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German monk passes exam to become a chief priest in Nara

***EXCLUSIVE*** Japan, Nara: The Hamburg-born Gyoei Saile, the only foreign ordained priest at the temple Kofukuji in the old Japanese imperial city of Nara. German monk Gyoei Saile has long prepared for the chance of a lifetime, to take the qualifying oral exam at the prestigious Kofukuji temple here to become a chief priest. The challenge has been passed down for more than a millennium. On the night of Nov. 13, Saile, 41, who has served as a monk at the Nara temple since 2011, sat for the test after a grueling three-week preparation period. He took it and passed. It is unusual for a foreigner to successfully take the “ryugi,” according to Kofukuji, one of the two head temples of the Hosso Sect of Buddhism.

Christmas tree bought for 6p from Woolworths 82 years ago set to fetch hundreds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Christmas tree bought from Woolworths 82 years ago for just 6p which has spent decades in a loft is set to sell for hundreds of pounds at auction. The modest and unassuming tree was bought from the former retailer by a family in 1937 to celebrate the birth of their new son James Smith. The 27-inch high tree was at the centre of family celebrations at Christmas for 58 years before being packed away in a loft for decades. It has only recently been re-discovered and is set to fetch hundreds of pounds at Derbyshire based Hansons Auctioneers tomorrow.

Young mum discovered breast cancer lump while breastfeeding five-month-old son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Palmer pictured having treatment from Paignton, Devon who was cruelly diagnosed with cancer is determined to complete a bucket list of experiences with her family. Amy Palmer had just turned 30 earlier this year when she found a lump while breastfeeding her five-month-old son. Initially doctors said it was probably a blocked milk duct, but further tests confirmed her worst fears - she had breast cancer. Both Amy and her husband Colin burst out in tears when they were told, and the news left her family and friends devastated. But after undergoing several bouts of intensive treatment, Amy has now decided to live life to the full and is attempting to tick several amazing experiences off her bucket list - including a princess race around Disneyland and leaping out of a plane.

You can buy Dark Side Rey’s switchblade lightsaber for a whopping $1,599.99

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shortly after the premiere of a trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at D23, fans became enamored with a scene of Dark Side Rey and her switchblade style lightsaber. Answering fan prayers, EFX Collectibles has crafted a limited edition prop replica of the unique lightsaber wielded by the alternate Rey that has fallen to the Dark Side. Well, thanks to EFX Collectibles — distributed by Chronicle Collectibles — you can buy a replica of Rey’s Dark Side saber, and it’ll only set you back $1,599.99. Only.

This is the stomach dropping footage of an absolutely sensational dance routine performed in MID AIR

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Video filmed 13,000ft above the Gold Australia shows Yo Aby, 34 and Vincent Cotte, 34 diving from a plane together before performing an intricately choreographed skydiving routine. The mind blowing video was recorded by Jim Gares, 37. The duo were competing with the French national team „GoodVibes” for the world championships.