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Man nicknamed the "Bubble Skin Man"

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Indian man is in search of a cure for the bubble-like tumours that ravage his body has revealed how people treat him worse than a 'dirty stray animal'. Diwakar Bisoye, 65, from Odisha State, India, nicknamed the "Bubble Skin Man," started growing small lumps on his body initially, and since then his body has slowly been ravaged by benign tumours. Now, they cover his entire body. His horrible condition has taken over his life; he rarely leaves his house and when he does he is forced to cover his face with a balaclava for fear of frightening or being ridiculed by others.

How getting popcorn stuck in my teeth almost KILLED me: Firefighter needs open heart surgery after using a metal NAIL to get it out 'triggered a deadly blood infection'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Firefighter Adam Martin, 41, ended up needing open heart surgery after he got a potentially-fatal blood infection - from a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth. A firefighter needed open heart surgery when he got a potentially-fatal blood infection - after getting POPCORN stuck in his teeth. Adam Martin, 41, was ‚Äúon death‚Äôs door‚ÄĚ after the deadly infection attacked his heart and left him fighting for life. He contracted an infection called endocarditis after he struggled to dislodge the piece of popcorn stuck between his teeth. Endocarditis occurs when germs from another part of your body, such as the mouth, spread through the bloodstream and damage areas of the heart.

Now that really is a block of FLATS! Oddly-shaped building appears to be only two feet deep thanks to optical illusion

***EXCLUSIVE*** This bizarre block of flats seems to take after the type of property it contains - as from the front it appears to be just a couple of FEET in depth. The oddly-shaped, three-storey building looks, from its facade, as if tenants would have to be two-dimensional in order to live inside. The left-hand side of the building is mind-bogglingly narrow, with its stone-brick wall built just a couple of feet back in depth. However, walking down to the other end of the building and round the right-hand side, confused passers-by will see that there is more to the baffling building than meets the eye.

The dream maker

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: In Dharavi, the biggest slum of Asia situated in the heart of Mumbai, Baburao Ladsaheb gives every Sunday free acting, dancing and fighting classes to the youth of the slum, in order to help them to get acting or stunt roles in movies. In 2009, two of his young students played a small role in the superproduction Slumdog Millionaire by Dany Boyle.

OLDEN Wonder! Beachgoer finds crisp packet dating back to 1969 washed up on Cornish coast – highlighting plastic blight on Britain's seas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Golden Wonder crisp packet believed to be over 50-years-old has been found washed up on a British beach. Emily Stevenson, 22, known locally as the Beach Guardian, has been organising beach cleans for years and is very concerned about the state of our oceans. On one of her trips in December, she found the ancient crisp packet buried beneath the sand on Porthcothan Bay, near Padstow, Cornwall. Emily said she believed the crisp packet dated back to 1969, making it just over 50-years-old - highlighting the problem of plastic in our oceans. Emily said: "It's shocking to keep finding litter that is decades old, but it's not surprising. "People back then did not realise that this packaging does not go 'away' there is no away.  "It either stays exactly as it was, or it breaks up into smaller particles which can then be ingested by animals and get into the food chain" Emily, who once made headlines when she wore a graduation gown made our of discarded crisp packets, organised 107 beach cleans last year. She found the crisp packet, which was priced at 7D and has an advert for 'Golden Wonder Peanuts' on the reverse, on December 14.