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World's most endangered indigenous peoples

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning series of portraits captures the raw, natural beauty of some of the world's most endangered indigenous peoples. British photographer Jimmy Nelson, 52, has spent his professional life travelling the globe and visiting tribes who have shunned modern civilisation. His skill in gaining the confidence and trust of people normally shy of other cultures has resulted in a spectacular series of portraits.


UK's youngest qualified commercial pilot aged just 18

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British teenager has become the UK's youngest qualified commercial pilot - after his mum sold the family home to help fund his dreams. Seth Van Beek, 18, got his licence to fly passenger airliners in October after he completed nearly 18 months of training in southern Greece. He had to move to Greece for the £85,000 flight school course, and completed 150 hours in the air before he passed with flying colours. Seth from Preston, London, is now the UK's youngest licensed commercial aviator, a record previously held by Luke Elsworth, who passed when he was 19.

A granddad has become Britain's most unlikely pin-up after his topless advert to try and sell some jeans led to cheeky offers from female admirers around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Self-proclaimed 'Italian Stallion' Mario Graziano has been re-named the 'Liskeard Lothario' after his suggestive modelling pictures went viral. The 54-year-old retired market trader swept to internet stardom after he posted pictures of himself on Facebook in a bid to sell a pair of jeans that were 'too tight' for him. The figure-hugging trousers not only sold straight away - but have now led to hundreds of other "offers" from both men and women across the globe. Mario, of Liskeard, Cornwall, said he can not keep up with the demand - but is now regularly updating his new-found fans on Facebook with fresh photos of him in other outfits for sale.

Adrenaline junkie’s crazy 12 meter dive which left him temporarily blind

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adrenaline junkie who almost blinded himself by belly flopping off a 12 meter platform still managed to become world champion of the bizarre sport known as „death diving”. Kim-Andre Knutsen plummeted off a 12.5 meter tower in last summer’s championship in Oslo, Norway. The diver, 20, accidentally hit the water face first and lost his vision. Thankfully his eyesight returned after a visit to the hospital and he was crowned the world champion of the daredevil sport.

These incredible pictures capture freedivers appearing to „hang out” over an underwater trench

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning picture sequence shows a freediver „hanging out” over a huge underwater trench. The pictures were taken in Barracuda Lake, Coron, Philippines by photographer Daniel Parsons who was helping run and manage one of the world’s largest freediving festivals. While training in the lake Parsons from New South Wales, Australia photographed his students hanging from the volcanic cliffs against the imposing abyss of the backdrop and the result is some quite literally breathtaking images. One shot even shows a male diver seemingly allow a female diver to fall into the trench below.

Tourists take the world's longest ropeway to experience the wonders of the sea of clouds

Hunan, Hunan, China: Tianshan mountains, named for the natural wonder Tianmen cave, are the highest mountain in Rongding district, Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, Jan. 13, 2020.Tianmen mountain won the China tourism Oscar in 2019. Visitors can take the world's longest ropeway to shuttle through the clouds, to experience the breathtaking wonders of the sea of clouds, and to experience the legendary Tianmen cave, the world's highest natural cave, the glass walkway set on cliffs, and the breathtaking Tongtian avenue and winding mountain road.

Mesmerising moment that a troop of BASE jumpers’ leap from a cliff face in a formation that resembles a multi coloured WATERFALL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Captured on film by Professional BASE jumper Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall the stunning video shows the colourful band of 26 base jumpers perched precariously on the edge of a cliff in Kjerag, Norway. The adrenaline junkies proceed to countdown from 10 and as they reach zero, they jump from the cliff in sequence plunge towards the ground in a waterfall formation that is an absolute visual delight. Chris, 47 from Switzerland who organized the record BASE jump said:  “We were training with our school for 10 days before the jump and when the weather was perfect, we executed the record jump perfectly. This is the most people off this object ever.”

Extraordinary moment two-year-old cat Butch using the bathroom toilet - like a human being

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunned hairdresser has filmed the bizarre moment a cat uses a bathroom toilet just like a person. Kirstie Fraser, 32, was gobsmacked when two-year-old house cat, Butch, walked into a bathroom and sat on the toilet to have a wee. She whipped out her phone and hit record when Butch hopped onto the loo instead of using a litter tray, like almost every other cat. It happened as Butch’s owner was getting her hair cut by mobile hairdresser, Kirsty.