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Bite-sized solution for a global problem: Canadian duo invent toothpaste tablet to eliminate plastic tubes

Edmonton, Canada: Two Canadian entrepreneurs have created a toothpaste alternative to cut down on the use of plastic toothpaste tubes. Edmonton-based startup Change Toothpaste, founded by Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince, have created a zero-waste, natural tablet alternative to help combat the hundreds of millions of empty toothpaste tubes that are destined for landfill across the world each year. The innovative hygiene product is a creative solution to using traditional toothpaste tubes made with several layers of plastics, polymers, and resins that cannot be recycled and take over 500 years to break down. Inspired by Change Toothpaste Founder Mike’s sixteen-year-old daughter Sydney, who set out to make her family’s home as close to zero-waste as possible, Change Toothpaste offers an innovative solution for an increasingly dire problem. Change Toothpaste is formulated in tablets that eliminate the need for a tube altogether. Packaged in a 100% compostable pouch, Change Toothpaste offers a product completely designed with the environment in mind.

Scientist makes world’s tiniest gingerbread house - resting on top of a snowman

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: A scientist has made the world’s tiniest gingerbread house - resting on top of a snowman’s head smaller than a human hair. In a feat of skill and technology, Travis Casagrande, a research associate at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, has created and stacked two richly detailed decorations, yet both of them together are barely taller than the diameter of a human hair. Casagrande cut and etched a gingerbread house from silicon, complete with sharply defined bricks and trim and a Canada flag for a welcome mat. It may be the smallest house ever created - about half the size of one made in France last year. The tiny new wonder, as a set of dramatic photos reveals, is in turn resting like a small cap on the head of a winking snowman that Casagrande made from a material used in lithium-ion battery research. The final photo reveals that the snowman is standing beside a human hair that looks like a redwood trunk by comparison.

A Lego-obsessed family spent over a MONTH building their festive annual Christmas Lego project, using over 400,000 Legos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mike Addis, 61, and his wife Catherine Weightman, 56, spent six weeks carefully constructing the incredible 8ft tall and 8ft wide snow-covered ski resort, made out of assortment of different Legos from the couples own private collection. The couple, from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, who have been collecting Legos for over 50 years, decided to do something extra special to mark their 25th year anniversary of building their huge Christmas themed projects.

Forget fluffy snowmen! Eye-opening collection shows hows Victorians loved creepy Christmas cards showing murdered children, dead birds and insects

***EXCLUSIVE*** No era in history has influenced the way we celebrate Christmas today quite as much as the Victorians. From Christmas crackers to decorated trees and a cheery Santa Claus bringing gifts for children around the world, many of our best-known festive traditions are products of the Victorian era. However this collection of creepy Victorian Christmas cards will prove that 19th century society had a far much surreal and twisted approach to the holidays that we do today. The eye-opening series shows how Victorian Christmas cards were much more likely to feature macabre images of dead birds, insects and children being murdered or kidnapped - sometimes by Santa himself. Many of the 19th century cards feature bizarre oddities more fitting for Halloween - such as menacing devils and sinister babies riding on Bats. And most of the images are anything but heart-warming and religious in tone - showing carol singers being soaked with water and old men being pushed into the ice by cruel children.

Rodeo champion loved her prize horse so much she had him cloned - TWICE - and is expecting two more clones of him next year!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rodeo champion cloned her winning horse twice and she is expecting TWO MORE cloned foals to arrive next year.  Mary Walker, 60, cloned her prize winning bay gelding Latte to create Ditto in April 2016 and Junior in January 2019. She is so thrilled with her genetically identical horses that she and husband Byron, 61, have arranged for two more cloned foals, expected in January 2020. The horsewoman, of Ennis, Texas, USA, even hopes to have ten cloned horses in her stables one day.

10-month old miracle baby cheats death, wakes up after 5-day coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum and dad who crowdfunded nearly £200,000 for their sick baby boy have set a date for his life-saving heart operation in the USA. Emma and Stuart Labuschagne captured the nation's hearts when they revealed little Michael's brave story. They had been told their son would need expensive surgery after suffering a cardiac arrest at just three months old - which nearly took his life. Doctors then discovered a rare tumour and research told them that a hospital in Boston, MA, was the best location for a vital procedure - more than 3,000 miles away. The parents then set about raising money for the trip, posting a target of £120,000 online. But Michael's incredible tale soon went viral and the total now stands at a staggering £198,029 - and counting. The couple, from Bristol, have published an update on their crowdfunding page following their son's first birthday. It said: "We’ve had a lot of people asking if we’ve had any progress with Michael’s surgery. We do in fact have our dates booked for March 2020.

Holy men, nomads and a 110-year-old woman whose offspring populated an entire village all feature among the characters captured in stunning portraits from across India

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Fascinating portraits of India’s most colourful characters have been snapped by an inspired artist - who has decided to travel to every single Indian state over the course of two years in search of the PERFECT photo. Incredible portrait shots include a one-eyed 110-year-old who lives in a village populated entirely by her own offspring and their own families; a dishevelled holy man or „Baba” in Pashkur and a Kashmiri woman whose expression is an embodiment of the phrase „a picture’s worth a thousand words”. Another striking shot captures a beautiful elderly lady in Jodhpur and a toothless old man caught mid-snack.

A cake decorator paired up with her helpful hubbie to create this super-realistic 'heart-stopping' cake - depicting open heart surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bloody concoction, which looks like a prop from a hospital drama, portrays heart surgery, with tubes coming out of a patient's chest in an operating theatre. But it was ACTUALLY a chocolate cake that served 300 hungry mouths, assembled by talented husband and wife team Nina and John Blackburn, both 45. The main body of the cake was stuffed with a delicious hazelnut truffle filling, not organs - and covered in a hazelnut ganache. It was airbrushed using edible skin tone paint, while the heart was made from diluted strawberry jam, red food colouring, and clear piping. Even the tubes were filled with red jelly - and all the surgical tools and clamps were solid chocolate, painted over with edible dust. The cake was gifted to the cardiac unit in Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand, by cake decorator Nina, from Auckland. Baked by NZ Bakels, the mum-of-two - who runs Make Pretty Cakes - said the cake was "so realistic that it fooled experienced surgeons and theatre staff". Nina said 300 staff devoured the cake - made from 21kg of cake batter, 4kg of chocolate, 3kg of hazelnut truffle, and 4.5kg of fondant - within 24 hours.

Auction of „Property from the life and career of Amy Winehouse”

Los Angeles, United States: Julien's Auctions will pay tribute to the British singer and songwriter with PROPERTY FROM THE LIFE AND CAREER OF AMY WINEHOUSE, a two-day auction event taking place live Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7, 2021 at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Base jumpers took part in over 50 jumps in 4 days, leaping off the Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia - falling almost 1,000ft!

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the stomach churning moment that a crew of adrenaline junkies do freestyle stunt jumps off one of the tallest towers in Malaysia. Jamie Cartwright and Marcel Geser shot the video over 4 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and performed over 50 jumps from the KL tower. The footage shows death defying leaps of faith from the very summit of the 984ft tower.

50-year-old Christmas lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's oldest Christmas fairy lights have been lit for the 50th consecutive year - without a single bulb ever being replaced. Ross Farr-Semmens, 40, inherited the lights from his mum Vina Shaddick, who bought them from Woolworths for just £3 in 1969, after she died last year. Every year he brings out the plastic tree adorned with the string of colourful illuminations and describes it as a tense moment to see if they will switch on. And he was thrilled when - despite a brief scare with a loose bulb - they illuminated the living room of his home in Plymouth, Devon, once more to mark half a century of faultless use.