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Indiana family follows GENDER-NEUTRAL philosophy of parenting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the family following the GENDER-NEUTRAL philosophy of parenting with their son dressing in ‘feminine’ clothes despite strangers asking if they’re SCARED their son will turn out GAY. Stay-at-home-mum-of-three, Christina Hise-Johnson (35), from Indiana, USA, and her husband, Josh (39), have agreed to raise their children to be who they want to be without the societal gender labels. Their son, Chandler (5), who is now home-schooled, was just two-years-old when he begged them to buy him a pair of pink shoes to which his parents agreed happily. It started from small possessions such as bowls, shoes, and now Chandler prefers to shop in the ‘girl’ section of shops with the complete support of his parents. Despite being brought up in a caring household, the family receive some negative comments from strangers; some question Christina over their son’s lifestyle and some mistake him for a girl.


Man's eyes stitched shut and body draped in pig skin to stop him burning inside out

***EXCLUSIVE*** This brave man had to have his EYES STITCHED SHUT, his hands bound and his body covered in PIG SKIN after a rare virus left him burning from the inside out. Jonathan Laird (38), an order entry specialist from Greenfield, Indiana, USA, was prescribed Lamotrigine, a branded version of the drug Lamictal, by his psychiatrist for ongoing depression in early 2016.  He was told that one of the possible side effects could be Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) but was allegedly reassured that the risks were low. Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a rare disorder caused by an unpredictable and adverse reaction to certain medications. It can also be caused by an infection. Within a month of taking Lamotrigine, Jonathan began to feel unwell and on May 10 woke up to conjunctivitis in both eyes and flaking skin on his chest, symptoms that although were uncomfortable, were not immediately concerning.

Mum 'too young for skin cancer' had to have five surgeries to reconstruct face

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman thought she was ‘TOO YOUNG’ for skin cancer and was shocked to receive a diagnosis that meant she had to undergo FIVE SURGERIES to RECONSTRUCT her face. In 2010 self-employed independent distributor, Pamela Rawn (48) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, noticed a spot on the side of her head that kept bleeding on and off but she didn’t think it was skin cancer as she assumed that she was too young.  It wasn’t until her sister had a skin cancer scare of her own that came back negative, that Pamela decided to visit a dermatologist to get her own skin checked out that May. Her dermatologist picked out three spots for biopsy; one on the side of her head and two more which Pamela had never suspected on her nose and under her right eye. A week later, Pamela, who is a mum-of-two, was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (BCC), a type of non-melanoma skin cancer, at all three sites. The spot on the side of her head was removed and stitched up and the spot under her eye was so small most of it was removed at the biopsy stage and was treated with a topical cream.  But the spot on the side of Pamela’s nose was more difficult to remove and she underwent Mohs surgery on June 10, 2010, to remove the affected layers of skin which left her with a hole in the side of her nose and no cartilage which was repaired via a forehead flap, where a vein from the forehead is attached to the nose, and cartilage from behind her ear, six days later. She wore the flap for four weeks before having it removed and on September 2, 2010, she had a third surgery to shape her nostril followed by another shaping surgery exactly three months later and a final surgery on January 20, 2011 to remove a bump that had appeared on the incision area. Pamela has never been a sun worshipper and never sunbathed but growing up in the eighties, she believed tanning beds were safe and used them only a handful of times before school proms but she was sporty and thinks that burning her face whilst coaching softball as a teenager may have contributed to her developing skin cancer. Pamela regularly visits the dermatologist and hasn’t had any subsequent skin cancer scares.

Woman who ignored comments about her weight and thought she 'looked good' at 374 lbs finally loses half her body weight after photos made her realize she was obese

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman didn’t realise she was ‘OBESE’ until she saw a picture of herself at a family wedding – leading her to lose THIRTEEN STONE in THIRTEEN MONTHS. Executive assistant Kaity Petulla (36) from Howard Beach, New York, USA was completely oblivious to how much weight she’d piled on over the years even though she ate an ‘unlimited’ amount of calories every day. With a daily routine of eating extra-large meals, particularly at night, and zero exercise, Kaity managed to tip the scales at a very heavy 26st 10lb and wore a dress size 30. At that weight she wasn’t able to shop for clothes she really wanted, instead she had to go to specialist stores that stocked size 30 clothes. Even though people made comments about her weight she still continued to ignore how bad things were. That was until June 2018, when Kaity dressed up for a family wedding and she believed that she looked beautiful that day. As weddings go, lots of photos were taken to remember the celebration, then when Kaity saw the pictures of herself she was absolutely gobsmacked. She realised she wasn’t just a little overweight, but obese. Suddenly Kaity started to think about her life and knew she wanted a long and healthy one. So, she started to make some drastic changes in her life. Kaity tried a few different diet plans but she wasn’t getting the results she needed. So, in November 2018 she had a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG). Through a combination of diet, exercise and her surgery she has now lost an incredible 12st 12lb in just 13 months. She now weighs 13st 12lb and wears a dress size 12 but she is still losing weight.

Storm chaser documents extreme weather

***EXCLUSIVE*** An intrepid storm chaser travelled across Europe to capture these amazing images of storms - and said climate change is making them more extreme. The supercell storms which Marko Korosec photographed during 2019 are the most intense type on Earth and he journeyed hundreds of miles through Slovenia, Germany and Italy chasing them.

Tigress goes for a stroll with cute cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tigress strolls down a dusty track with her four cubs walking in a line alongside her as the population of wild tigers is once again on the rise. Deep in the heart of the Indian jungle, 100km from the nearest village, the family are safe from human interference.