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The burning fire, which is said to have been burning for more than a hundred years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Take a look inside one of England's highest pubs where a fire has been burning continuously in the hearth - for a staggering 174 YEARS. The traditional Warren House Inn in Dartmoor, Devon is more than a mile from the nearest farm. A blaze has been smouldering in the grate next to the bar since 1845 despite its isolation - and has never once looked like going out. The pub, run by Peter Parsons and his wife Janet, burns through a staggering amount of logs each month. The pair have estimated they use an amazing three Transit vans full of wood - and they're not cheap. Peter's first job every morning is to shake the ash from the glowing embers and chuck on another few logs to get it roaring again - even in summer. The tradition harks back to the days when the pub was an essential shelter for the tin miners who relied on the constant fire to warm them up any time of the day.

A cancer-stricken bride who contemplated cancelling her big day because she didn’t want to walk down the aisle bald wore a HAT to keep her hair during grueling chemotherapy sessions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Allison Carey was devastated to learn she had stage two breast cancer four months before her wedding to Michael Carey, 31, a high school math teacher. The bride, 28, of Denver, Colorado, confessed that she considered calling off her big day because she didn‚Äôt want to walk down the aisle without her long dirty blonde tresses. When her doctor suggested a specially designed cooling cap which prevents hair loss in women undergoing chemotherapy, Allison was willing to try the contraption. The cooling cap, known as a Dignicap, slowed down Allison’s hair loss and she married Micheal in a romantic ceremony last June with her hair swept into an elegant updo.

An obese mum who couldn’t even tie her shoe laces has lost 10 STONE - after her mother’s dying wish was for her to get in shape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Julie Farquhar, 42, had ballooned to a size 26 after piling on the pounds with „social eating” - and found it even harder after mum, Vera Wild tragically died in November 2014. Tipping the scales at 20 stone 12lbs, Julie struggled to do any basic activity, getting breathless just walking around the house, and found it hard to keep up with her three children, Dillon, 15, Keigan, 12, and Lois, nine.