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Bride-to-be who was dumped weeks before her Las Vegas wedding reveals she married HERSELF at the venue instead

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman created her OWN HAPPY ENDING by MARRYING HERSELF in LAS VEGAS after being DUMPED at the altar. Business owner, Sandra Blanco (32) from London, UK, had been with her ex for one and a half years before he proposed to her in November 2017, to which she said yes. They decided to go for a shot gun wedding in Vegas which took only six weeks to organise, but a week before Christmas 2017 he began to get cold feet and wanted to take a step back. Their wedding was cancelled, and they broke up but since she couldn’t get a refund on anything she booked, she decided to get married anyway - to herself. Despite feeling rejected and heart-broken, she decided to turn the situation around and booked a model to do a wedding-themed photoshoot and had the ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel with a man dressed as Elvis Presley as the officiator. She hired a photographer to do the shoot and throughout the journey they had a road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, which strengthened her friendship with them. The result of the trip changed her whole perception of love and that you need to love yourself in order for anyone else to love you. She has her own business designing flower bridal crowns called Sophie and Luna and has been throwing herself into her business which has kept her occupied. Throughout her journey of heartbreak, she continues to believe in love and is open to dating in the future if she meets the right man.

Hero boy, 4, saves little sister's life after learning about first aid at school

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-year-old boy helped save his baby sister who was choking on a two pence piece. Little Shiloh Oppong-Konadu noticed his two-year-old sister Bella was choking and immediately rushed to help using tips he picked up at a first-aid class. The child shouted for his dad and even tried to dislodge the coin from her throat by doing 'back blows' which involved him hitting her back.

Haunting photos capture Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses which contains over 100,000 wooden and metal crucifixes

***EXCLUSIVE*** LITHUANIA: Remarkable photographs show a haunting mountain of over ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND crosses, which represent over TWO-HUNDRED-YEARS of oppression in eastern Europe - but their exact origins remain a MYSTERY. Mesmeric images capture Lithuania’s epic Kry’i’ Kalnas (Hill of Crosses) including a dramatic shot of countless wooden and metal crucifixes; a panoramic shot showing the scale of the remarkable national monument; and an eerie woodcarving of Jesus, draped in rosary beads. The tale of the Hill of Crosses is an intriguing one, dating back to early stages of the 19th century. Located just outside Lithuania’s fourth largest city ’iauliai, the mound attracts thousands of pilgrims every year who visit the eerie site to pay their respects to the dead, pray, or to leave a set of rosary beads or another cross to the ever-massing collection of religious icons.

Woman 'couldn't open her eyes' as hair dye reaction felt like 'ants biting her'

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA: After using packet hair dye this woman’s face ballooned so much she COULDN’T OPEN HER EYES and was left with burning itching sores on her scalp for THREE WEEKS - which she says felt like a „MILLION BULL ANTS” biting her.  Sales manager, Julie Yacoub (37) from Perth, Western Australia, used to always dye her hair as a teenager and in her early twenties with no problems or signs of reaction. When she was 22, Julie had her hair dyed at a salon and experienced a mild reaction afterwards but she assumed that it was because the hair colourist massaged her head too hard and accidentally cut the skin on her scalp with her nails which would have been aggravated by the dye sinking into her skin. Julie hadn’t dyed her hair since this, but after noticing a few greys she bought a chocolate brown packet dye which took just 15 minutes to develop. On October 30, 2019, she mixed the dye and applied it; she had no itching or tingling during or immediately after the application so assumed everything was ok. Whilst at work the next day she noticed her neck was itching and asked a colleague to look and told her she had burns on her neck. Worried she was having an allergic reaction, Julie took an antihistamine tablet to counteract it but later that evening she felt pressure in her head so booked an appointment to see her GP the next day. When she woke up, Julie had a lump on the side of her head and pressure was building up. Her doctor told her she was having a severe allergic reaction and prescribed her steroids. Unfortunately for Julie, her face grew more deformed as it continued to swell and by 5am the following day she couldn’t open her eyes and her scalp was covered in sores and burns which were unbearably itchy and felt like she was „being bitten by a million bull ants at once”.