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Bride told she had 3% chance of walking again defies doctors to walk down aisle

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was told that she had a THREE PER CENT chance of walking again after being hit by a car - but she proved doctors wrong by WALKING DOWN THE AISLE on her wedding day. Clinical research associate, Chanelle Wimbish (36) who lives in College Park, Maryland, USA, was on the last day of her holiday in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her aunts, uncles and cousins in August 2009 when she was hit by a car as it sped through a carpark. Chanelle was rushed to hospital where she was told by a doctor that she was paralysed from the chest down and had to undergo emergency surgery to repair her crushed spinal cord. Chanelle sustained a T-6 spinal cord injury and doctors told her that she had just a three per cent chance of being able to walk around her house again. After 10 weeks in hospital Chanelle was discharged to carry on her physical therapy at home where she adjusted to her new life on wheels whilst also focussing on learning how to walk again and five months after her injury, Chanelle was able to wiggle her toes and was thrown into aggressive gait training to be able to walk. Chanelle has lived independently since April 2010 when her dad moved out of her home after moving in with her after she was discharged from hospital. Since summer 2012, she was able to walk around her home with braces and a walker but relied on her wheelchair to get around outside. As well as focussing on her physical therapy to walk again, Chanelle got into swimming and racing in her wheelchair and has competed in many events, including trialling for the US Paralympic swimming team in 2016. In April 2014, Chanelle met her now husband, Brennan (40) and they got engaged in February 2019 and that’s when Chanelle set herself the goal to walk down the aisle with two crutches. Incredible video footage shows the moment Chanelle walked down the aisle with just one crutch in front of her loved ones after two hours of intense therapy a week for six months prior to the wedding day. Chanelle is an advocate for wheelchair users and shares her story on Instagram under the handle, @chanellescause.

Couple travel almost 6,000 miles for free thanks to hitchhiking with strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple who have HITCHHIKED almost SIX THOUSAND MILES across the globe in a bid to change misconceptions about getting into cars with STRANGERS. Creators of „The Art Of Hitchhiking” project, Jente Jacobs (23), from Dworp, Belgium and Alessia Capraro (22), from Turin, Italy met and fell in love during a year-long foreign exchange programme that brought them both to the Dominican republic in 2014. After their programme finished, Jente returned to Belgium while Alessia returned to Italy. The couple were in a long-distance relationship for three years that saw them travel 895 miles to see each other once a month. The couple?s love of travelling prompted them to decide that they would see the world together. With funds limited, the pair decided that they would make their way from city to city hitchhiking.  Thanks to the generosity of other drivers, the couple have travelled approximately 5,800 miles (9350 km) spanning 13 different countries: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy - all on a budget of less than Ł25 a day. Their friends and family had mixed reactions to their plans to put their jet setting plans in the hands of complete strangers.

Mother, 34, reveals she was diagnosed with all three major skin cancer types in three years after mistaking her malignant 'spot' for ACNE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave woman who was diagnosed with SKIN CANCER THREE TIMES in THREE YEARS after initially mistaking her spot for ACNE. In 2008, musician, Jeska Forsyth (35) who lives in Austin, Texas, USA, noticed a mark on her upper forehead, assuming it was a acne spot, she watched it carefully for the next year, but it had still not disappeared. By this point, it dawned on her that it could be cancer; fearing this was true, she chose not to book a doctor?s appointment. Her mum began to worry and urged her to book a doctor?s appointment, however, Jeska was apprehensive due to not having health insurance. In 2014 her mum insisted that she would pay for her appointment and that she had to check out the spot that wouldn?t disappear. In October of that year, Jeska was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, also known as rodent ulcer, which is one of the two most common types of non-melanoma skin cancer. At this point, she was a mum to a four-year-old girl and the thought of not being there while she grew up devastated her. She had to undergo surgery where they would remove the spot and sew up the wound, as well as a month-long topical chemotherapy treatment; she had to apply the chemo two times a day to her face. Soon the spot disappeared but she would go in for a check-up every six months to check on her health.

Grieving daughter, 34, who lost two siblings and father to Type 1 diabetes is fundraising for her own FUNERAL after being told she has just weeks to live due to same disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 34-year-old woman who lost two siblings and her dad to diabetes is fundraising to pay for her own funeral - after being told she too will die from the same disease. Tragic Suzanne Shipley was still mourning the recent loss of her sister Claire in October when she was given the heartbreaking news that she had just weeks to live. Suzanne's fight to keep going has astounded doctors but she is now being provided with end of life care at home from her devastated mum Rose and older sister Laura. With Rose still paying for Claire's funeral, the family have made a desperate appeal for financial help, at a time when money "should be the last thing on their minds".

