Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Briton returning from New Zealand drives his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser all the way back because he could not bear to part with it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Brit moving home from New Zealand couldn't bear to part with his old banger van so DROVE it all the way - for 40,000 miles. Joss Quilty spent ten months in his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser over three continents and 23 countries - at one point narrowly avoiding a suicide bomber. The 30-year-old decided to take on the epic journey with his girlfriend Romy Romagnoli - because he didn't want to leave his motor Down Under. The pair shipped the £6,000 car to Malaysia and began the trek from there - arriving back in time for Christmas.

A hiker has captured these magnificent images of a rare weather phenomenon - that looks like a 'rainbow halo'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adrian Conchie, 39, was walking on a fell in the Lake District when he looked down and clocked the spectacular display, known as the Brocken spectre. The dad-of-one has described the moment, which took place at 11.30am on New Years Eve, as "magical" and "absolutely incredible". According to the Met Office, the Brocken spectre appears when a person stands above the upper surface of a cloud - on a mountain or high ground - with the sun behind them. "When they view their shadow the light is reflected back in such a way that a spooky circular 'glory' appears around the point directly opposite the sun," the Met Office said. Adrian, who runs an engraving business in Knutsford, Cheshire, was on an 11 mile hike at Swirl How near Coniston when the Brocken spectre appeared to him. "I had always wanted to see one after seeing pictures online and hearing about how amazing they are from friends," he said. "When we got to the summit I looked down and there it was - it was so vivid. "I thought it would disappear there and then but it stayed for a few minutes, it was a really magical experience." Miraculously Adrian and his friend Bryony stumbled upon another Brocken spectre later that day, up a nearby mountain called Wetherlam.

Ice crystals freeze in mid air to produce an amazing halo around the sun in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland

***EXCLUSIVE*** This breathtaking photo shows the incredible moment that ice crystals froze in mid-air - causing a HALO effect around the beaming sun. Photographer Michael Schneider was skiing in the Swiss Alps when the morning fog cleared to reveal two vibrant rings surrounding the sun. The ice rings started off faint and incomplete but, as Michael continued to watch, they became more vivid, until the inner ring formed a complete circle, framing the sun and the mountain edges.