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How a yoga teacher is saving first responders across America from depression – with downward dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emergency workers across America are practising yoga to help them handle the demands of the job with not-for-profit organisation Yoga For First Responders, led by instructor Olivia Kvitne Mead. Olivia, 36, of Denver, Colorado, began YFFR in 2013 when she was inspired by her work with veterans. She was certain that the 5,000-year-old practice from India could help first responders avoid burnout and perform more efficiently at the scene of emergencies. She said: „There are lots of yoga programmes for veterans but they are all focussed on after action, after their tours of duty.” Olivia contacted the Los Angeles Fire Department in 2013 and pitched her idea to teach yoga to firefighters.

Meet woman who has become powerlifting world champion - 12 months after taking up sport

***EXCLUSIVE*** A self-confessed "unlikely athlete" has gone from weak to strong - becoming a powerlifting world champion just ONE YEAR after taking up the sport. Lucinda Perrett, 28, never felt sporty growing up - especially not during PE lessons at school. But when she started going to the gym she realised she loved working out - and was actually pretty good at it. She soon entered a local lifting competion and literally went from strength to strength - climaxing in four gold medals at the world championships in the summer. Impressively, she also won the British and European titles before heading to Florida, USA for the amateur event. International account manager Lucinda, from Tetbury, Glos., now trains as many as five times a week at her local gym.

Mum praises £199 clip-on veneers for transforming her smile after she was rejected from jobs over her ‘tombstone teeth’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mum who paid £199 for a set of clip in veneers she found online has praised them for making her finally feel 'beautiful' after years of ridicule over her natural teeth. Selina Warren, 21, was born with a condition called hypodontia - a dental anomaly where teeth do not develop and appear to be 'missing'. She has grown up without her two front incisors and experienced judgement from a young age, with dates and even prospective employers shaming her teeth. After seeing Fab Smile Veneers advertised online, Selina ordered a top set for £199 and claims her new teeth have changed her life.