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The stunning winners of this year's Ocean Art underwater photo contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** The annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, now in its eighth year, is a chance to get up close and personal with our marine cousins so many times removed. Here are all this year's winners and runners up in a spectacular photo gallery. Thousands of entries from photographers in 78 countries have been evaluated across 17 categories by a panel of expert underwater snappers to determine this year's Ocean Art winners and distribute some US$85,000 worth of prizes. The contest is run by the Underwater Photography Guide, a website dedicated to the art, science, techniques and gear involved in shooting below the surface.

Robot restaurant

A Chinese restaurant featuring intelligent serving robots made its debut in downtown Guangzhou on last Friday, introducing dozens of selected specialties out of hundreds of dishes made by the robot chefs. The moment customers enter the restaurant, their attentions are caught by all sorts of smart robots who have specific works to do: the greeting robot standing at the entrance to guide customers towards their dinner tables, bartender robot serving a glass of cocktail with its mechanical arms... A total of 46 types of smart robots, including cooking robot, clay pot rice cooking robot, beverage robot, frying robot, dessert robot and dish delivery robot, are operating the whole process of service from collocating materials to delivery. Austomers are allowed to see the process of operation through a transparent glass wall that divides the restaurant into dining area and cooking area.

This is the heroic moment a courageous great-gran wrestled a £1,200 stolen bike from a 6ft thug who came into her shop trying to sell it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Supergran Mari Parker, 72, refused to let go of the expensive cycle, managing to fight off the man in the minute-long struggle captured on CCTV.  In the footage, the amazing 4ft 3ins great-gran of seven does not let go of the bike once, all while the thug, wearing a hoodie with the hood up, continues to tug at it.  At one point he stops to renew his energy with a super-pull and at another, he even tried to mount the bike to cycle off - but none of his efforts are good enough to fend off the OAP.  Gran of eight Mari said: "I'm sure he must be a bit embarrassed now that he was beaten by a 72-year-old woman."

Queen Victoria’s skirt and bodice, bloomers, stockings and leather boots have been unearthed from a wardrobe after more than 100 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remarkable array of clothing, treasured for generations by the same family, belongs to 63-year-old electrical engineer Roderick Williams. He’s now decided to sell the collection and it could potentially make more than £15,000 when it goes under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers in January. Mr Williams, from Coltishall, near Norwich, said: „Queen Victoria’s clothing and boots are family heirlooms which were originally given to my great-great grandfather, Alexander Lamont Henderson. He worked as a royal photographer for Queen Victoria up to her death in 1901 and we think the clothes were probably given to him by servants in the royal household, perhaps in return for taking photographs of them.” The items include cream and red stockings, a chemise, black skirt, bodice, bloomers and two pairs of handmade leather ankle boots by J Sparks-Hall of London - a shoemaker credited with the design of the Chelsea boot.

This is the stunning footage of a slackliner balanced on a slackline that is tied mid air between TWO PARAGLIDERS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pulse pounding video was taken by Antony Newton in Oludeniz, Turkey and shows Antony hanging from the slackline that is rigged between two BGD paragliders. Antony can be seen holding on to line before letting go and popping his parachute. The 29-year-old from France said: „I was visiting this location for the International Oludeniz Airgames and I was invited to do the Aerial Show”.