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Woman becomes a model and regains her body confidence after getting a bionic arm

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOSCOW, RUSSIA: This woman says she was made to feel WORTHLESS, UGLY and WEAK before she got her bionic arm - but she’s since taken the modelling world by storm, and says that men can’t get enough. Model and confectioner, Alexandra Vyatkina (25) from Moscow, Russia, was born without an arm and had to use a prosthetic arm from when she was just one and a half years old. Growing up in Russia, there was a lot prejudice surrounding her left hand and society made her feel she was weak, that she couldn’t succeed in life and that she should be ashamed of herself. But her mum always tried to instil the belief that she could do anything she put her mind to and this motivated her to prove everyone wrong. She fell in love with horse riding when she was eight years old and became a horse riding instructor. Despite growing in confidence, throughout high school she was bullied by her peers who would call her names like Frankenstein, Doll or Captain Hook and was even told by adults to hide her hand. The ridicule she faced only fuelled her desire to succeed in life. She ended up graduating from university, falling in love and getting married to the love of her life, Georgy (25). In December 2018 she had her first bionic arm fitted which has improved her ability to perform various tasks and this arm was updated in July 2019. Her new arm gave her the confidence to become a model and her career has since taken off with various photographers keen to do a photoshoot with her. She is now eager to spread awareness that just because you are missing a limb, that shouldn’t stop you from chasing after your dreams.

Inside the Indonesian tribe that dig up their loved ones’ corpses, comb their hair and pose for family photos together

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDONESIA: Shocking photographs show families exhuming their mummified loved ones years after their passing before combing the corpses’ hair, realigning their glasses and posing the bodies for a FAMILY PHOTO. Remarkable shots of the Toraja Tribe, who live in South Sulawesi in Indonesia, show the village sprucing up their dead loved ones every three to four years in a bizarre spectacle filled with love and remembrance. Striking images include a family painstakingly dusting a corpse with a paintbrush, corpses being tied to a wooden stake to allow them to „dry” under the hot, tropical sun, and a family taking photos of a beloved but long-dead couple dressed in freshly-issued wedding clothes.

This man quit his job after falling in love with a woman almost thirty years younger than him

***EXCLUSIVE** This man quit his job when his boss disapproved of him dating a girl TWENTY-NINE-YEARS younger and says he was even ATTACKED in the street for holding her hand. Actor, journalist and model, Michael Hoch (49) from Duisburg, Germany, first met volunteer student, Sarah Schopp (20) from Wuppertal, Germany, at a theatre in 2016, when she was just 17 years old. Throughout the day they kept bumping into each other and when she was serving drinks at the counter, he was drawn to her shy personality and smile. Michael decided to track her down on Facebook and sent her a message but despite being attracted to him, Sarah was reluctant to date him due to their age gap and just wanted to stay friends. However, after a month of chatting, they couldn?t deny their love for each other and began dating. While Sarah?s family were shocked at first about their relationship, they soon warmed to Michael and now her father and him are good friends as he is the same age as him. Even though their families are happy with their relationship, Michael has received some backlash over his relationship from his acting director which prompted him to quit his job. But after three years of remaining a strong couple, they are now proving doubters wrong and enjoy living in the moment.

Meet the pampered pit bull whose owners threw him his own BIRTHDAY PARTY complete with a professional photographer to take snaps of the happy event

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boris, three, lives a life of luxury in Saint Charles, Missouri, USA, with devoted owners Alley and Alex Bardon who rescued the pooch from a shelter. In September, the husband and wife celebrated their beloved canine’s third birthday with a party in their backyard attended by 15 guests. Alley, 27, a content manager, said: „Nobody could believe that we were having a full-on party for a dog. We had a proper peanut-flavored dog cake from a local bakery called Treats Unleashed. The two chihuahuas Bebe and Belle who came were picky so Boris had the whole thing to himself over a few days. We hired a photographer to take pictures and wore special t-shirts with Boris’s face on them.” The couple even arranged for special gold balloons to spell out the words: „Let’s Pawty”.

