Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

British man who had permanent menage a trois with two women announces they have split from one another

***EXCLUSIVE*** The threesome were all dating as a throuple in a polyamorous relationship until recently when Brooke revealed that she has split from both Jane and Adam via announcement on her Instagram. Brit Adam Lyons had been dubbed Ôthe luckiest man aliveÕ after sharing a super-kingsize bed with the two beauties whilst living with them in Texas, USA. HeÕd fathered two children WITH Brooke, and one with Jane, as well as Brooke having a child from a previous relationship. They raised all the children as their own and shared parenting duties, home-schooling the children.

Meet the Tortoise who puts even the most stylish catwalk models to shame

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ethel is a 3 year old Sulcata tortoise who lives a life of luxury at her home in Sonoma, California under the care of her doting owners Kasey and Dan. The photogenic reptile is the star the star of her own viral Instagram page that has amassed a following of over 35 thousand people. Ethel can be seen posing for the camera, enjoying the finest food in exotic locales and strutting her stuff in her dozens of handmade outfits. One of Ethel‚Äôs owners Kasey Kuchinski said: ‚ÄúWe had wanted a tortoise for a long time, we did a ton of research, and finally decided that it was the right time we got Ethel as a hatchling ‚Äú ‚ÄúTortoises are cold blooded reptiles that have very specific care requirements. It can be difficult to find correct information about how to properly care for them. You really have to do your research!‚ÄĚ

Ultimate cheesy garlic bread reed diffuser

Whilst most people may be looking to fill their homes with scents of gingerbread and mulled wine this Christmas, Subway is offering guests the chance to make theirs smell a little more unique. The brand has launched the ultimate home accessory you never knew you needed „the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Reed Diffuser” guaranteed to have your house smelling distinctly delicious.  Celebrating one of Subway’s most popular menu items, the limited edition fragrance combines delectable notes of savoury garlic, melting cheese and freshly baked bread to make your house smell good enough to eat. Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party or hosting a family roast, the new diffusers will produce cheesy wafts sure to leave an impression on your guests. But be warned, you may be forced to order in as the pungent scent could lead to serious Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread cravings. With a stylish, minimalist design that subtly echoes Subway’s iconic colours; each diffuser is presented in a giftable box - making it the perfect present for the cheese lover in your life. The smell of freshly baked bread, for which Subway’s stores are famous for, recently topped a list of Brits’ favourite smells - beating a host of traditional festive fragrances including Christmas trees, cinnamon, and gingerbread, as well as much-loved scents like ground coffee and fresh linen.

Cyclist brings festive cheer to the streets of London by riding a 79-mile reindeer-shaped route via GPS

London, United Kingdom: A cyclist has brought festive cheer to the streets of London by riding a 79-mile route around the capital in the shape of a reindeer. Anthony Hoyte, 51, cycles long distances along intricate routes so that they appear in the shape of animals and people on his Strava fitness tracker. His latest work is his third annual Christmas image, which he believes is his greatest yet. Mr Hoyte, of Cheltenham, cycled 79 miles from Hammersmith, west London, zigzagging across the city and finishing in Euston, to make a reindeer shape on his app. It took him nine hours, going as far north as Edgware, before heading south again and east through Hampstead Heath and Wood Green. Finally he returned south through Kilburn and Maida Vale before finishing along the Euston Road.

A group of male Oxford University students have recorded a hilarious music video of them belting out a medley of hits - from FROZEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Out of the Blue, an all-male acapella group at the top university, performed a medley of tunes from the Disney film and its smash hit sequel to raise money for charity. Every year the boys release a Christmas charity single that have been viewed millions of times online, and their newest clip features the blue-suited boys performing 'Let It Go', 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman' and 'Into the Unknown'. The video shows the boys in many of Oxford's iconic locations, like the Bodleian library and the Bridge of Sighs, belting out the kids' film hits to raise money for children with terminal diseases.

'FauxMO Duvet'

London, United Kingdom: As Christmas party madness sets in, a massive 92% of Brits proudly admit they’d prefer to be cuddled up at home instead of having a night out partying, and eight in ten of us secretly LOVE when friends cancel plans at the last minute. What’s more, a whopping seven in ten (70%) of those surveyed in a new poll from Domino’s, say they’re ALREADY suffering from festive exhaustion a full week ahead of the big day. As Fatigue Friday fast approaches, many people wish they could decline party invites as revelries take their toll. A third (32%) of Brits reveal they’re currently trying to wriggle out the office Christmas party, a quarter (25%) are devising a plan to get out clubbing with pals, and 16 percent even admit to binning off plans for a trip to the pub. Thankfully, help is now at hand from an unexpected source. Tired party animals can now embrace the Joy of Missing Out (#JOMO) and keep up social appearances because Britain’s best loved pizza company has launched the Domino’s „FauxMO” Duvet, which creates the very best of both worlds.

Woman who was a size 30 loses so much weight 'her mum doesn't recognise her'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman had NEVER had a meaningful relationship until she went from a size THIRTY to a size EIGHT and attracted the LOVE OF HER LIFE – and now NOT EVEN HER MOTHER recognises her. Internal recruitment consultant, Elizabeth Watkins (38) from Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom has struggled with her weight since she was a child. Coming from a small but close mixed Turkish and Armenian family meant that many traditions and celebrations were marked with food. Because of that, food was eaten not only as a way to comfort the bad times, but to also celebrate the good times. As Elizabeth grew older and her weight increased, she cut herself off from the outside world to avoid strangers’ stares and pity. She only interacted with a small group of people who she felt comfortable to be around. Physically, she struggled to walk, stand or sit and while remaining in denial about her situation she continued to eat her way to a sizeable 26st 9lb and was just about fitting into a UK size 30. Elizabeth realised she couldn’t carry on as she was and knew she had to change her habits to lose weight to become healthier so in May 2017 she decided to have a gastric bypass. After surgery, with determination she ate just 700 calories every single day for an entire year to bring down her weight. This helped her to lose an impressive one stone a month and after a year she continued at just 1,200 calories to lose the rest of the weight. Within just 18 months she lost an incredible 15 stone and Elizabeth now weighs a much healthier 11st 8lb and wears a slim UK size 8. She also found the love of her life and the two love birds have just got engaged.

The lioness waits for the right time to cross the Ewaso Ny’iro river in Kenya with her young cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the extraordinary moment a lioness snatched her young cub from crocodile infested river moments before it almost got swept away. Photographer Luca Bracali captured the amazing moment while he was photographing wildlife at Ewaso Ny’iro river in Masai Mara, Africa. He said it was so rare for cubs that young to cross that his guide had never seen anything like it before in the 10 years he has at the park. At one point, one of the cubs fell into the water so mum came to the rescue and saved her cub from drowning.