Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A five-year-old boy can finally give his little brother a big bear hug after being the first child in the UK to have a functioning prosthetic arm fixed ABOVE the elbow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Awesome Jacob Scrimshaw is now sporting a powered green Hulk robotic arm which means he can snuggle up with his sibling, Sebastian, three.  Devoted mum-of-three Gemma Turner vowed to get him an arm when he came home from school crying one day, saying he was fed up having to struggle.  Amazingly, he got his new green superhero arm on Thursday and has been wearing it ever since.  But the journey wasn't so easy for Jacob, as the prosthetics you see for kids are created for below the elbow - yet Jacob, who was born premature, was born with just a tiny bit of his left arm after a scan at 20 weeks showed it was missing.  This means any creation is more problematic as it is harder to get the false limb to stay attached and an elbow joint has to be created.

She's scout of this world! Willow, 10, becomes first girl scout to collect all 57 beaver and cub badges after mastering martial arts and learning how to ride a horse and cook the perfect omelette

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ten-year-old girl has become one of the first to get every single Beaver and Cub activity badge. Willow Woolhouse completed every activity badge possible when she was in the Beavers, and last week received her final Cub achievement. But getting all 57 badges - proudly sewn down the arms of her green sweater - was far from easy. She had to learn to horse ride, become proficient in Morse code, teach herself to cook the perfect omelette and master the martial art of Tang Soo Do - from scratch.

Woman, 22, diagnosed with breast cancer after GP said she was 'too young' to have it

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: During a romantic fondle with her boyfriend, this woman discovered a LUMP on her breast, but after visiting her doctor she was told she was „too young” for cancer and given ANTIBIOTICS - until a biopsy revealed she was STAGE FOUR. Samantha Reid (23) from Virginia, USA, who works for a computer security company, was celebrating Valentine?s Day a day late on Friday 15, February 2019 when she noticed tenderness in her breast as her boyfriend, Gray (22) hugged her. Samantha went to check everything was okay, but she felt a large lump in her breast. She tried not to think anything of it, but by Monday morning the lump was still present, so Samantha arranged a GP appointment for later that day. The doctor told Samantha that is was likely a cyst or an infected milk duct, despite it being very unlikely as she wasn?t a breastfeeding mother. Samantha was instructed to put a washcloth over the lump twice a day and call back at the end of the week if the lump hadn?t gone. At the end of the appointment, the doctor made a condescending remark questioning whether Samantha was worried it was cancer, as though that was an impossibility. The washcloth made no difference, so Samantha was then prescribed amoxicillin for five days, but as the lump was still present, Samantha had an ultrasound and a biopsy. A few days later, Samantha received a call from the breast surgeon telling her she had breast cancer and she should come back to the hospital that day to discuss her diagnosis. The cancer had spread to multiple lymph nodes and one of her ribs, making it stage four. She started IVF egg retrieval and then started chemotherapy on April 5 until July 26. Samantha often gets told by people that she is „too young” to have cancer, so she tries not to tell people about her stage four cancer diagnosis because she knows how they will react.

