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Woman spends £18,000 on four boob operations to look like idol Katie Price

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who spent EIGHTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS on breast implants to look like KATIE PRICE. Model, Elisa Selina (25) from Dusseldorf, Germany, was born in Austria and has built up a large social media following thanks to her unique look. At the age of 15, Elisa, who says she had boobs so small she didn’t need a bra, began to notice women in the media who had elected to have plastic surgery to improve their looks - most notably the likes of reality star, Katie Price. By the time she was 18, Elisa had booked herself in to have her breasts enlarged from an „A-cup” to a „H-cup”, a procedure that would take multiple attempts due to the extreme changes being imposed on her body.

Neanderthals dived for clams and swam up to 13 feet underwater off the Italian coast 100,000 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neanderthals are often viewed as brutish, plodding beasts that were driven to extinction by the superior intellect of Homo sapiens. But new evidence shows an elegant streak to our early cousins, as a study reveals they sought out materials for tools from the seafloor, up to 13 feet underwater. Scientists found 171 shells dating back 100,000 years at an Italian cave and proved almost a quarter of them were lying on the seabed when they were plucked by a diving Neanderthal. The rest of the clamshells — three quarters of them — are thought to have washed up on the beach naturally during the Middle Palaeolithic period. Many of these shells, together with volcanic rock from the Mediterranean sea and shore, were fashioned into tools such as scrapers, the study found.

Choir of oxpeckers perch on rhino

***EXCLUSIVE*** A choir of oxpeckers look to be belting out a song perched ontop of a rock - which later turns out to be a rhino! The pitch-perfect animals were spotted by photographer Christine Hadfield on a recent trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Colourful incense stick making

***EXCLUSIVE*** A colourful explosion of powder surrounds workers at an incense factory. The factory workers can be seen covered in the pink and yellow dust from the incense sticks as they tend to them.