come true since 1962 and raised over £50,000 for charity. Ray says he has always loved Christmas and was determined to spread the festive joy as much as he could and will even keep going until his 100th birthday. He created his first grotto at a simple Ford garage and since then has appeared in hundreds of supermarkets and schools across his home country of Shropshire.

Elton John's iconic 'windscreen wiper' sunglasses have emerged for sale for £8,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of Elton John's iconic 'windscreen wiper' sunglasses have emerged for sale for £8,000. ($10,000) The Rocketman star sported the quirky eyewear in the early 1970s around the time became a worldwide phenomenon with his album 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'. Wire extends from the right arm to a 15 volt battery tube which has a button to turn the wipers on. The glasses, which were made by Brevete, have a white plastic frame and blur tint lenses. They are now being sold with US based RR Auction, having emerged from a storage facility of vintage Elton apparel.

Frank Sinatra's first Golden Globe has emerged for sale for £38,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The legendary crooner received the award in 1946 for his role in the short film 'The House I Live In' which railed against anti-semitism. In it, 'ol blue eyes' convinces a group of young American boys bullying a Jewish boy to stop. Sinatra gave the award to a friend from California and it has remained in his estate until now. It is being sold by his descendants with US auction house Nate D Sanders. The auctioneer says it is the only major award won by Sinatra which has emerged on the private market, adding to its significance. This is because the Sinatra Estate still owns most of his awards and are fiercely protective of his legacy.

Woman who had to be removed from a rollercoaster because she was too heavy at 338lbs sheds half her body weight on the keto diet (without setting foot in the gym!)

***EXCLUSIVE*** ARIZONA, USA: After having to be REMOVED from a roller coaster for being too heavy, this woman felt so mortified by her twenty-four stone frame that she decided to try a KETO lifestyle - and now she is HALF THE SIZE. Office manager and graphic designer, Chelsey Bishop (35) from Tucson, Arizona, USA, saw her weight increase since the age of seven when she was already larger than all of her friends and was regularly teased because of it. As she grew older, Chelsey was immersed in the typical American diet and she’d eat a donut for breakfast and cheeseburgers with fries and a fizzy drink at lunch. Having never thought about her nutrition, Chelsey admits that she would regularly eat approximately 4,000 calories in a day, taking her weight up to 24st 2lb and a UK size 32. In December 2017, while on a holiday to Universal Studios, Chelsey was removed from a ride in front of the many people around her because the harness didn’t fit around her frame. Chelsey also felt humiliated when she couldn’t fit in booths at restaurants, she had to request seatbelt extenders and she couldn’t walk 50 feet without losing her breath. Feeling ashamed of her weight and watching her clothes size constantly go up led Chelsey to try and make a change, and in February 2018, after seeing a few Facebook friends lose weight through a keto diet, she decided to try it herself. Chelsey adapted her diet to fit with her hectic schedule by opting for a burger without the bun, choosing a side of vegetables rather than chips, and cutting out a lot of sugar. These simple changes have allowed Chelsey’s weight to drop to 13st, and she’s now a UK size 16, without needing any surgery along the way.

Comedy Gold - Parallel bars from Pink Panther Sellers' Clouseau falls off sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Comedy Gold -The set of parallel bars that Peter Sellers' character Inspector Jacques Clouseau hilariously comes a cropper on in the Pink Panther are being auctioned off. The hapless French detective tries his hand on the piece of gym equipment after stumbling across it during his investigations at a country house. After swinging on the bars he then launches himself off to one side without realising there is a staircase immediately below. He goes head over heels down the flight of stairs and lands in a sitting room full of witnesses who he immediately begins to question as if nothing had happened. The scene featured in the 1976 movie The Pink Panther Strikes Again which starred British actor Sellers as the bungling Clouseau. The film prop is expected to fetch £4,000 when it goes under the hammer with Julien's Auctions of Los Angeles, US.

Vulgar snub to valour: Abandoned RAF base that was central to Allied defence of Britain in WWII has been left to rot for years...

***EXCLUSIVE*** An abandoned RAF base which was central to defending the UK from the Nazi Luftwaffe threat in World War Two has been left to rot for years - and has even been defaced with paedophilic scrawls and a SWASTIKA. Eerie photos of RAF Church Fenton, the base which defended some of England’s biggest cities during the war, show the desperate level of decay on site - with Nazi propaganda sprayed on the wall of an old mess room where fearless RAF pilots would once unwind after stoically defending these shores; a derelict bar where airmen would’ve drank away their woes and toasted their fallen comrades; and a rotting assembly hall, where the floors and ceilings have all but crumbled away. The base, located near Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, was established in 1937 as the menace of Hitler and his expanding Third Reich cast a shadow over Europe. It proved a pivotal role in the defence of the nation during the war years and hosted a number of significant squadrons - including the first RAF "Eagle" Squadron of American volunteers, the first all-Canadian RAF Squadron, and the first all-Polish RAF Squadron. It also played a crucial role protecting the Allied troops during the D-Day landings.

A quick-thinking cinema usherette who picked up one of Sir Winston Churchill’s trademark cigars decades ago gained rock solid provenance for her find by contacting the man himself

***EXCLUSIVE*** Violet King, an usherette at the London Coliseum in St Martin’s Lane in the 1950s, was so excited by her political keepsake she wrote to 10 Downing Street to gain the Prime Minister’s permission to tell her friends about it - and he said yes. Her brush with a political legend occurred in January, 1953, when she was looking after a row of seats at the Coliseum occupied by Churchill and wife Clementine during the film premier of American musical Call Me Madam.

Inside the voodoo rituals of Haiti

Jacmel, Haiti: A bull sacrifice is an expensive ritual that Voodoo priest might get the honor of performing once a year. An estimated 60 million people practice Voodoo worldwide. In Haiti, with a population of 11 million people, there is a saying that 70% of the people are Catholic, 30% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo. Voodoo involves the practice of invoking spirits to help people with life in the present world. A bull sacrifice is an expensive ritual that a Voodoo priest might get the honor of performing once a year. In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, during the cholera epidemic which was found to be brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers, more than 40 Voodoo priests were lynched as they were blamed for bringing the disease upon the masses.

Laughing seal

***EXCLUSIVE*** This seal appears to find something so funny it rolls around laughing. The grey pup nibbled on its flipper as it playfully stretches out after snoozing under the winter sun. Amateur photographer Dave Higgins made a special trip to Donna Nook, on the low-lying coast of north-Lincolnshire, to admire the seal colony there.

Red squirrel jumps for joy with a nut in it's mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bushy-tailed squirrel roaming through British woodland leaps into the air while clutching a nut in its mouth. The small rodent carefully grips the hazelnut between its teeth as it leaps away to enjoy its latest find. Stretching as it darts across mossy earth, the red squirrel's reflection gently shimmers in the pool of water in woodland near the town of Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Amateur photographer Dr Hamad Bouresli was keeping cover in a bird photography hide when he managed to capture the shots of the squirrel.