Woman battles depression with a mission to become the UK’s strongest woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British woman was consumed by depression when she left the Army after serving for NINE YEARS, until a quest to become the UK’S STRONGEST WOMAN saved her life. Openreach engineer, Gemma Ferguson (34) from Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK, served in The Royal Corps of Signals as a communications system specialist for nine years and was posted to Germany, Northern Ireland and went on operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. In October 2012 Gemma decided to leave the military on impulse as she was struggling to cope but didn’t know until two years later that she was actually suffering with anxiety and depression at the time. Gemma found the initial transition to civilian life bearable and managed to secure a job as a security specialist and a flat close to her work in High Wycombe. Without any friends in her new area, Gemma felt alone and started to struggle with life outside of the Army as she found she didn’t have much common ground with people. Desperate to make friends and to feel like she belonged, Gemma started working at a pub at the weekends to socialise and started to force herself to fit in by drinking heavily and taking drugs with the people she hung out with. Gemma was diagnosed with depression in early 2015 which lead to her losing her job as she didn’t tell her employer what she was going through. Shortly after she had to give up her flat and move back home with her parents in autumn 2015. Drinking heavily meant that she had gained weight and weighed 17st 2lb and seeing how unhappy she was Gemma’s mum, Jacquie encouraged her to get back to training at the gym and helped her to get help from a charity called PTSD Resolution which specialises in mental health for veterans and their families. Gemma started training again in 2016 and was spotted by a personal trainer who suggested she should try the sport strongman and encouraged her to enter a local competition four weeks later. Having never heard of the sport before, Gemma decided to give it a go and placed second in the competition. From that moment Gemma was hooked and she has since competed in World’s Strongest Woman in America in December 2018, won England’s Strongest Under 82kg Woman in May 2019 and placed third in Britain’s Strongest Woman in September 2019. Gemma now weighs roughly 12st 8lb when she’s competing and is training with her coach Simon Yates for The IFBB Arnold Sports Festival which takes place in Ohio, USA, in March next year. She wants to show everyone, not just ex-military, that you can turn your life around. 

Best friends have spent six years photographing women's rear ends to inspire body positivism and prove that the female bottom is truly beautiful

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two best friends have spent six years photographing hundreds of bare butts to show women just how beautiful their behinds are. Frédérique Marseille, 30, and Émilie Mercier, 31, have snapped over 400 pictures of naked posteriors and travelled the world together to take the cheeky images. The friends, who met at school, were inspired to start the ongoing art project in 2014 after moaning about their stretch marks and cellulite.  Frédérique, a businesswoman, said: “We were complaining about our butts.

Mum of four sheds half her bodyweight after struggling to find chairs she could fit in

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman says being overweight made her look OLD BEFORE HER TIME, but since losing almost HALF of her body weight people can’t believe she’s FIFTY-THREE-YEARS-OLD. Co-owner of a construction company, Tracy Bess (53) from Georgetown, Texas, USA, married her high school sweetheart Dough and is mother to four adult boys who were expensive to feed when younger which lead to her eating lots of processed foods which were budget friendly. Along with comfort eating, Tracy also struggled with mobility issues due to tarsal tunnel syndrome in her late 40s which affected her ankle and wreaked havoc on her body so she couldn’t keep up with her four sons. Tracy couldn’t squeeze into some chairs and seatbelts on planes were over extended. She felt like she was the odd one out, the ‘big girl’ and ran for cover during photo opportunities. Desperate, tired and fed up of wearing unfashionable UK size 26 XL clothes, Tracy decided she needed to take action to shrink her 17st 2lb frame and through tracking calories she now weighs 8st 6lb and is a UK size 4 and she’s training for a marathon.

Diving device offers 'unlimited' air supply

A new diving device promises to provide an „unlimited” air supply. The ExoLung turns body motion into an underwater air supply: the diver draws air into a body-worn tank by extending their legs, while retracting the legs allows inhalation of the air. Fresh air is drawn down from the surface via a five-metre tube attached to an inflatable dive buoy. ExoLung is designed for shallow water diving up to 5 metres and for recreational and utility purposes. Designer Joerg Tragatschnig says: „The idea was to create a simple extension to the usual ABC kit (fins, mask, snorkel), being simple, robust and affordable whilst not requiring a lot of maintenance or care, and absolutely no recharge or refill required. It is lightweight (3,5kg) and compact (40x30x20cm pack size) making it super portable, flexible and functional. There is no need for diving certification, though a basic knowledge of compressed air diving is required before use. This can be learned by attending a beginner diving course at your local centre. It is also enjoyable to use in the pool for training, or as a form of underwater gymnastics and yoga.” ExoLung is currently a private initiative in its final prototyping phase and is looking for an industry partner to manufacture and market the product.

Amazing macro insects

***EXCLUSIVE*** These mesmerizing macro photos show insects covered in rain droplets after a spell of rain in a beautiful Italian forest. Photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 44, was up at the crack of dawn to catch an early burst of rainfall near the stunning Po river in Italy. In the images, big rain droplets are scattered across the insects as they bathe in the morning light.