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The 5 biggest hair color trends of winter 2020

Hair colors never really go out of style. Sure, a shade may have its moment until another one is ushered in as the new "it color," but what's more important than following trends is finding a color that suits you. That being said, it's hard to ignore the fact that the same handful of colors keep popping up on celebrities as well as our Instagram feeds. And when you're dying to switch up your hair color for the new season, there's nothing wrong with turning to your favorite celeb or Insta-famous hair colorist for inspiration.

Rich mahogany

This spicy color is still going strong for winter, albeit a bit deeper than the shades of red that were so popular this past summer. "This is a rich reddish-brown that looks great on almost everyone because it has both cool and warm undertones, which makes it well-suited to all skin tones and eye colors," says Cartwright. ut while red hair is beautiful, it tends to fade faster than any other color. To keep this mahogany shade vibrant and shiny, Kersten recommends treating it with a color-depositing, nourishing hair mask once a week.

Rooty balayage

"This is a super-natural, blended, rooty look that is perfect for anyone who wants low-maintenance sun-kissed color," says Cartwright. If you want to keep your color effortless and simple this winter, ask your stylist to leave your roots natural or melt your highlights with a root melt for a seamless, gradiant look. n terms of maintaining the look, it's all about keeping your hair healthy post-bleach session.

Dip-dyed ends

Yep, there's a way to lean into the pastel hair color trend without completely committing yourself to the look. Enter dip-dyed ends. "Dip dye is very, very popular especially because you can try different techniques and colors," says Kersten. "If your hair is not light enough, you will have to bleach your hair before dyeing it your desired pastel shade." The one thing to keep in mind is that pastel colors fade pretty quickly, so if you want the color to stay fresh, be prepared to get a touch up every few weeks. 

Cool chocolate brown

Raise your hand if you're a brunette who hates those red and orange tones that come through your hair color. If you threw up both of your hands, cool chocolate brown is just the winter hair color for you. As seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian, whose color was done by celebrity hairstylist, this brunette shade has ashy undertones instead of warm ones.

Honey blonde

While icy plantinum goes hand-in-hand with the winter chill, this year, blonde shades are looking sweeter. From Jennifer Lopez to Rachel Brosnahan, celebs have been switching things up by going warm honey blonde. "This color is a good mix of cool and warm, along with being super shiny," says Kersten. "For those with naturally light hair, it makes your hair look more healthy and less frizzy." While purple shampoo is a revered haircare product for blondes, because it neutralizes the yellow tones in hair, that's exactly why you don't want to use it on a golden shade like honey blonde. Instead, stick with a color-protecting shampoo that's sulfate-free and super hydrating.