Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Mexican Meghan Markle lookalike (no, really) begs people to leave her alone saying ‘she’s a human being too’

***EXCLUSIVE*** MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: This Meghan Markle superfan who spends her time copying the Duchess of Sussex’s style is urging the press to LEAVE MEGHAN ALONE - because she’s a human being too. Actuary, Linda Martinez (31) from Mexico City, Mexico, first saw Meghan Markle as her Rachel Zane alter-ego in American hit series, Suits and soon became a fan of her sophisticated dress sense and was in awe of her own personal backstory and humanitarian work. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were dating in 2016, Linda, who is also an avid royal watcher, has followed the now pregnant Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe choices with a close eye, shopping around for a low-cost alternative, or when her budget allows, snatching up the original piece before it sells out. Incredible pictures show Linda channelling her inner Meghan whilst emulating the Duchess’ Sentaler coat outfit she wore to her first ever Christmas church service at Sandringham in 2017, the Club Monaco dress worn by the expectant first-time mum on a visit to the Hubb Community Kitchen which was opened after the Grenfell Tower disaster and the Banana Republic nude trench dress Meghan wore on tour in South Africa in October last year. Other images show Linda?s take on the blue and white floral Oscar de la Renta dress that the Suits star wore to Princess Diana’s niece, Celia McCorquodale’s wedding in June 2018 and her spin on Meghan’s Wimbledon outfit worn to the tennis competition with sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Linda has „repli-Meghaned” around 50 of the Duchess’ better known looks and has spent up to Ł620 (800USD) on a single coat but with the „Megxit” crisis rolling on, she still believes the Duchess is a strong role model to young people.

Syrian graffiti artist in rebel-held Idlib

Syria, Kafr Nabl: A picture shows a Syrian boy watching Syrian artist Abu Malik Al-Shami while drawing a graffiti mural on the wall of a building that was destroyed in an airstrike. Al-Shami started painting murals back in 2014 on the walls of the destroyed buildings of his then besieged home-town of Darayya, located south west of Damascus. After his displacement, the artist continued to paint murals in Idlib to draw attention to the devastating humanitarian situation.

Artist creates a self portrait using painted paint brushes

***EXCLUSIVE*** An artist has created a bizarre self portrait - made up of 120 dangling paint brushes. The brushes, coated in oil paint, are painstakingly arranged so that when suspended they form a picture of the artist's face, but only when viewed from one specific angle. Andrew Myer's clever self-portrait - titled 'I’ll Brush It Off' - uses at least 12 brushes, each measuring between 1 inch and 4 inches long, and took eight weeks to complete. He attached each brush to a steel rod which is then suspended from a metal frame.

Meet the couple who found love while grieving for their long-term partners - who died just six days apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sikje Harr, 44, and Trevor Tyers, 49, say they discovered they were each other's soulmate during the "darkest period of their lives".   The pair had met in 2013 at a convention for 1970s rock band Marillion with Sikje's fiance Pete and Trevor's long-term partner Carolyn.   The couples kept in touch sharing their love of progressive rock.  But during the Christmas period of that year, both of their partners died within six days of one another. Pete lost his life on 20th December and Carolyn on 26th.  Devastated by their loss, the Sikje and Trevor confided in one another with daily messages and phone calls.  Then just three months later the pair realised their love for one another and would take it in turns to fly between the UK and Norway once a month.

Moment grandfather with dementia whose dying wish was to have a cat again is given a robotic feline

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the emotional moment a grandfather with dementia who loved cats was given a cuddly robotic pet he thought was real to comfort him in his final days. Robert Wyatt, 88, adopted dozens of cats throughout his life - once caring for nine at once. The great great grandfather was hospitalised permanently in August last year after a decade living with lewy body dementia and he desperately missed having a pet. He told his daughter Cheryl Yates, 61, his dying wish was to have a cat again and two weeks before he died, she made his wish come true.

Insect cooking studio

Austria, Sulz: Anja Sieghartsleitner prepares food with insects in her new cooking studio. She offers workshops in which she shows how to prepare grasshoppers, crickets and other animals for company parties and birthdays and how to serve them appetisingly on plates.

