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How STRESS paralysed one half of my face: Nutritionist reveals how she woke up with a drooping eye and mouth after experiencing cold-like symptoms for a week

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman woke up one morning with a half-paralysed face and was told it was down to STRESS. Nutritionist, Danielle Ferguson (29) from California, USA, began experiencing cold-like symptoms; she was very tired and lethargic but had no fever, body chills or cough. Her tongue started to feel numb and her jaw was in a lot of pain like someone had punched her. The next morning, in August 2019, she woke up to her entire right side of her face paralysed which her nurse had warned her about the day before. Her parents drove her to the emergency room; the doctor diagnosed her with Bell’s palsy and prescribed her with an oral steroid and antivirals. The doctor attributed her condition to stress and said that there was nothing she could do which Danielle didn’t believe. She tried different alternative treatments like IV therapy, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and craniosacral massage. She felt the acupuncture and craniosacral massage therapies worked for her and got her through the process of recovery. Having half of her face paralysed caused her to shy away from strangers but finding a connection with other Instagram users who had been through a similar thing, made her more confident to embrace her journey. With over 12,000 followers on Instagram, she is now able to share her own personal journey to raise awareness of Bell’s palsy.

Recovering anorexic, 29, whose weight plummeted to 5st 11lb while consuming just 800 calories a day reveals she turned her life around after being diagnosed with Lyme disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anorexia saw this woman’s weight plummet to just FIVE STONE, but after being diagnosed with LYME DISEASE she finally found the strength to fight back - while consuming up to TEN THOUSAND CALORIES a day. Danielle Van Kay, (29) an eating disorder coach from Amsterdam, Netherlands, was 18 when anorexia began to take a hold of her in July 2006. An insecure teenager, Danielle’s developing body, along with the trauma of her parents’ unstable marriage and some wayward comments from others about how her size stacked up and compared to her slim mum, left her self-conscious. She tried every fad diet under the sun to lose weight. One diet in particular began to give the desired results and before long, Danielle was obsessed with her calorie intake, portion sizes and exercising. While most girls her age were out with friends, Danielle preferred to spend her time in the gym. For three years Danielle’s weight played on her mind but finally, at the age of 21, she began to study nutrition and dietetics at university, which she claims silenced her eating disorder until she started feeling ill with unexplained symptoms. After a year of multiple doctor visits and expensive blood tests, Danielle finally got a diagnosis: Chronic Lyme Disease. Unlike Lyme Disease, which is a bacterial disease caused commonly by tick bites, Danielle’s condition is a persistent and painful strain of the infection, which is the result of an immunity to any of the conventional treatment methods. At a young age, Danielle had been bitten by a tick on her left knee. The tick was removed by her mother and Danielle carried on as a relatively healthy girl for much of her young life. The diagnosis triggered Danielle’s eating disorder all over again. At her lowest weight, Danielle weighed just 5st 11lb some days only eating 800 calories. Her diet consisted of mostly fruit, vegetables and protein bars but it was her mum who urged her to get better. Danielle is now at a healthy weight, although she no longer weighs herself.

California activist group reveal plans for $3 billion city for homeless

California, United States: A California activist group have revealed their plans to create a $3billion private city to provide accommodation to the state's 150,000 homeless people. According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, California has - as of January 2018 - an estimated 129,972 residents experiencing homelessness on any given day. Daune Nason, founder of Citizens Again, announced proposals to combat the ongoing homeless crisis plaguing the Golden State. „It's time to think differently to solve the homelessness crisis: instead of building 4,000 more shelters, Citizens Again is crowdfunding to build 1 city, catering towards America's entire chronic adult homeless population, and it will be quicker and cost billions less than current efforts.' states the press release.” Citizens Again plans to construct the 300-acre city to include several services, including high-density housing dorms, a hospital, healthcare, food services, on-site job training and life skills enrichment. According to Nason, Citizens Again's city would be a quicker and more efficient process than the one politicians have laid out.

Inside the crumbling British factory that built Russian submarine parts during Second World War before it was abandoned 13 years ago and left to rot

***EXCLUSIVE*** An urban explorer RISKED THEIR LIFE taking pictures of this derelict British factory that once manufactured Russian submarine parts in WWII. Remarkable photos of W.H Shaw’s pallet works, which was reputedly one of the largest factories of its type in the world until its eventual closure in 2006, show the site’s eye-catching grade II listed Gothic clock tower; a rare perspective of the factory’s shattered glass roof; and an old work space, still littered with engineering knickknacks. Located in Diggle, an old mining town in Yorkshire, parts of the 22-acre site date back as far as 1860 when it was known as The Dobcross Loom Works. Dobcross Looms, an old-fashioned mechanism for producing cloths and fabrics, can still be found across the world. Urban explorer FreakyD recently investigated the site as it may soon be torn down to build a new area school.

The jaws of death: Young zebra is dragged to its doom after getting snatched by a crocodile

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: An astonishing photo of a deadly attack captures a baby zebra’s FACE staring desperately towards the camera as its head is locked in the jaws of a RAVENOUS crocodile. Brutal images show the zebra’s foot being chomped by the toothy reptile before the stripy foal is hauled into the water, the frenzied baby animal making a desperate last second dash for freedom as the croc loses its grip, and the huge crocodile biting the head of the zebra before dragging the beast to a watery grave. The stunning encounter was snapped at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during the recent Great Migration, where 2.5million wildebeest, zebra and antelope follow the rain across east Africa. Brazilian photographer Julius Dadalti (48) was left mesmerised by the savage mauling.

War hero, 105, who survived concentration camp still does food shop at Sainsbury's

***EXCLUSIVE*** A war hero involved in the iconic Dambusters raid is still doing his weekly food shop - at the remarkable age of 105. Frederick Vinecombe still has all of his own teeth, doesn't take any medication - and claims to still feel 25. The amazing veteran survived being shot out of the sky and a concentration camp during the Second World War. He was gunned down over France before being captured and taken as a prisoner of war to Buchenwald near Weimar, Germany. But he lasted through both of those ordeals and now lives happily in Plymouth, Devon - where he's particularly fond of popping out to the shops.