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Five friends who struggled to conceive for years reveal how they ALL fell pregnant in the same summer - and even shared updates during their labor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five friends who struggled for years to conceive all fell pregnant in the same summer and their babies were all born within three months of each other. Micki Berg, Amie Thomas, Kristin Matty, Kristen Heller and Celeste Zazzali couldn’t conceive naturally and turned to IVF to realize their dreams of becoming mothers. The girlfriends met up every week during their pregnancies, attended each other’s baby showers and even shared updates during their labors. Micki, 34, Amie, 36, Kristin, 31, Kristen, 45, and Celeste, 37, are now raising their tots as future best friends and say the experience of finally becoming moms together has bonded them for life. Amie, a school counsellor, mom of Penelope, two, of Middlesex, New Jersey, USA, said: „We wanted to be at each other’s baby showers, we wanted our bump pictures, we wanted to be there for each other. We would chat about our symptoms and ask for advice.”

I was left fighting for my life and my skin hanging off after electric heater exploded in garage causing horror burns

***EXCLUSIVE*** HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: This British man thought he was going to DIE and was ready to say GOODBYE after his RADIATOR EXPLODED and left him with THIRD-DEGREE BURNS, a COLLAPSED LUNG and damaged vocal cords. In November 2018, head of web and digital marketing, Ian Easton (37) from Hampshire, UK, was working on his guitars in his converted garage and put on his electric heater which was hung on the wall. The radiator kicked out a lot of heat in the beginning, so he turned it down halfway and continued with his work but 15 minutes later it exploded, and blew the wall of the garage out. He ran out of the hole, tripping over, so he put his hands out to break his fall and saw them; his hands were burnt and his fingernails had come off. He then ran down his driveway still on fire, took his hoodie off but the fire had burned his shirt off underneath it. Luckily a man was at the end of the driveway; he rushed him to his car where they waited for the ambulances and fire engines to arrive. His girlfriend, Kelly Becks (37) rushed to him and they said their goodbyes to each other, thinking he was going to die. He was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital and then to Salisbury Hospital where he was in a coma for two weeks. His doctor told him that he had suffered third degree burns to his hands, nose and ears and second degree burns to his face and body. He had also suffered severe inhalation burns which caused a collapsed lung and pneumonia. The inhalation burns have resulted in a vocal cord paralysis which has now affected his breathing and speech. Despite feeling like a burden to his family and girlfriend, he attributes the majority of his recovery to his girlfriend and family members, who visited him daily, cleaned him and fed him back to health. He was overjoyed when his doctors told him that he would be able to play guitar again once he was recovered.

Single mother, 30, who weighed over 24 stone loses HALF her body weight in a year after being branded a 'fat cow' by cruel strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single mum branded a "fat cow" by strangers in the street has shed almost HALF her body weight in just over a year. Sarah Wass said she wanted to "stick two fingers up" to people who made cruel jibes about her size after she tipped the scales at 24st 10lb. The 30-year-old became a social recluse and would avoid social situations for fear of being judged by strangers. Her confidence was shattered even further when her friends and family would make jokes at her expense.

Festive Red squirrels with miniature Christmas scenes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cute red squirrels get in the Christmas spirit as they play with a host of festive toys. The animals are captured on camera riding a miniature sleigh, nuzzling up against a tiny seasonal tree and even appearing to post a Christmas card in a scaled down postbox - all against a snowy backdrop. The heart-warming photos were taken by Geert Weggen in the garden of his home in Bispgorden, Sweden, where he had laid out the toys in the hope that the squirrels would interact with them. The 51-year-old photographer said he was delighted when the animals came out to play.

Gizmo the Pomeranian has a rather unusual habit - sucking on a baby’s dummy!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Gizmo, the service Pomeranian who loves nothing more than sucking on his dummy. When Angela Jeck, 46, first started sharing pictures of her beloved pup her friends poked fun at her. „Everybody thinks this is the meanest thing in the whole world. They think I force him to take [the dummy]”, Angela can be heard saying at the start of the video. But as the video progresses, it becomes clear that Gizmo has no intention of letting go of his favorite toy.

Fisherman at Inle Lake, Myanmar

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fishermen sailed on the wooden canoe-like boats before pushing the nets deep into the water, pressing them down with their feet. As the nets sink to the bottom of the lake, fish swimming nearby become trapped. Amateur photographer Aung Thu Ya spent three days in Inle Lake, Myanmar, to see how villagers worked on the water.

Worker herding ducks

***EXCLUSIVE*** The birds can be seen swimming together in a huge group as the worker approaches them. The worker waded through shallow water at this duck farm in the Panchagarh District of Bangladesh using a makeshift boat made out of plastic drums. Photographer Abdul Momin, 29, was working on a project nearby when he noticed the unusual sight and headed over with his drone.