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Chinese vase that has been used for years to keep flowers in has sold for a whopping £340,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese vase that has been used for years to keep flowers in has sold for a whopping £340,000 - almost 700 times what it had been expected to. The blue and white bottle vase was brought in to an auction house in a box of items by its owners. Experts found traces of old dirt inside, suggesting it had been used to keep flowers or even a plant. However, on the base was a six character seal mark suggesting it dated back to the time of the Daoguang Emperor who reigned from 1820 to 1850 in Imperial China. The indication was enough to excite bidders in China who flooded auctioneers Gorringe's of West Sussex with interest.

Collection of retro 1980s toys including Star Wars, He-Man and Transformers action figures sells for £220,000 after owner’s death

***EXCLUSIVE*** One man's epic collection of retro eighties' toys has been sold for £220,000 by his family following his death. Dr Cornel Flemming amassed more than 1,600 toy action figures and cars for franchises like Star Wars, He-Man and Transformers. The market for nostalgic toys is booming at the moment which is reflected in the prices some of the toys achieved. An unopened pack of three He-Man figures featuring He-Man, Teela and Ram Man made by Mettel sold for an incredible £12,000.

Festive car covered in 3000 fairy lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Car-azily festive Ethan Day-Lewis has covered his sports car with more than 3,000 fairy lights in a bid to cheer people up before Christmas. The 22 year old decided to get into the Christmas spirit by decking his black Toyota GT86 with thousands of the twinkling lights.

Stunning private island in New York's Lake George goes on sale for $15million complete with a 15-bed mansion, boathouse and private beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning private island nestled on one of America's most scenic lakes has emerged on to the market for £11.5million. ($15m) 114 Green Harbor Lane sits on its own 3.3 acres peninsula in the middle of Lake George in the northern part of the state of New York. The centrepiece of the island is an impressive 15 bedroom mansion, while there is also a boathouse, two cottages and a private sandy beach. It has 2,700ft of lakefront - with room for 36 dock spaces - and spectacular mountain views. The island is being sold with estate agent Sotheby's International Realty, who describe its purchase as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.

A Star Wars fanatic has amassed a remarkable 5,000 strong collection of memorabilia since falling in love with the epic film franchise 42 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Obsessive Neil Livesey, 60, has an entire room in his house dedicated to storing the toys, which he has spent tens of thousands of pounds accumulating over the years. Among his most prized items are a six foot tall Jar Jar Binks, intricate models and an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure from 1977 - the year Star Wars was born. The dad-of-four is so protective over his valuable collection that the room its stored in, his son's old bedroom, has its own alarm system and is guarded by CCTV cameras. "I live, breathe, eat and sleep Star Wars - I absolutely love it," Neil said. "It's the perfect for of escapism, you get to cheer your heroes on the screen and boo the bad guys."Collecting all the memorabilia wasn't something I started to do consciously it just happened over time.

A boy who was 'allergic to Christmas' has overcome his skin condition thanks to a 'magic' cream - just in time to meet Father Christmas for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lukas Wojciechowski, two, has suffered with eczema since he was two weeks old, and it got so bad he could barely be touched. He couldn’t be near tinsel, cuddly toys or even Santa’s coat because synthetic materials produced painful rashes on his hands. Last Christmas Day a flare up meant he woke up with weeping, angry, open sores on his legs and spent the day in tears. But earlier this year his mum heard about a cream on Facebook and within a month his skin had started to clear up. This year for the first time he has been able to enjoy the festive season, and has already been to see Santa in his grotto THREE times. Mum Shannon Harle, 22, from Kettering, Northants., said: „It stopped the itch, healed the wounds and moisturised his dry skin.”

Britain's biggest hand blown Christmas bauble factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's biggest hand blown Christmas bauble factory is working flat out at this time of year to keep up with demand for the festive favourite. 10,000 baubles are blown and individually signed every year at Bath Aqua Glass using raw silica for the blue tinged glass that is then coated with a mixture of copper, iron, manganese or even gold oxide to create colourful and unique designs. Evidence of glass making dating back to Roman times have been discovered in the historic Somerset town and boss Annette Dolan keeps the tradition alive with the delicate creations being sent all over the world.

A brave little girl who battled leukaemia for more than 850 days is enjoying her first Christmas cancer-free in two years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mia Preston, six, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia after suffering a nose bleed and complaining of chest pains to dad Andy, 38. She has endured high-dose chemotherapy, blood and platelet transfusions, and steroid medication - causing weight loss and gain, vomiting, and hair loss. But this Christmas is the first since 2017 that Mia can enjoy 'cancer-free'. In 2017 she was in the middle of the 'consolidation' phase of treatment, taking six different medicines for up to two months. And last year, Mia was in the middle of her 'maintenance' phase, taking five different drugs on 84-day cycles, to 'maintain' remission. The little trooper rang the 'end of treatment' bell in Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, yesterday (17) to mark the end of her battle with leukaemia.

Bears face off in play-fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of young grizzly bears make a splash as they play-fight in shallow water. The bears, which are siblings, were hunting for food when they began a friendly scuffle and stood on their back legs to swipe at each other. The four-year-old brown bears even appeared to have their own referee as a female bear wandered over to watch.

Snowman stills melt the hearts of bidders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Original animation cells from the Christmas film 'The Snowman' have sold at auction for £14,000. The 16 drawings were sketched on celluloid plastic and then filmed in sequence to give the impression they were moving. They were sold individually, with the most valuable being a picture of James and the Snowman embraced in a hug.

Sand dunes dwarf tiny explorers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Climbers look no bigger than ants as they cross a series of giant orange sand dunes. Up to 100 hikers start at dawn as they trek to the peak of the dunes, following ridges of sand as the sun rises. The enormous dunes surround Sossusvlei - a salt and clay pan in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Burberry earphone case for $210

***EXCLUSIVE*** Burberry has released its very own Brown Leopard Print Leather Earphone Case arriving in a luxe gold-tone chain. The new tech accessory features a fold-over flap, central logo branding and a magnetic closure. This case is perfect for those who tend to misplace smaller items as it comes with a hook feature that you can conveniently attach to your keys or your handbag.

Camel train in the Sahara

***EXCLUSIVE*** A train made up of over a dozen camels is led across dramatic sand dunes by native guides in the Sahara. Photographer Kurt Mueller caught the line of camels as they led the tourists to dunes located in the desert.

Retired Mr Mueller said "Traditional camel or dromedary trains are a thing of the past, as road networks have rendered caravans superfluous. However they can still be found travelling across the landscape of Morocco, a business now driven by tourists.”