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I haven’t shaved for seven years, not even for my wedding day – my mum calls me disgusting but I feel free

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman hasn’t shaved her genitals, armpits or legs in over SEVEN YEARS - and although her MUM called her DISGUSTING she says feels „free” after letting it all hang out on her WEDDING DAY. Entertainer, Katrina Hendrix (28) from Saint Petersburg, Russia, began shaving her body hair including her under arms and legs when she was just 12 years old. But after eight years of enduring her hair growing back fast and having to shave every day, in 2011, she decided to ditch the razors and leave it natural. Her mum was initially against this and even branded her as „disgusting” but after seven years, she has now accepted her daughter the way she is. Katrina has also been mocked and teased by strangers on the street who call her an „ugly freak” but has learned to ignore the negative comments. The ridicule she has faced hasn’t stopped her from being hairy on her wedding day and while her husband isn’t a fan of body hair, he supports her decision. During her time dating, she realised that men accept body hair more than women do and the purpose of her embracing body hair empowerment is to show that women have the choice to be or look like what they want without the pressure of society’s version of beauty.

Xmas miracle of boy saved by fathers CPR skills

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother says parents should be required by law to learn CPR after her husband used it to save their six year old son's life in a 'Christmas miracle'. Bobby Phelps suffered a devastating cardiac arrest in his bed after returning home from his school Christmas nativity play. Bobby's father, Nick, 26, a builder, performed CPR on him, a skill he had learnt as a lifeguard as a teenager. His heart stopped beating for 12 minutes before he was resuscitated in an ambulance on the way to hospital. Bobby, from Poole, Dorset, had eight further 'dangerous rhythms' in the following six hours which required shock treatment and was put in an induced coma for 20 hours. He spent four weeks in intensive care in hospital, undergoing a heart operation, before he was allowed to go home.

Cannabis Caviar - How to keep calm and carry own this Xmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caviar infused with cannabis oil has gone on sale in the UK for the first time - and is the ideal canape to serve to over excited relatives this Christmas. The luxury delicacy has been absorbed with trendy CBD oil - the compound found in cannabis plants - and put into 20g tins. Its makers recommend small portions of it are dolloped onto blini pancakes and offered as canapés at parties and gatherings this Christmas. And as some of the benefits of taking CBD oil include alleviating stress and anxiety, the treat is tipped to help highly-strung in-laws chillax this festive season.

Freddie Mercury's final tour trousers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of flamboyant trousers Freddie Mercury wore during Queen's final tour have sold for over £20,000. The iconic white bottoms feature two red and gold stripes down the outside legs and were paired by Mercury with a trademark white vest and yellow military-style jacket. He wore the trousers throughout Queen's 1986 'Magic' tour which included two sold-out shows at the old Wembley Stadium. They were bought for £450 at a charity auction in 1987 by Queen fan Susie Mitchell who has now sold them on.

Britain's oldest Xmas lights make it 73 years glowing strong

***EXCLUSIVE*** Still Glowing Strong... What are believed to be Britain's oldest working fairy lights have been switched on - for the 72nd Christmas out of the last 73. Max Liverton inherited the string of 12 lights after his father Ray died a few weeks before last Christmas. At the time Max, 55, couldn't find the lights amid all the old boxes left for him inside his dad's home. It meant that last Christmas was the first one the trusty old lights hadn't been used since they were bought in 1946 by Max's grandfather, Burt.

Sinister photos show eerie rotting insides of Catholic college abandoned nearly 30 years ago where paedophile priest abused two young boys

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sinister photos of an abandoned Catholic College - where two boarders were brutally and routinely molested by their school priest in the 1970s and 80s - have emerged uncovering a haunted, eerie complex full of „dark energy”. Chilling shots of St Joseph's Seminary in Upholland, Lancashire, include a spooky photo of an abandoned, deconsecrated church complete with imposing organ; the wireframe beds where terrified pupils would attempt to console themselves during the dead of night; and a drone shot showing the massive 153-acre religious site where the horrendous crimes took place. The school opened in 1883, enjoyed its heyday in the mid-20th century before dwindling pupil numbers and an increased secularisation saw the school dispatch its last pupils in 1992 - with the imposing building remaining empty ever since.

Rare shots of an Aslaskan wolf fishing for salmon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wolf carries an enormous salmon in his mouth after a successful hunting trip. The predator is pictured trotting away from the water with its prize gripped firmly in its mouth. Seconds before the wolf was captured plunging its head into the river after spotting a shoal of salmon in shallow waters.

Super rare racing Triumph that won at Le Mans

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yours for £300,000 this tiny TRS was one of a team of three that won the prestigious 24hr team race in 1961. The trio finished 9th, 11th and 15th, landing the manufacturer the team prize which is awarded to the entrants whose cars complete the most laps. Built in 1960, the car is powered by a 1900cc 'Sabrina' prototype engine specifically developed by the Triumph Competition department for the race, and with drum brakes all round, no roll bar, bumpers or even a roof it's not for the faint hearted. Only 4 of the stripped back and highly tuned racing cars were ever built, but their success fuelled the TR brand through the 60's and 70's until the proud Triumph name finally ceased production in 1984.

A hospital trust is the first in the UK to give female Muslim doctors disposal sterile HIJABS to avoid germs being passed to patients

***EXCLUSIVE*** Junior doctor Farah Roslan had the idea while undergoing her training at the Royal Derby Hospital. After gruelling hours on the wards, where she had been wearing a traditional hijab, she became concerned with the risk of infection. Ms Roslan, who is originally from Malaysia, looked to her home country for ideas of how to implement her plan for a disposable headscarf.  She created a design and used fabrics that maintained a balance between showing respect to her faith and being able to perform in her work.

Scale model of 10 Downing Street for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** This scale model of 10 Downing Street including the picture lined stairs, ornate dining room and even the cabinet Room is being sold today at Trevanion & Dean auctioneers in Shropshire. And the unfortunate losers will only have to shell out an estimated £300 to get there hands on the historic home.

It's a Mirror-cle - Brit catches record Carp

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman is celebrating after landing the biggest Mirror carp ever caught by a British angler. Ian Burton, 49, hooked the gigantic 105lb 14oz monster during a week-long trip to Hungary. Ian, from Long Eaton, Derbs, said he knew straight away the catch was a monster and spent 15 minutes carefully reeling it in.

Thousands of ducks herded

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of ducks swim in formation as they they are herded across a lake by a farmer in a wooden boat. The Khaki Campbell ducks form a series of patterns as they paddle in unison around the wetlands in Bangladesh. The worker, carefully balancing on a canoe-style boat, was moving them along for feeding.