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Taxidermist creates eerie Christmas collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's wackiest taxidermist has come up with his first ever Christmas range - full of festive stuffed animal decorations. Eccentric Jack Devaney, 25, has spent 18 months building up a catalogue of usual creations that already include a rabbit toaster, a rat pencil case, and magnetic mice. Although he has built up a large following of customers across the world he said he never expected his items to become festive family favourites. But he claims demand for his seasonal-inspired taxidermy has been huge. Among the best-selling items destined to be hung on family trees throughout December have been his rat's head bauble and a shooting star, made from a real starfish.

Obese man whose neck was hidden under rolls of chin fat unveils his new slimline face (and body) after losing 350lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This man would gorge on over TWENTY-THOUSAND-CALORIES-A-DAY before he lost TWICE HIS CURRENT WEIGHT in under three years on a KETO diet - and says it’s made him finally „feel like a man”. Construction marketing administrator, Mike Gorman (46) from Rhode Island, USA, was brought up in a low-income household which meant that he didn’t focus too much on healthy eating or nutrition. Despite his family trying to put him on a diet since he was 10 years old due to being 14st 4Ib, it was around that time when his parents got divorced and this caused him to comfort eat the pain away. He would even sneak eat and binge eat, which increased his weight to a whopping 38st 8Ib and a UK shirt size XXXXXXXL but he never let his weight affect his confidence as he was always known as the „stereotypical funny happy fat guy” and had never felt ashamed of his body. He tried many different diets between 2012 and 2013 including Weight Watchers, Deal-A-Meal, calorie counting, paleo and primal and even managed to shrink down to 15st for his 40th birthday, but as he wasn’t mentally prepared to live this lifestyle he „dove head first” in to his food and regained his weight back. It wasn’t until February 2017 that he discovered the ketogenic diet, which consists of food high in fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrates. His new routine, which includes attending the gym seven times a week, helped him shed to 14st 9Ib and a UK shirt size XL. While he used to consume over 20,000 calories a day before, he has reduced his calorie intake to an average of 2,500 a day. His new look and outlook on life has boosted his confidence and he now says that he feels like a man for the first time. While he never would have considered relationships, for the first time he has received attention from women, but he admits he is happy being single for now.

Jewellery designer unveils world's first indestructible pair of STILETTOS just in time for the festive party season

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world’s first indestructible pair of heels are set to be released just in time for Christmas as it’s inventor guarantees „they will last a lifetime” British designer Christopher Shellis, 53, spent five years honing the resilient yet luxurious shoes and they even contain eleven stainless steel screws inserted into the main sole. Mr Shellis, who runs House of Borgezie, which is based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, has previously sold footwear to Beyonce. The pop megastar purchased a pair of diamond-studded stilettos for £200,000, but his latest creation is a far more modest £695.

Company unveil world’s first luxury high-performance hyperscooter

Would you buy a £4,500 scooter? A London company have unveiled what they say is the world’s first luxury high-performance „Hyperscooter”. D-Fly Group say: „The Dragonfly Hyperscooter delivers an exhilarating riding experience, exceptional build quality, cutting-edge technology, and premium design. The sum of those parts is the most-advanced vehicle in the micromobility space.” The transport can hit speeds of up to 38 mph and the included long-range battery pack provides a range of up to 28.5 miles. Prices start at less than £3,800 ($5,000) for the three-wheel model and less than £4,500.

Photographer finds scrawled message on wall of abandoned murder house

***EXCLUSIVE*** THAILAND: Eerie photos of an abandoned Thai mansion where a young family was BRUTALLY MURDERED have emerged - and five decades later the killers STILL haven’t been found. Sinister photos show the once grand home ravaged by time and intense tropical weather; a rapidly decaying and tragically symbolic fractured glass dome skylight, once emblematic of the affluent middle classes in Thailand and an old and rusty knife laying on the floor of the unresolved crime scene. The derelict property, in Samut Sakhon, approximately 30 kilometres outside of Bangkok, caught the attention of American urban explorer, Dax Ward (39), who spent hours investigating the perilous property and its gruesome history.

