Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Mixed-sex couple become civil partners after legal battle that changed UK law

A couple who led the charge to become civil partners rather than husband and wife are among thousands making history today by entering into civil partnerships. Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan won a legal bid at the Supreme Court in 2018, saying that a civil partnership felt more equal to them than a traditional marriage. They were among the first to enter into a mixed-sex union, signing their civil partnership registration at Kensington and Chelsea Register Office. The option was previously only available to same-sex couples, but campaigners successfully argued that denying a mixed-sex couple the same right was discrimination. New Year's Eve now marks the first time heterosexual couples can tie the knot in a civil ceremony instead of a marriage, following a lengthy legal battle that changed UK law.

A five-foot snake had to be rescued by the RSPCA and firefighters after he escapd while travelling in a car for a Christmas family get-together and got stuck in the chassis!

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pet corn snake, called Allan, was in his vivarium and was travelling with his owner Ellie Bond from their home in Ayton Gardens, Beeston, Nottingham, to her parents‚Äô home in Ashlea Grove, Oldham, when the incident happened.  Ellie went to check on Allan (aged 8) and it was then that she realised he had escaped from his vivarium. She frantically searched the car with her partner Lewis Newton but could find no sign of her beloved pet and thought somehow he may have fallen from the car onto the M1 motorway.  The couple then began ripping up the carpet from the car and took the seats out in a desperate attempt to find Allan.  Then when Lewis, an engineer at the University of Nottingham, pulled away casing near the gear stick they spotted the escaped pet.  Ellie (aged 25), a supply teacher at Oakwood Infants School, in Derby, said: ‚ÄúWe just went into panic mode to try and find him as I was really worried he had fallen from the car onto the motorway. We ripped pieces from the car in our desperate search.

Cute bear cubs play fighting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bears frolic on long grass as they play-fight together. The mischievous young siblings - thought to be just six months old - fooled around on the uncut grass by grabbing hold of each other with their paws.This trio of brown bears can be seen enjoying playing together in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA.

Dramatic Arctic cloud formations

***EXCLUSIVE*** A surreal light show which only forms when temperatures plummet to -80 degrees Celsius appears in the sky above a polar wilderness. The 'polar stratospheric clouds' are visible only in the Arctic and Antarctic during the deep winter months. These photographs were taken in the small Swedish village of Abisko, within the Arctic Circle, and the mountains in the shots are known as the 'Lapland Gates'. The mountains are famous in northern Sweden and are only accessible by snowmobile in winter.