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Meet one of the youngest yoga teachers in the USA who became an instructor WHEN HE WAS SEVEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tabay Atkins, 14, teaches three classes a week and holds seven different yoga teacher certifications. The yogi was devastated to watch his mother Sahel Anvarinejad, 40, struggle as she underwent chemo and even shaved his head in solidarity when she lost her hair. But when he saw how yoga helped her walk and find joy in life again, he was determined to help others on the mat. The youngster, who splits his time between Orange County, California, and Maui, Hawaii, has taught the 5,000-year-old practice all over the world including in the UK, France, Australia and Mexico as well as in New York. Tabay said: „My mom beat cancer and two weeks later, she was introduced to yoga. She was able to walk on her own and things that used to stress her out didn’t matter as much as they did before. That’s when I decided to be a yoga teacher. I wanted to teach yoga so I could heal people the way yoga had healed my mom.” Sahel was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in April 2012. The cancer starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes which are part of the body’s immune system.

Model says unibrow is a fetish for some men and her DMs are full

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who SCARED MEN AWAY with her UNIBROW, until it got her a MODELLING GIG - and now her DMS are full of men ASKING HER OUT. Freelance makeup artist and model, Sarah Marie Clarke (18) from Copenhagen, Denmark, used to pluck her eyebrows at least once a week, despite her mum encouraging her to let it grow. She had also thought about letting it grow for years before she decided to do it in March 2019. However, when she told her friends this is what she was planning, they were sceptical and men she dated would discourage her from letting her eyebrows grow, insisting that she would look „weird”. Despite the many people that were against the idea, she did it anyway and felt like she looked more beautiful with a unibrow. She decided to post pictures of her journey on Instagram and over time she was inundated with requests from modelling photographers to do photoshoots with her, as well as requests from men with a fetish. She has received messages from men who would do ?anything? to meet her and to date her. She is now on a mission to normalise this look to reduce the amount of judgements from strangers and is encouraging women to try it out.

A young mum was terrified when her six year old daughter unwrapped a present on Christmas Day and pulled out a blade hidden inside the toy's shell

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Mortimer, 30, had been looking forward to seeing her daughter Delilah, 6, open her gifts on Christmas Day and had stuffed lots of presents beneath the tree. After unwrapping her LOL Surprise puzzle toy, Delilah opened the shell of the toy and pulled out a small blade that was hidden amongst the puzzle pieces. Thankfully, the little girl quickly showed it to her shocked mother who immediately took the dangerous object out of harm's way.

A teacher who always hated sport decided to take up running at 40 and is now celebrating running her 100th MARATHON

***EXCLUSIVE*** Karen Bennett said she decided to take up fitness as a "mid-life crisis", thinking it was now or never to achieve her bucket list to run a marathon. She did her first 26.2 mile course six years ago, and "hated it". But soon she started running with other fitness lovers, and she ended up doing 30 marathons in 2019 alone.

Life-size statues of comedy icons Laurel and Hardy to appear in London

London, United Kingdom: A dynamic trail of interactive bronze statues will grace London’˘s Leicester Square from next month, celebrating the capital’s rich movie history and exciting future. „Scenes in the Square” is a unique cultural initiative by Heart of London Business Alliance in partnership with Westminster City Council and major film studios. A creative expression of the past hundred years of movie magic, the long-term art installation will feature highly recognisable classic and contemporary film characters, each immortalised in interactive and expressive bronze statues, some brought to life in the evening through lighting. Leicester Square has long been the home of film, with the first cinema opening in 1930 and the very first movie premiere taking place in 1937. This long-term trail celebrates unforgettable movies from almost every decade since then through to the 2020s, with each character dynamically interacting with the scenery in the square, from rooftops and walls to benches and flower beds.