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Hunter dad teaches his four young kids – all aged under seven – how to kill claiming it will make them ‘respect’ nature’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the dad who teaches his four kids UNDER SEVEN-YEARS-OLD to hunt with RIFLES - insisting it teaches them to „RESPECT” nature. Photographer, entrepreneur and business owner, Niklas Lundqvist (39) from Soderhamn, Sweden, was first introduced to the world of hunting in 2013 by his wife, Anna-Maria’s father. His curiosity grew and he decided to give it a go. Once he did, he fell in love with hunting and nature. With a young daughter at the time, Signe (7), he was inspired to bring her up to appreciate the outdoors and what nature has to offer. He now has three more children; Herman (5), Elsie (3) and Nils-Elmer (1), who accompany him on day trips to the woods where he teaches them to hunt with toy rifles, hoping that in the future they will follow in his footsteps. He has since set up a business creating handmade toy rifles for children to encourage kids to embrace the outdoors and nature. A typical hunting day consists of taking his kids out to play in the woods, making a fire, hiking to seek out wildlife animals or any fresh tracks on the ground. He prepares them for the real world of hunting by teaching them how to be really quiet and how to move silently. Niklas is not a supporter of the meat trade industry and doesn’t believe that animals should be cooped up in cages, but rather set free in the wild. He has hunted various animals including roe deer bucks, Swedish moose, foxes and ducks. The Swedish moose he hunts weighs 47st 3Ibs. Niklas and his family eat all the animals they hunt, and his children help him cook the meat. He hopes that they all become hunters like him in the future to follow family tradition.


Scots care assistant forks out £15k covering whole body in tattoos in tribute to dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the self-proclaimed „daddy’s girl” who spent FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS covering over NINETY PERCENT of her body in ink - all in a bid to be like daddy. Nadine Anderson (23), a care assistant from Dundee, Scotland, has always been fascinated by tattoos and body modifications and has gone to painstaking lengths to achieve her look. The self-professed „daddy’s girl” says that the inspiration came from her own father whose tattoo covered arms fascinated her growing up. As she got older, Nadine says she wanted to be like her dad and wasted no time in booking her first tattoo when she turned 18. Her first tattoo was a tree of life on her forearm. Nadine said that the addiction was instantaneous and within a month she was back in the tattoo studio for more tattoos. Her first black out tattoo came two years later when she was 20.

Boy, 10, dubbed 'human snake' because he sheds his skin every six weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** These shocking photos show a ten-year-old boy who has been dubbed the 'human snake' - because a rare skin condition causes him to SHED his skin every month. The youngster, known only as Jagannath, suffers from rare genetic skin condition lamellar ichthyosis, which causes the skin to grow too fast, dry out, and shed. Jagannath's case is so severe that his skin sheds every four to six weeks. He is forced to bathe every hour and smear himself with moisturiser every three hours to try to relieve the symptoms.

One-tonne rhino rolls in the mud

Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom: She’s 29 years old, she’s the mother of a grown-up daughter and she weighs around a tonne - but female black rhino Sita still likes to mess about in the mud. This amazing sequence of photos, taken by Paignton Zoo regular and keen photographer Miriam Haas, shows Sita rolling around like a puppy - a very, very large puppy. Paignton Zoo spokesperson Phil Knowling said: „Lots of people do something to mark the New Year - a swim in the sea, a sponsored run, Sita decided to go outside and get filthy! An all-over mud-pack is actually good for her skin, though it’s easy to think she was rolling around simply for the sheer joy of it!” Sita is a black rhino - though she looks decidedly brown here - and lives at Paignton Zoo with male Manyara. Her calf Zuri was born in 2007 and moved to Chester Zoo in 2011. The black rhino is a Critically Endangered species.