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Size 18 teacher who felt embarrassed to wear a bikini on a romantic holiday sheds 5st to be crowned Slimming World's Miss Slinky 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teacher from Liverpool who was so unhappy with the way she looked on the holiday of a lifetime that she barely took any photographs, has lost an amazing 5st 3lbs to be named Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2020. Amy Hodgson, 24, said she had never felt more embarrassed than when she went to Blue Lagoon for New Year with her boyfriend, Jonathan. She says: “Visiting Iceland was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, but I felt like it’d been ruined because of how I felt about my weight. There’s only a handful of pictures of us there because I just didn’t want to be in front of the camera. “I felt embarrassed to be in a swimsuit and that’s just not me at all – before I gained weight I was so confident and comfortable with myself. When we went to collect our robes I was handed an XXL – the same size as Jonathan. When we got back we both decided that enough was enough and we had to do something about our weight.”

Chernobyl reclaimed by nature: Lush greenery blankets former Soviet town abandoned since nuclear power disaster as life goes on in the power station's shadow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie photos capture the past, present, and future of a ghost town evacuated following the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Remarkable shots, some in areas seldom seen by any in the 34 years since the catastrophe, show nature assuredly reclaiming the Chernobyl power station and Pripyat as greenery blankets of the former Soviet town, a stoic 86-year-old resident who lives his life in shadow of the infamous nuclear plant, and an old doctor’s surgery, ransacked by both vandals and time. The surreal location, which caught the world’s imagination anew in 2019 when the epic miniseries Chernobyl was released by HBO, was visited by Dutch urban explorer Roel van Wanrooy (43) who documented the remarkable nuclear wasteland – once home to tens of thousands of people.

One man's passion sparks giant antique tea party - and 4,000-strong collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner is selling his huge collection of 4,000 antique cups and saucers ‚Äď after they took every inch of his terraced home. David Boorman, 75, has spent the last decade adding to his vast crockery collection, with some pieces dating back 250 years.  But he is now putting the cups and saucers ‚Äď which he has never used - under the hammer after getting fed-up of them cluttering up his home.

Massive landslide caused by torrential rain leaves caravans teetering on the edge of a cliff as area the size of two football pitches collapses into the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** Seaside caravans are sitting perilously on the edge of a cliff after a dramatic landslide the size of two football pitches hit the coast. Aerial images show the properties at Trimingham House Caravan Park, in North Norfolk, that have been left facing  danger after a section of the cliffside came crashing onto the beach in the early hours of January 6. As police continue to urge residents to stay away the beach, the coastguard confirmed that only one of the caravans at the park, which lies about five miles east of Cromer, was being used and the woman and her child were led to safety following landslide. The landslide, which involves the collapse of a mass of earth from a cliff, was not caused by coastal erosion but instead by a build up of water in the cliff following the torrential rain that hit the coast in December 2019. 

W.O Bentley's pre war stunner for Lagonda for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** This 1939 stunner dubbed 'the most the most advanced motor car in pre WW2 Britain' has been restored for sale - but you'll need deep pockets for the £400.000 asking price. The beautiful Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe was designed by W.O.Bentley just as storm clouds were gathering across Europe, and it's top speed of 140mph was unheard of at the time. It spent more than 40 years languishing in a barn before being uncovered in 2006. It was bought by a wealthy car enthusiast who paid for a full 'nut and bolt' restoration. The classy classic is now 'like new' and being sold at auctioneers H&H Classics of Warrington, Cheshire.

Pictures emerge of famous Victorian author Thomas Hardy visiting the key locations that inspired him to write The Mayor of Casterbridge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Extraordinary photo album reveals Thomas Hardy as personal tour guide around his most famous novel. A personalised photograph album documenting a guided tour of 'Casterbridge' that novelist Thomas Hardy gave a literary friend has emerged almost 100 years later. The famous author showed playwright John Drinkwater the real-life locations that inspired him to write the classic 1886 novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. Mr Drinkwater took photographs of various venues that feature prominently in the novel. He also captured some of the last images of Hardy who died two years later.

Stunning clifftop home boasting spectacular panoramic views and its own private BEACH in a secluded Devon cove goes on sale for £2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A breathtaking clifftop home that comes with its own private beach has emerged for sale for an incredible £2m. Bar Lodge, which dates back to the Edwardian period, sits in a stunning coastal position right in the mouth of the Salcombe Estuary in Devon. It is positioned high above the sea and enjoys unrivaled views right across the picturesque waterway and rocky coastline.

Pilot to build a working replica of the historic aircraft that killed his father

***EXCLUSIVE*** British pilot William Hosie is attempting to build a working replica of the historic S.5 Schneider trophy seaplane, 33 years after his father was killed in an identical aircraft. William Hosie, 58, needs to raise £275,000 to construct a unique Supermarine S.5 from scratch, using the original blueprints of the famous aircraft designed by R.J.Mitchelll in the 1920's. The project has an added poignancy as his father, Bill Hosie, perished aged 57 flying an identical S.5 replica he'd built over Mylor, Cornwall, in May 1987. Once complete, William hopes to fly the unique seaplane at airshows as a reminder of Britain's proud history from the pioneering days of aircraft and as a tribute to his late father. The Supermarine S.5 won the prestigious Schneider Trophy in Venice in 1927 with a speed of 281mph. If Will, from Taunton, Somerset, succeeds, his will be the only working Supermarine S5 in the world.

Candleabra that survived the French revolution

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ornate candlesticks that were liberated by an angry French mob from the Duke of Orlean's luxurious Tuileries Palace during the 1848 revolution sold for £125,000 yesterday - over 4 times their estimate. The matching pair were sold off to British industriallist Sir James Watts 170 years ago, and had not been seen since. Salisbury auctioneers Woolley & Wallis were selling the spectacular ornaments with a conservative £30,000 estimate. The 3ft tall gilt bronze candelabra were created in 1839 when they were made for Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of Orléans and the eldest son of King Louis Philippe I.