The South Sudanese tribe who use cows as currency, drink straight from the udder and even SHOWER under the animals... but never eat them

The nomadic tribe wander the plains of the Sahel region of the country along the Nile river and use cattle as currency. Their lives are so intimately entwined with their cattle they even shower under the animals' urine because they believe it protects them against infections. In one photograph, a boy can be seen blowing air up a cow's bottom to stimulate milk production. But incredibly, they never eat their flesh and their diet consists mainly of milk and yoghurt.  Mario, from Germany, said: 'The Mundari do not see the difference between man and cow. They eat, sleep, and walk together.  The cows are everything to them - currency, food, and pride.'

One of the earliest Jaguar D-Types tipped to sell for £5.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the earliest Jaguar D-Types ever produced has emerged for sale at auction for an eye-watering £5.5m. The pristine roadster was built in 1954 and was just the seventh example to be put on general sale by the British car giants. It has spent much of its life in Australia, where its first owner Bib Stillwell, raced it extensively throughout its early years. The open-topped motor was later bought by racing driver Richard Attwood who won the Le Mans in 1970 in a Porsche 917K.

Victorian-era £5 gold coin showing the 20-year-old Queen leading a lion representing the burgeoning British Empire sells for a record £530,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare Queen Victoria coin considered to be one of the 'most beautiful' ever produced has sold for a world record £532,000. ($690,000) The 1839 gold 'Victoria Una and the Lion' five pounds coin shows the 20 year old monarch, who ascended to the throne two years earlier, leading a lion which represents the British Empire. The other side of the coin, of which only 400 were struck, carries a portrait of Victoria's head. It was a world record price for this type of coin, surpassing the previous best of £421,000 set in 2017. The coin was consigned for sale by a private collector with US based Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas.

Sports car that belonged to legendary singer Roy Orbison has emerged for sale for £20,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flamboyant convertible sports car that belonged to legendary singer Roy Orbison has emerged for sale for £20,000. The white Excalibur Roadster dates back to 1970 and was bought from new by the Pretty Woman performer. He kept it for several years before his death in 1988 and it was bought by a British buyer three years later in 1991. It has since found its way to Britain and is now set to go under the hammer with auctioneers Mathewsons of Pickering, North Yorks.

A special effects bust used to create a famous scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A special effects bust from one of the most famous scenes in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark has emerged for sale at auction. The macabre-looking head and shoulders of the Nazi official Colonel Dietrich was used near the end of the film when the ark was opened. In the iconic scene, several Nazi soldiers are brutally killed by spirits which erupt from the ark, burning them to death. The 'angels of death' cause Dietrich's head to shrivel up leaving a stunned expression across his face.

STONE ME! Visitors to a coastal beauty spot stunned as ‘human face’ appears in a cliff

***EXCLUSIVE*** Visitors to a coastal beauty spot have been left stunned after the image of a human face naturally appeared in a cliff. It is believed that coastal erosion caused part of the delicate sandy clay cliff to crumble, leaving the human-sized face imprinted into the rock. People have been quick to point out the resemblance of the face with Harrison Ford's character Han Solo after he was frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back.

Startrails across Swiss village

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 62 year old took the image late at night to capture the stunning stair trails that dominate the night sky. He said “In total this picture is made up of over 110 single shots, each with an exposure time of 50 seconds which are then stitched together to create this one frame”. “I took the images between 00:41 and 02:15 in the night to minimise noise and aircraft travelling across the sky, which would ruin the startrail.” The photographer from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland said “On the night of the image the temperature was about -5 to -6 degrees Celsius, with 10-20 centimetres of snow. The image overlooks the village of Ruschein, with the church Kirche Ruschein in the centre.”

This is the cruel moment a herd of cows are forced to run through a roaring fire as part of a bizarre Hindu festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** The shocking video shows several cows - decorated in bells and colourful flags - being chased into a line of flames by a crowd of people. It was filmed in a village near Bengaluru in Karnataka, southern India. No cattle were injured during the stunt but the video shows the animals jumping into the flames.  In the clip people can be seen cheering the cattle on from both sides of the road. The bizarre ritual was performed as part of the annual Hindu celebration of Makar Sankranti, which is dedicated to the sun God. The ritual is known as Kicchu Hayisuvudu and is said to bring good fortune and safety to those who take part. Animal rights protesters have tried to ban such rituals from taking place.