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Nutrition consultant, 38, who claims her vegan diet left her too weak to hold a glass of water, revels she's switched to eating offal including sheep's head and brains - and has 'never felt better'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman claims a vegan diet left her barely able to hold a GLASS OF WATER - but since swapping plants for ANIMAL BRAINS she’s never felt better. Nutrition consultant, Natalie Daniels (38) who lives in Budapest, Hungary, grew up following a modern Mediterranean diet which consisted of pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, vegetables, lean meat and olive oil. In her late teens and early twenties, Natalie started to notice a connection between the foods she ate and the way they made her feel. At the time she was also practising yoga and linked it with a plant-based diet for good health. She went pescatarian and over time she lost her period and her health started to decline. In 2009 Natalie decided to strip out fish, eggs and dairy from her diet and go vegan. She cooked her meals from scratch and took vitamins and other health supplements but instead of feeling better in herself, her appearance started to change, she lost muscle tone, became pale and had sunken eyes with dark circles. As well as this, Natalie was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, had constipation, was bloated, suffered from hair loss, scalp eczema, sensitive teeth, brain fog and developed joint pain so severe she struggled to hold a glass of water in her hands. Natalie followed a largely vegetarian diet for 12 years and was vegan for three, but in 2015 she decided to re-introduce animal products into her diet until in January 2018, she discovered the carnivore diet and adopted the Paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD), a type of meat-only diet where she eats solely animal products at a 2:1 fat to protein ratio. She enjoys a wide range of animal products from liver, brain, ribeye steak, beef tartare, raw lamb, pork crackling, pork ribs and broths made from boiling animal offcuts including the head.

Size 32 woman who 'became a hermit' after gorging on 5,000 calories a day following her father's death loses 12 STONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman took out a loan for EIGHTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS to get BREAST IMPLANTS and remove the EXCESS SKIN that losing FOURTEEN STONE had left her with - and says it pushed her to join TINDER, where she met the LOVE OF HER LIFE. Production technician, Stephanie Joy Sykes (25) from Billingham, UK had already been struggling with her weight at a dress size 22 and when her father passed away in 2015 she ballooned to a dress size 32 and weighed a whopping 25st 5lb. Stephanie has struggled with autism, anxiety, depression, low self-worth and grief which all lead to her eating for comfort where ice cream, chocolate bars, pizzas and super portions of pastas were the daily norm. Her weight meant she suffered with sciatica and a bad back, and her weight almost immobilised her as she was forced to use two walking sticks. Stephanie was always worried about sitting in seats, she needed a belt extender when flying, she couldn’t fit on rides and couldn’t move much without pain. Lacking self-worth, Stephanie stayed in a toxic relationship that she wasn’t happy in because she didn’t feel she deserved anything better. Being morbidly obese, Stephanie had to endure many insults from the public including ‘I’m surprised the Earth isn’t shaking’ which a stranger shouted at her whilst she walked past them. In 2017 Stephanie decided enough was enough and she joined Slimming World where she went on to lose 14 stone in just under two years. She now weighs a much lighter 11st 7lb.

A globe-trotting schoolgirl birdwatcher is to become the youngest Brit ever to be awarded an honorary degree

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dedicated ornithologist Mya-Rose Craig, 17, was the youngest birdwatcher in the world to spot 5,000 different species.  The teenage twitcher made her 5,000th spot - a Rock Bunting - at Castillo Del Loarre, in North Spain during a half-term trip to Spain.  And now Mya, from Compton Martin, Somerset, will become the youngest Brit in the UK to be awarded an honorary degree.  Mya will be given the BSc degree by Bristol University at a ceremony on February 20.  The only younger person to receive one is Malala, the Pakistani activist for female rights and education.

A six-year-old piano prodigy from Britain has been recognised at an international award ceremony celebrating a group of the most gifted children in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Music sensation Laasya Chigurupati has hit the headlines twice since turning four after claiming a pair world records relating to her superhuman ability to memorise music.  Last month her incredible talent was clocked by officials at an awards ceremony called the 'Top 100 Global Child Prodigy 2020', who invited her to the event in India. Laasya's musical talent means she is able to listen to a song for a short time then go away and play it on her own instrument without any notes, which is incredibly rare - particularly for a child. The year two pupil travelled to New Delhi with her dad Jithender, 37, and mum Aparna Chodogam, 36, last month for the ceremony on January 3, when she was presented with a certificate and trophy. She was specially-selected from a list of 15,000 youngsters to attend the event, where various Middle Eastern royalty and academics handed out the awards.  IT worker Jithender, who lives with his family in Leeds, West Yorks, said his daughter "absolutely loved" interacting with other gifted children from around the globe.

Millions of praying Muslims stop traffic as they take part in an annual religious festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millions of Muslims fill every inch of space on trains following an annual religious festival.  They can be seen leaping between trains following scenes on Friday where their prayer brought traffic to a standstill in the town of Tongi, Bangladesh.

Fisherman's golden net

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman casts his net across a lake, basked in the sun's golden light.  The water caught on the net sparkles as it reflects the sun's morning rays. The fisherman, who lives in a nearby village, leans out of his small wooden boat to retrieve his catch of small fishes.  Bangladeshi photographer Sabina Akter watched from a boat as she captured the fisherman casting his net on Taungthaman Lake, Amarapura, Myanmar.