Throuple say people are disgusted by their three-way relationship but their six kids find it ‘incredibly exciting’

***EXCLUSIVE*** WASHINGTON, USA: This triad’s children played on the same football team and after hanging out together they fell in love and say that people react with disgust towards their relationship and are convinced that he has FORCED the two women to be with him. Business owner and council worker, Cameron McGee (31) and his wife, stay at home mum, MacKenzie (31) both from Centralia, Washington, USA, met at a Super Bowl party when they were just nine years old and were married 10 years ago in October 2009.  The couple have three children together, Atticus (7), Maxim (5) and Solomon (3) and had never explored polyamory until they met their partner, legal assistant, Naomi Snell (34) who is originally from Harlow, Essex, UK, but moved to America in June 2004, at their respective sons’ football training session. Naomi who has three children from a previous relationship, Elizabeth (10), Oliver (8) and William (7) started chatting to Cameron and MacKenzie at the training session and the three of them soon became close friends and started hanging out with their respective families. Within months the three adults had fallen in love and their romantic relationship started in October 2018 but they didn’t make it official until May 2019 as they had to carefully consider whether pursuing a relationship would be the best decision for everyone involved and as it was everyone’s first experience of polyamory there were a lot of emotions to process. They have been living together with their combined six children since August and as a blended family, their kids love having the extra love and support of additional people in their family. For Cameron, MacKenzie and Naomi, polyamory means choosing not to limit their love but they’ve received mixed reactions from the general public who assume that their relationship is purely sexual, that Cameron has forced the women to be with him or react with disgust towards them.

Meet the pair of pensioners in their 70s who have become two of the oldest people in Britain to achieve black belts - in KARATE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sprightly Sheila Stewart, 72, and Isabel Murray, 77, took up the sport in 2015 when Sheila began taking her grandchildren to classes.  The fighting fit pair - both from Dalgety Bay, Fife - went through twelve grades from white belt, before being awarded their coveted black belts.  Under the guidance of fifth dan instructor Sarah Queen, who created a class for the pair to develop their skills, they have now achieved one of the highest ranks in the martial art.  The pensioners reached the rank on November 16 after four years of honing their fighting techniques at the Japan Karate Shoto Federation (JKS) Scotland headquarters in Dunfermline, Fife.  Marking the milestone, the delighted women were both given „special” black belts from Japan, complete with their names embroidered on them.

Eerie photos show old medical equipment and decaying rooms in Lincolnshire care home which was shut down and abandoned last year after inspectors branded it 'inadequate'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Distressing photos of a decaying care home where elderly, brain-damaged and quadriplegic residents were forced to live alongside URINE-SOAKED, FLY-RIDDLED rooms have emerged. Shocking photos of Blenheim Care Centres, which closed its doors for good just over 12 months ago, include a damp corridor crawling with mould; stacks of resident’s private data carelessly left abandoned; and an old mattress propped up on a hospital trolley. The grim facility was shut down in November 2018 after it was branded unsafe, ineffective and unable to support a person’s basic dignity.

Original copper plates dating back to the 1860s which would have been used to print drawings in first ever editions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

***EXCLUSIVE*** Never before seen engraved blocks used to print the legendarily rare first edition of Alice in Wonderland have been found stashed in a garage. Window cleaner Paul Searle, 56, bought a job lot of 'junk' for £50 at a garage clearance, hoping to find interesting and quirky glass bottles for his collection. He found four heavy iron plates in a tin hidden among the dusty bottles, etched with detailed drawings of a little man in a top hat at a tea party, and a girl in a puffy dress.

The Brussel sprout that was spared from the pan on Christmas day - because of its uncanny resemblance to Mary and Jesus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Brussels sprout was spared from the pan on Christmas day - because of its uncanny resemblance to Mary and Jesus. Sheila Freeman, 63, was preparing dinner last week when she noticed the astonishing religious resemblance. The computer technician immediately took the vegetable off the chopping block and put it in the fridge for safekeeping.