Decapitated for Durga: Buffalo is stretched out on poles and beheaded as 16 animals are sacrificed for Hindu goddess during Indian festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Gruesome photos show ruthless crowds baying for blood as buffalos are brutally slaughtered in the name of an all-powerful goddess during a gory Hindu festival. Distressing photos shows crowds of well over a thousand people watching the ritual slaughter of 16 animals - supposedly to appease Hindu goddess Durga. The shocking images include a frightened and bewildered buffalo being tied up and wedged into a rudimentary scaffold to face its grisly fate; the bloody split-second when the beast is decapitated by a heavy blow by a razor-sharp Bengali sword; and devoted attendees rushing forward to put their fingers into the blood of the slain creatures. Durga Puja, or the annual celebration of Hindu goddess Durga, is one of India’s grandest, goriest festivals. It is a multiple-day celebration commemorates the victory of the goddess over a demon called Mahishasura. As told by Hindu mythology, the demon was set out to wage war against the gods and it was up to Durga to slay him and protect earth. She triumphed in her epic battle of good versus evil and is celebrated every year with thousands of animal sacrifices - supposedly to show the deity due reverence.

Masked Santa gets arrested after giving money to the homeless on the streets of Manchester

***EXCLUSIVE*** A masked Santa has been arrested after handing out Christmas Cards with banknotes inside to the homeless population in Manchester. The activist - who goes by the name Outlaw - has previously grabbed the headlines for handing out hundreds of pounds worth of free marijuana in the northern city. But his latest viral stunt has more of a heart-warming feel to it, as Christmas Cards filled with £10 notes are handed to destitute people, some of whom react with great emotion. The video, filmed on Tuesday 17th December, begins with the masked Father Christmas sitting by an open fire filling Christmas cards with £10 notes. The man, known as Outlaw, then heads onto the streets of Manchester city centre where he begins handing out the cards to rough sleepers. The men and women appear very grateful, with hugs and smiles being returned for the kind gesture. However the video ends abruptly when anonymous Santa is bundled into the back of a police van. But we are left with the image of an older gentleman clearly overcome by the goodwill gesture in a scene that even Scrooge would be moved by.

Autumn 2019 photo contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** A striking aerial image of a football pitch tucked inside a dense forest of stunning autumnal trees has scooped the top prize in a global photo contest. The image titled 'Soccer in the Woods' was voted best among more than 14,000 entries in the 'Autumn 2019' contest held by the world's biggest photo-sharing app Agora. The photo gives a birds-eye view of Meshchersky Park, a forest and recreation area just outside Moscow, with a soccer pitch surrounded by a canopy of golden and brown leaves.


Chanel fragrance pencils

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chanel has updated its hit perfume, Chance, in the form of fragrance pencils and hair oil. The fragrance pencils provide a scented on-the-go boost, while the jojoba-enriched hair oil teams perfume with haircare. The fragrance pencils will be released in a set of four — Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche, Chance Eau Tendre and Chance Eau Vive.

Jingle bell crooks! Early 20th century mugshots reveal the Edwardian criminals who were jailed on Christmas day 100 years ago - for drunkeness and stealing warm clothes

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the remarkable mugshots, which reveal the Edwardian crooks and child criminals who were locked up in jail on Christmas Day over 100 years ago. The photographs were taken in prisons across Scotland in December in the early 1900s - when these offenders were convicted of their crimes and sentenced to spend Yuletide in a cell. Although some of the crooks picture were jailed for offences like „drunkenness” over the festive season, many others were arrested for stealing over the cold Christmas period. The unearthed mugshots from the Fife Criminal Registers show individuals who were incarcerated for stealing warm clothing - such as 62-year-old Robert Row who was convicted of the theft of an overcoat in December 1903 and sentenced to one month’s imprisonment in Newmarket, Scotland. Whilst other mugshots show offenders who had a history of being banged up over Christmas. Frank Cox, 40, was jailed in Cupar, Fife for stealing scrap metal in December 1910. The crook was had previously been convicted of theft in Dundee on Christmas Day 1885 and celebrated the holiday in his cell that year too.

A gift wrapped Meccano Engineering for Boys set from 1936 which lay unopened for 83 years has fetched hundreds of pounds at auction after being unearthed during a house clearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Christmas present which lay unopened for 83 years has fetched hundreds of pounds at auction after being unearthed during a house clearance. The Meccano Engineering for Boys set from 1936 was recently discovered still in its original wrapping paper among a pile of household clutter. It was handed in to auctioneers, who opened the gift for the first time in over eight decades and found the perfectly preserved toy inside. The bright-red Meccano logo and an image showing young boys building a bridge are printed on the box while unblemished metal parts and an instruction manual were found inside.

Maple the Border Collie that plays in the snow wearing her special snow-goggles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jessica Dylan Mann, 25 captured the festive footage of Maple the two-year-old border collie at her home in Putney, Vermont. The video shows Maple rolling in the snow wearing „Rexspecs”, specially made googles for active dogs.