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Meat-free Impossible Pork launched

United States: California company Impossible Foods have created „Impossible Pork”, which they describe as „a delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, plant-based ground meat that can be used in any recipe that calls for ground pork from pigs.” Their two products Impossible Pork Made from Plants and Impossible Sausage Made from Plants are the start-up's first all-new products since the blockbuster Impossible Burger debuted in 2016. The firm say: „Impossible Pork is delicious in any ground meat dish, including spring rolls, stuffed vegetables, dumplings, wontons or sausage links. Like ground meat from pigs, Impossible Pork is characterized by its mild savoury flavour, adding delicate depth and umami richness without being gamey or overpowering.” The test makes Burger King restaurants the first restaurant to sell Impossible Sausage in a breakfast sandwich.

A dogged effort to clean a beach of its rubbish has seen 250,000 items removed off the seafront - by a litter-picking LABRADOR

***EXCLUSIVE*** Determined pooch Molly and her owner Fliss Cater have been picking up over 100 pieces of litter from Scarborough beachfront for the past two years. As a pup, Molly was speed off and pick up as much rubbish as she could but, since then, Fliss has trained her to find specific items so she avoids picking up anything dangerous. Fliss, 35, said: “I taught her different commands to keep her safe, because there’ll be things on the beach that could harm her. “There are needles and sharp objects or just things you wouldn’t expect, so I wouldn’t let her go and pick anything up on her own."

These incredible pictures show what freedom means to 50 top photographers from around the globe - who have all finalised in an international competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Free-to-use photography app Agora asked its 3.5 million users to take a photo which they thought would best illustrate the theme of 'freedom'. After nearly 20,000 entries, 50 images have made it to the final and are now being voted on - competing to be crowned the 'World's Best photo of #Freedom2020'.


The car which rapper Tupac Shakur was in when he was shot dead is being sold - for a staggering $1.75 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The legendary musician was a passenger in a BMW 750Li when he was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996. It is now being auctioned off by a dealer in the same city having been painstakingly restored - with its original owner in prison. A small indentation where a bullet may have hit remains visible on one of the doors - serving as a reminder of the car's grisly history.

The cat’s out of the bag at West Midland Safari Park as keepers announce the exciting arrival of two litters of incredibly cute African lion cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** After a gestation period of around four months, ten-year-old Scar gave birth to three cubs on 27 August 2019, with the second litter of four cubs following three weeks later on 17 September 2019, for seven-year-old Amber. Now with both sets of cubs around four months old, they are almost ready to meet the public. Keepers suspected that the two females might be expecting after witnessing mating behaviour with dominant male, five-year-old Tsavo, who arrived at the Park with his two brothers in 2016. Tsavo is dad to both sets of cubs, making the seven adorable youngsters half-siblings. As with all animals born at the Park in 2019, keepers have chosen names for the cubs beginning with the letter „H”. Scar’s cubs have been called Hunter, Hercules and Hernatty (two males and a female), whilst Amber’s are named Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira (three males and a female).