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Former beauty queen, 35, has part of her skull REMOVED - after nearly dying due to an aneurysm and stroke that caused her brain to swell

***EXCLUSIVE*** DELAWARE, USA: THIS PAGEANT queen nearly died after she suddenly collapsed due to a ruptured brain aneurysm and then suffered a stroke that caused her BRAIN TO SWELL - which lead to her having part of her SKULL REMOVED. Digital marketing specialist, Cynthia Martinez (35) who lives in Delaware, USA, had always lived a healthy lifestyle and competed in beauty pageants between the ages of 14 and 25, and is still involved in the judging and working at them today. Single mum of one Cynthia?s health took a turn for the worst on November 9, 2018, when she arrived at a friend?s house for a games night with her son, Bryce (6), and suddenly collapsed within minutes of stepping though the door despite having no prior symptoms. Panicked, her friends phoned the ambulance and on their arrival the paramedics wrongly assumed Cynthia had had an overdose and gave her two shots of Narcan to revive her. On arrival at hospital Cynthia was screaming in pain due to the horrendous headache she was experiencing, and doctors discovered that she was suffering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Within hours, Cynthia underwent a craniotomy to have the aneurysm clipped but a few days later she suffered a stroke that caused her brain to swell so she had to have an emergency surgery to remove her bone flap, with doctors giving her family little hope for Cynthia?s survival. Following her stroke, Cynthia had a contracted left arm and had to undergo surgery to replace the bone in her skull. She was finally discharged from hospital on January 6, 2019, but her bone flap became infected and had to be removed on February 14. On May 16, she had a tissue expander fitted to stretch the skin so a synthetic bone could be fitted and on September 9, she underwent surgery to have the bone fitted. Healing was going well until October 23, when Cynthia?s scab fell off and she could see the bone.

Family of eight ditch their home and possessions to travel America on a bus they bought on eBay

***EXCLUSIVE*** Family-of-eight ditched their belongings to move on to a bus they bought on eBay for TEN-THOUSAND-POUNDS – even though family warned their kids would be KIDNAPPED or MAULED BY BEARS. Owners of Cedar Bend Labradoodles, Whitney (29) and her husband Andrew Chardoulias (35) from Muscatine, Iowa, USA, moved to the beach in South Mississippi in September 2014 when Whitney fell in love with the idea of travelling. Taking care of five children, she spent pockets of time browsing through Instagram feeds where she was totally inspired by families who had converted school busses and travelled the country. When she brought her desires up with her husband, Andrew quickly bought into the idea and they started working towards achieving their dream. When they first told everyone, others were not in favour and even her own mother was certain that great harm would come to her and her family, but determined to prove them wrong, they rid themselves of a third of their belongings, stored the rest at her parents’ house and moved on board their Ł48,300 ($63,000) home on wheels in July 2019. When not travelling, the bus sits on land at Whitney’s parents’ farm. During the day the couple work on their dog breeding business while the children attend school, but next year the couple are hoping to start home schooling so that they can travel more frequently. Due to cold nights the family are now temporarily all sleeping in the farmhouse at night while sorting out the insulation on their bus, but as soon as that is fixed they intend to get back on the bus full time.

A movie extra and Star Wars mega-fan has celebrated the new blockbuster by unveiling an ultra-realistic working replica of iconic droid character R2-D2

***EXCLUSIVE*** Film buff Ricky Butler, 65, has spent the last 12 months, and hundreds of hours, toiling away in his garden shed to create the remarkable 3.5ft tall imitation. The droid, made from plywood, fibreglass and aluminium and fitted with a whopping 500ft of wiring and blu-tooth speakers, lights up, talks and walks just like the real thing. Semi-retired actor Ricky, who built a 21ft long X-wing starfighter in 2018, has been a fan of the Star Wars franchise ever since watching the first instalment in 1977.

A six-year-old girl saved her mother's life after she spotted she was having a stroke on a plane -- caused by the plane's take off

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alexandra Hajipaulis, 39, was onboard a Ryanair flight to Crete with her daughter Jaideen, then six, when she suffered an ischemic stroke. It is thought to have been caused by a bubble of air travelling up to her brain when the air pressure changed during the plane's ascent.  Brave Jaideen noticed her mum was unconscious and alerted an air hostess.

These heart melting images show the moment a baby orangutan, separated from its mother, was recovered by conservationists in Indonesia

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the touching moment a baby orangutan separated from its mother is rescued by villagers in one of the remotest places on earth. Video shows the frightened baby ape holding tightly onto conservationists who comfort him, after stumbling upon a tiny village in Indonesia. Named 'Aben' by his rescuers, the orangutan - less than a year old - looks around with large beady eyes as he is kept warm and tested for contagious diseases. According to welfare group International Animal Rescue (IAR), Aben was found in Limpang, a village in Jelai Hulu District, earlier this month.

This pair of ducklings rescued from certain death quickly regained their courage when they were introduced to a shy Yorkshire Terrier

***EXCLUSIVE*** The adorable creatures were found abandoned outside a duck meat farm in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria by Boris Bozhinov, 36, a TV producer, who was working in the area earlier this year. The ducks were later re-homed with a kindly family and their pet Yorkie Daria, aged seven. „I was working in this town called Pavlikeni when I saw these sweet little ducklings all alone on the street” said Boris.

A bride who has lost over 100lbs since her wedding day has celebrated by posing in her white dress - with her AND her baby inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Angela Crump, 28, weighed 19st 5lb and paid $3,000 for a custom made blush wedding dress in a US size 28 (UK size 32) to marry her husband Joshua, 27, in May 2017. After welcoming their daughter Ellouise in January 2019, Angela started her weight loss journey and has since lost more than 7st in 11 months. Weighing in at an incredible 12st 3lb and she now wears a US size 6 (UK size 10).

Dakotas Ride

Dakota Indian horseback riders and support teams gather each year in South Dakota for an annual 325 mile memorial journey to southern Minnesota. Their ride will end in Mankato on Dec. 26, the 150th anniversary of the largest mass execution in U.S. history. On that day in 1862, 38 Dakota men were hanged from a single gallows platform in downtown Mankato in retribution for the US-Dakota war. The horseback ride will grow as it moves east, with more groups joining in. President Abraham Lincoln ordered the hanging and later, two chief's following their uprising against the U.S. government after the U.S. failed to honor land treaties, delayed federal payments to starving tribes and local white settlers rejected tribes' offers to buy food on credit. After the war, the Dakotas were expelled to South Dakota and Nebraska, and their reservations in Minnesota abolished. Jim Miller, a Vietnam veteran and descendant of the Dakotas, started the ride in 2005, to bring the Dakota people together. The ride is to raise awareness to the significance impact of the mass hanging, and to bring reconciliation among all people of the region so that they may move forward in a positive way and experience the beauty in the history and their culture.