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The woman who wakes up STUCK to her bed every morning: 32-year-old covered in pus-filled blisters reveals she was expected to DIE as a newborn from her rare skin condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman wakes up every morning STUCK TO HER BED because of a skin condition that causes painful BLISTERS over every inch of her body - including in her EYES, EARS AND MOUTH. Acorn’s Children Hospital ambassador, Assya Shabir (32) from Birmingham, was diagnosed with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB) when she was born in August 1987, the rarest and most severe type of Epidermolysis Bullosa. The condition, for which there is no cure, leaves her skin and internal organs very fragile, even the slightest movement causes blisters to appear on the body. As well as the blisters and incredible pain Assya suffers, she is also susceptible to infections due to a lowered immune system as a result of her condition. About half of those who are diagnosed with JEB do not survive past the first year of their life. For those that do surpass the first year, many are not expected to live past five years old. Only a few children with JEB survive into adulthood. Assya’s diagnosis at birth was that she would be dead within 24 hours but year-on-year she has proven doctors wrong. On her next birthday she will be 33.

Couple discover their son, 15, is clear of cancer three days after scooping £2million Lottery jackpot!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple were celebrating today after winning £2million just days before being given the news that their 15-year-old son was clear of cancer. John and Allison McDonald, of Stockton on Tees, County Durham, matched all six numbers on a Lucky Dip ticket to win the life-changing National Lottery jackpot. But they had even better news when just three days later they were told their son Ewan, who had battled non-Hodgkin lymphoma all year, was cancer free. 

Mother, 25, who underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy before doctors admitted they had MISDIAGNOSED her with breast cancer calls for hospitals to use new AI technology to avoid other blunders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sarah Boyle was 25 when doctors at Royal Stoke Hospital told her she had triple negative breast cancer. She underwent extensive treatment, which included chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. However, several months later she was informed that that her biopsy had been incorrectly reported and it was confirmed that she did not have cancer. Following the news, Sarah instructed specialist medical negligence lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the case. The legal experts secured an admission of liability from University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, which runs Royal Stoke, regarding the failings. The Trust stated that the misdiagnosis was down to ‘human error’. Sarah has joined her legal team at Irwin Mitchell in welcoming the publication of research in the medical journal Nature that suggests artificial intelligence (AI) is more accurate than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms.