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Grandad wore shorts every day FOR A YEAR to raise money for charity- even sporting them at weddings and funerals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grandad-of-four mocked for his "knobbly knees" wore shorts every day for an entire YEAR for charity- and even donned them for a wedding and two funerals. David Arnold, 74, came up with the unusual fundraising idea after he lost his niece to ataxia - a degenerative disease of the nervous system.And for 365 days of the year starting on January 1 last year, David has posted a new photo of him wearing shorts everyday to his Facebook page.

Woman, 22, who dates 58-year-old man says strangers think he's her dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman describes herself as a „firecracker” and says she started dating her boyfriend, who is THIRTY-SIX YEARS OLDER, because unlike younger men he is a „REAL MAN” who is strong enough to handle her. Coincidentally, para equestrian, Alyssa Cleland (22) from Texas, USA, was working at a land surveying company in 2018, the same company as CFO, Rick M (58), but they ended up meeting through an online dating app. They began dating unofficially in July 2018 and decided to keep it casual with the intention of never seeing each other again so as not to complicate their working relationship. But after four hours of engaging conversation, they changed their minds and agreed to start dating as long as they were no longer working together. Rick ended up leaving his job so that they could embark on their relationship. Alyssa was born with a rare condition called paraxial tibial hemimelia, a rare condition which causes the absence of the tibia and deformed hands. Due to this she has on some occasions had negative dating experiences and while she has mostly dated men her age, she feels that the communication with Rick has been much better in comparison. The two have lived together ever since and plan to get married in the future.

A fortune teller who correctly predicted Brexit and England winning the Cricket World Cup using ASPARAGUS has revealed her top tips for 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jemima Packington, 64, is the world's only Asparamancer and claims she can peer into the future by tossing the veg in the air and interpreting how the spears land. She predicts that in 2020 Donald Trump will win a second term - but will again face impeachment and be booted out of office. Jemima, of Bath, also revealed several high-profile sporting personalities will be embroiled in scandals while the country will benefit from a "smooth" Brexit. She claims continued turmoil within the Royal Family is expected to result in some members being relinquished of official duties. Jemima says to expect more royal births and even a bereavement this year while a shake up of the major political parties is also on the horizon. She also believes more countries will take action to fight global warming and independent and small retailers in Britain will enjoy a resurgence. Jemima began making predictions aged eight-year-old and said she inherited the gift from her elderly aunt who used to read tea leaves. Last year, she correctly predicted cricket success for England, Big Brother returning to our screens and US romantic musical „A Star is Born” winning an Oscar.

Box of bits transformed into super rare Vincent Black Prince

***EXCLUSIVE*** £91,000 'box of bits' has been transformed into a beautiful and rare Vincent Black Prince - the last model from the famous marque. A classic motorbike has been painstakingly restored after being bought as a 'box of bits' from Bonhams in 2014 - and is now on sale for £140,000. The rare 1955 Vincent Black Prince bike was last ridden in 1967 when it was taken off road and dismantled for a major restoration project. But the work never happened and the jigsaw bike was sold in 2014 for a whopping £91,000. Since then the canny owner has spent five years and thousands of pounds putting the Vincent back together again. London based prestige dealer Graeme Hunt is now selling the very rare machine that was one of the first motorbikes to employ streamlining over its mighty V twin 1000 cc engine.

A rugby league hard man who booked a hair transplant on a whim was back in training three days after the procedure - after being injected 4,500 times in his head

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super League winner Shaun Lunt flew out to Turkey a day after he booked the £1,600 procedure - and was back home just 24 hours on from the surgery. Medics at the Este Prime Clinic in Istanbul transplanted 4,500 hair follicles from the side and back of Shaun's scalp to the front during a seven-and-a-half hour procedure on Mon 9 Dec. But Shaun, 32 - who once took to the field with sepsis that almost killed him - was not fazed by the needles. And by Thursday 12 Dec, he had re-joined his teammates at his new club Batley Bulldogs to take part in pre-season training. The Ex-England hooker, who won a Grand Final with Leeds Rhinos in 2012, said the operation was "the best thing" he had ever done after taking stick for his "monkey's bum" hairline for years.

Stunning private island in New York's Lake George goes on sale for $15million complete with a 15-bed mansion, boathouse and private beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning private island nestled on one of America's most scenic lakes has emerged on to the market for £11.5million. ($15m) 114 Green Harbor Lane sits on its own 3.3 acres peninsula in the middle of Lake George in the northern part of the state of New York. The centrepiece of the island is an impressive 15 bedroom mansion, while there is also a boathouse, two cottages and a private sandy beach. It has 2,700ft of lakefront - with room for 36 dock spaces - and spectacular mountain views. The island is being sold with estate agent Sotheby's International Realty, who describe its purchase as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.

Luxury three-storey seaside home with spectacular infinity pool overlooking Tor Bay goes on sale for £3million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yours for 3 million pounds - Mediterranean style views...from a seaside home in Torquay. This modern and contemporary property is in one of the most exclusive areas of Torquay in Devon and has spectacular views of Tor Bay. In the foreground in the rocky outcrop known as Thatcher's Rock. But the coastal landmark isn't named after the late Tory Prime Minister but the fact that from certain angles the rock formation looks like a thatcher working on a roof.

Whale diving out of water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A humpback whale and her calf appear to be leaping out of the water in this incredible image taken near Tonga. Award winning photographer Todd Mintz, 52, has actually flipped the imaged 180 degrees to create the spectacular illusion. Todd said : "The whales surfaced right in front of me. before diving back down. I rotated the image to create the effect.  They make the 5000km journey from Antarctica to Tonga to have their babies, nurse and teach them, before returning home.”

Float Your Boat? - Stunning houseboat in the heart of London

***EXCLUSIVE*** What is believed to be the biggest houseboat in Britain has gone on the market - for £3.5m. On the face if it the super-luxurious property wouldn't look out of place on any of London's most exclusive streets. But Matrix Island is actually a converted 1930s steel barge with one of the most coveted river views in the capital – Tower Bridge. The floating mega-home 130ft long houseboat occupies what is believed to be London's biggest mooring at exclusive St Katharine Docks just a stone's throw from the Tower of London.

Disturbing photos from inside one of UK's grimmest care homes closed after damning report

***EXCLUSIVE*** Troubling photos from inside one of Britain’s grimmest care homes - where residents were left for OVER A MONTH without a bath and unchecked CRIMINALS were employed - have emerged after the horrendous facility was swiftly shut down in 2015. Unsettling shots of Mossley Manor Care Home, which received a thoroughly damning Care Quality Commission inspection report five years ago, shows black mould and crumbling ceiling plaster surround a threadbare sitting suite, a dank attic room riddled with damp, darkness and echoes of abuse, and collapsing corridors where residents were forced to survive in abysmal conditions. Other stomach-churning shots show a stately stained-glass window and chandelier – hinting at a more prosperous history before the property became an ‘appalling’ and ‘dangerous’ care home – and a dining room in a highly decayed state for a building which only closed in June 2015.

Jackal pretends to sleep to hunt birds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cunning jackal uses an unusual technique to hunt a flock of birds - by pretending to be asleep while they walk around him.  Unsuspecting doves ventured within feet of the predator as he appeared to doze. He waited until one of the birds came close enough before leaping forward and grabbing it. The pictures were taken in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa, by a waterhole which is famous for its 'dove hunter jackals' or 'Qubitje Quap'.

Revealed - wartime cartoon's that were ripped up by the censor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Never-before-seen paintings depicting the humourous side of the Home Guard that were censored for being too offensive have come to light nearly 80 years later. The light-hearted works were produced by the artist Gilbert Spencer more than 25 years before Dad's Army appeared on TV to huge acclaim. But Spencer's witty take on life in the Home Guard wasn't quite so well received during the darkest days of the Second World War. Spencer was too old to enlist in the army and so joined the Home Guard. In wanting to do his bit he produced 14 paintings based on his amusing observations of the citizen militia that were aimed at cheering up the nation.

Humble bungalow transformed into super cool home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired couple dubbed 'the accidental upsizers' have put their luxury home on the market for a whopping £750,000. Jean and Desmond Lawton bought a suburban bungalow three years ago as they looked to downsize from a large property. But they soon decided that they didn't like the dated decour of the humble home and transformed it beyond recognition. They knocked down every internal retaining wall bar one to create an open-plan space and built a single-storey extension to the rear.

First of 2 billion! - Queen's head artwork for stamps

***EXCLUSIVE*** First impression of 200 billion! The original artwork for the Queen's head used on stamps and reproduced over 200 billion times has emerged for sale for £8,500. The 'Machin' stamp was introduced in 1967 and was based on a sculpted side profile of Queen Elizabeth II by the artist Arnold Machin. Previously, the stamp had been based on a three-quarter shoulder length profile of the monarch by photographer Dorothy Wilding. However, this was eventually scrapped as it was difficult to reproduce. AnothAnother published picture show's Keeler tucking into chicken legs on the day of her release from prison in 1964. A pair of previously unseen risque photos of Christine Keeler have sold for almost £7,000.

Incense making

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millions of incense sticks are bundled together as workers lay them out to dry.   The bunches of fuchsia-coloured bamboo sticks stretch across more than 10,000 sq ft. Workers kneel on blue sheets laid on top of sand as they carry out the traditional drying process. Once dried, the odourless sticks will be taken to factories where distinct aromas will be added.

Flower village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers carefully steer their boats as they tend to thousands of flowers ready to bloom in a floating village. The chrysanthemums are watered by the workers each day at the 500 hectare Sa Dec flower village, in Dong Thap, Vietnam. Amateur photographer Luong Nguyen Anh Trung, captured the shots with a drone during his two-day trip to the area. The 39-year-old from Quang Ngai, Vietnam, said flowers are planted in up to 150 rows to ease irrigation.

New book reveals SAS WW2 raid in Italy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos taken deep behind enemy lines by an SAS unit during a daring wartime operation have come to light on the 75th anniversary of the mission. The little-known Operation Galia on the 27th December 1944 involved just 33 SAS men hoodwinking the Nazis and their fascist allies into thinking a much greater force had landed behind them in Italy in December 1944. Adolf Hitler's forces had just launched a major surprise offensive in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium that became known as the Battle of the Bulge. Robert Hann, whose late father was SAS Paratrooper Stanley Hann, retraced his father's wartime experiences and part of his [fatherís] epic 80 mile long escape route through the Apennine mountains which the men took, to help him write the book 'SAS Operation Galia.'