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A toddler has become one of Instagram's youngest influencers with more than 16,000 followers - netting his mum more than £10,000 worth of goodies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natasha Maxwell, 33, started an online profile for Parker George a year ago, simply as a way to store his photos, and share them with loved ones. But soon strangers were drawn in by his cheeky grin, and his followers started to pour in. Natasha has been sent £10,000 worth of treats in exchange for Instagram shout outs, such as designer clothes, tickets to Disney on Ice - and even a fridge freezer.

Bodybuilder who force-fed himself 10,000 calories a day in a bid to 'get strong' unveils his amazing transformation after losing 9st

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man lost nine stone after he ditched the 10,000 calorie a day diet he was copying from BODYBUILDERS on Instagram. Brandon Pickup, 22, used to force feed himself steaks, burgers and fried breakfasts in a bid to get strong, and peaked at 23st. And while it means he could lift an impressive 53st it also saw him pile on pounds of fat and his waistline ballooned until he said he could barely look at himself in the mirror. He changed his ways when his dad, Jason, 48, suffered a stroke and sepsis, and was left fighting for his life. Now 18 months on, Brandon from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is a buff 14st with huge muscles and aspirations to compete at World’s Strongest Man. Personal trainer Brandon said: "When I set out all I knew was I wanted to be as strong as I possibly could and I didn’t care about the effects that had on my body. I had a passion to get strong and was inspired by Eddie Hall and the bodybuilders I followed online.”

Dog lover saved her French bulldog's life by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him when he started choking on a piece of sofa

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dog lover saved her pooch's life after he started choking on a piece of sofa - by performing the Heimlich Maneuver. Louise Davies was left petrified when her little French bulldog Angus started making a wretching noise and losing the colour in his face. It was when the poor pup started to lean sideways as if he was losing consciousness that Louise jumped into action. Luckily the 48-year-old church administrator had just done a first aid course for her work and the lifesaving technique was fresh in her mind. Louise, from Congleton, Cheshire, said: "I knew straight away that Angus must be choking - it was horrifying to see, he could not breathe at all. "My heart was in my mouth at first but my training kicked in, allowing me to keep calm. "I looked in Angus' mouth and, when I couldn't see anything, I picked him up from behind and pulled into his belly. "Nothing happened the first time so I had to do it again, and this time he started breathing again."

A schoolboy uncovered fragments of World War Two explosives on a beach in the Scottish Highlands - using the metal detector he got for Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patrick McAlindon, aged seven, found the grenade remains when he was out testing his new kit on December 25 during a family holiday to Aviemore, Scottish Highlands. After just 15 minutes of scanning the beach at Loch Morlich Patrick was stunned when his new gadget showed an „off the scale” reading. Frantic to find out what it was, Patrick, along with mum Ana, 41, dad Andrew, 41, big brother Daniel, 19, and little sister Lana, aged four, started digging. Patrick discovered discarded crates, remains of grenades and a bomb warning sign left behind from allied forces more than 70 years ago. Treasure hunter Patrick, from Kilmacolm, Inverclyde, said: „The metal detector almost went off the scale. I was really shocked, I thought it was gold or something.”

These adorable images show a seal seemingly waving goodbye to 2019

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fantastic pictures were captured by Photographer Sean Weekly on the Norfolk coast. Sean Said: “Every year I visit the East Coast to photograph the birth of the Atlantic Grey Seals. Back in December I spent a week with them along the Norfolk coast. During my time photographing the Seals I came across this freshly weaned pup who was shedding its Lanugo (white fur) and its new adult grey coat was coming through which is alot thicker and warmer than its pup fur and ultimately will give it the best start in life. During the moulting process the pup can get irritated trying to scratch and wriggle off the old coat. As the pup was getting itchy it's behaviour increased giving some really lovely behavioural images. Here is a small series of shots from the event where it decides to wave directly at me posing perfectly for the ultimate portrait to end the year.”

A fantasy-obsessed man got down on one knee after challenging his girlfriend to a MEDIEVAL DUAL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rick Blatz, 28, donned $5200 worth of knight’s armor to propose to his partner of six years Mariah Sletten after challenging her to a battle at a medieval fantasy fair. The couple, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, have been passionate about medieval role play since they were teenagers and travel around the country to take part in Renaissance shows. Rick was keen to pop the question in his knight’s garb at Ren in the Glen fair in Glenwood, Wisconsin, USA - the scene of one of the couple’s earliest dates.

Student who made £100,000 a month under investigation ‘for being a scammer’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gurvin Singh, 20, made headlines earlier this year when he claimed to have turned £200 into £100,000 on the foreign exchange market while studying to become a doctor. Instagram snaps of his lavish lifestyle quickly amassed him over 170,000 followers. Finance watchdogs have warned customers against dealing with a student 'rich kid' who claims he made £100,000 by playing the money markets. Entrepreneur Gurvin Singh, 20, claims he started with just £200 but rakes in thousands a month trading on the Foreign Exchange Market. But now the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has claimed Mr Singh and two companies associated with him are not authorised to provide financial services or products in the UK.

This astonishing picture shows the moment a flock of 70,000 starlings form the shape of a space ship

***EXCLUSIVE*** The lively songbirds took to the sky at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve in South Yorkshire. They were captured by wildlife photographer Gerald Robinson, who described the spectacle as "magnificent". "To see something like that is mind blowing, it's something I'll never forget," he said. "There was a little sparrowhawk chasing the flock so they stayed up for a while. "The shaped they formed while flying through the air were brilliant, in one of the pictures they look just like a space ship. "Another one looks like a love heart and one looks like a whale." Gerald visited the nature reserve near Doncaster with his daughter and grandchildren.