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Chickenpox scar develops into deadly skin cancer 30 years after woman caught the virus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chickenpox scar turned „sinister” when this woman was diagnosed with SKIN CANCER almost three decades after she contracted the virus - and it took THREE SURGERIES to remove it. Louise Thorell (32) from Ashington, Northumberland, was five years-old when she came down with chicken pox. Although the virus cleared up, Louise was left with a single scar from one of the blisters. The scar would go „bright white” and become more visible when Louise’s temperature spiked. While her friends and family were all aware of the origin of the scar on her face, Louise said looks from strangers made her feel self-conscious. As much as Louise’s scar was a source of discomfort at times growing up, it wasn’t until 2018 that she noticed more concerning characteristics at the site of the scar. A series of infections saw her referred to the melanoma clinic for tests.

Hunky university rowers show off their muscular physiques as they strip off for a VERY cheeky calendar to promote gender equality and LGBT rights

***EXCLUSIVE*** UNITED KINGDOM: A group of hunky university rowers have produced their raciest calendar yet by stripping off and posing naked to promote gender equality and LGBT rights. The 2020 instalment shows men from Warwick University’s rowing team posing nude in a series of steamy shots. The men are pictured lounging by the pool with only strategically placed towels and adorable dogs protecting their modesty, standing proudly with just an oar to conceal their private parts and flaunting their muscular naked bodies overlooking the sea. Other shots show the men frolicking on a building site completely starkers and playfully covering themselves in purple powder paint. Formerly known as the Warwick Rowers, they’ve relaunched as Worldwide Roar for their 2020 calendar which is their eleventh edition. The aim of this year’s campaign is to promote LGBT rights and gender equality but to also change the way men are viewed by society.

Schools are to get an £80million cash injection to create 'music hubs' to encourage children to take up an instrument

***EXCLUSIVE*** Park chiefs have hit the wrong note with some posh residents after installing 'bongos' and musical instruments in a children's playground. A set of three colourful drums and a xylophone were installed during the refurbishment of a play area in the up-market suburb of St Andrew's in Bristol. But the instruments have struck the wrong chord with locals who say the din from them now makes the area 'too noisey to think.' The playground was reopened on December 19 after two months of being closed for refurbishment - but not everyone is thrilled about its new play equipment. The new installations for children include a colourful xylophone and a set of three bongo drums.

Textile mill that was once owned by eccentric entrepreneur and was home to 600 workers lies trashed and abandoned as it awaits demolition

***EXCLUSIVE*** An abandoned textile mill, once owned by an eccentric and heroic entrepreneur who rubbed shoulders with Churchill and members of the royal family, is currently being demolished as we witness another piece of Britain’s industrial heritage swept away. Remarkable photos of Dobroyd Mill, a former textile factory in in the village of Jackson Bridge, near Huddersfield, which was acclaimed for its high-quality product, show the shattered windows and dilapidated façade of a building which once held over 600 employees, graffiti-strewn machines that haven’t been touched in years, and a ransacked work space just off the factory floor. The captivating shots were taken by urban explorer FreakyD just weeks before the site was due to be bulldozed. Although a wool mill has been on the site since 1829, much of the current property dates back to 1870 and has employed generations of local families over the last century and a half.

Incredible pics show 2019’s best wildlife images… from dancing lizards to hungry hippos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Astonishing photos capture the ten most remarkable wildlife moments of 2019 ? including a too-close-for-comfort encounter with one of Africa?s deadliest animals and the devastating effects of a deadly drought. 2019 has been a year when animal conservation and climate change has been high on the agenda, as reflected here with a number of photos featuring endangered animals or at-risk habitats. One of the most powerful images features two polar bears scrapping over the remains of an empty plastic gallon jug on an otherwise pristine shoreline in remote Alaska. Another evocative shot shows the gnarled corpse of a marine iguana which starved to death after unusual weather patterns decimated the Galapagos Islands? delicate ecosystem.

Lucky salmon escapes clutches of hungry bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** A salmon has a lucky escape as it manages to slip away from a hungry bear. The fish manages to evade the brown bear's grasp, diving back into the shallow waters before it is caught. Splashing through the river, the bear continues hunting for its next meal at the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA.

Semolina drying from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers move among hundreds of large bamboo bowls filled with white semolina. They spread the dry, coarse wheat product over the bamboo dishes and leave them to dry in the sun. By moving their hands through the semolina, they create beautiful circular patterns which only become apparent when viewed from above.