Mother reveals she finally has her dream figure after FOUR surgeries to remove excess skin following her 140lbs weight loss, including a lower body and breast lift

***EXCLUSIVE*** This nineteen-stone mum-of-three dropped TEN STONE after worrying she’d DIE and leave her children motherless – and it’s taken FOUR surgeries to remove the EXCESS SKIN. Stay-at-home-mum, Lisa Rothenberg (34) from Sparta, New Jersey, USA has been married to her husband Charles (42) for eight years. She used to work as a urologist and never had any problems with her weight, always staying at about 11st 6lb until she became a mother. However, after having her first child Colton (8) in March 2011 Lisa really struggled with her weight and after having another two children, Liam (6) and Aubrey (4) she started piling on the pounds until she weighed 19st 3lb at her heaviest in 2017 where she was wearing a sizeable UK dress size 26. Lisa tried to lose weight following several diets such as weight watchers and liquid diets, but the fat wouldn’t budge. This was taking a toll on Lisa’s life in more ways than one. She felt too embarrassed to be intimate with her husband, she couldn’t walk upstairs, tie her shoes and she struggled to play with her three active children. Lisa’s blood pressure was through the roof and she was forced to take three tablets a day to help her keep it under control and she started to feel like she was going to die if she didn’t lose weight. One day everything took a toll on Lisa when she couldn’t even climb the stairs at home and her mind was flooded with thoughts about dying and leaving her three young children behind. Refusing to accept that as her fate Lisa decided to take drastic measures to protect her children and in February 2018 she had vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) weight loss surgery to remove up to 80 per cent of her stomach which forced her to eat much less than before. Within just one year she lost an incredible 10st and now wears a super slim UK size 4.

Meet 'Harry the Potter' pint sized budding snooker star

***EXCLUSIVE*** Schoolboy Harry Wyatt has been nicknamed Harry the Potter as the 10-year-old is a wizard at snooker. Harry, from Ferndown, Dorset, is being tipped for the top after winning several age grade competitions. Harry, whose highest break stands at 97, is the youngest player ever to win a Cuestars event for up and coming players. He currently competes on an under-21s circuit across the south and regularly takes on players more than 10 years his senior.

Heart-breaking images show US children as young as FOUR toiling away in squalid and dangerous conditions for just 90 cents a week a century ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** HEART-BREAKING images show children as young as FOUR toiling away in squalid and dangerous conditions for just SEVENTY-SEVEN-PENCE a week. Shucking oysters with sharp knives and tiny hands. Lugging bucketloads of grease whilst dodging speeding wagons. Picking their way through the dirt and decay looking for saleable trinkets in a nearby dump. Grim photos show children, practically all of them pre-teen, working their fingers to the bone in these distressing images captured by photographer, Lewis Hine, circa 1910. Rather than exploring their surroundings or playing with other youngsters their own age, these century-old photos show the brutal reality some children faced at the start of the 20th century.

The Rat Pack! Eight terriers kill record 700 rodents in just seven hours

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pig farmers called in the pack after becoming overrun with vermin which were nibbling at food stocks and posed a potential danger to the livestock. The pack of small Norfolk Terriers worked for seven hours and collected 730 massive rats - some weighing almost 1kg - shocking even their owners. It's the biggest haul of vermin ever terminated by the Suffolk and Norfolk Rat Pack who offer a free-of-charge pest control service in the South East.

Prototype of the legendary Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 emerges for sale for a whopping £120,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pre-production prototype of the legendary Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 has emerged for sale for a whopping £120,000. The RS500 was the road going version of Ford's iconic rally car with only 500 built in order to meet racing regulations. This one was the very first to be built in 1987 and in more recent times was road tested by Richard Hammond on the Grand Tour.

Basket making

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of elderly workers weave bamboo to make traditional baskets before they are taken to market by bicycle. Only a small number of people know how to make the holders which have been weaved using the same technique for centuries in Vietnam. The baskets, which come in a variety if shapes, are used to carry fishing tools and can sell for between £2 and £5. Bangladeshi photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the elderly workers making the baskets in rural village Tien Lu, near Hung Yen, Vietnam.

Semipalmated Plover's tug of war with a worm

***EXCLUSIVE*** A small bird has a tug of war with a worm stuck in the sand. The tiny white and brown Semipalmated Plover digs its feet into the wet beach and struggles to pull the worm out of its hole. Plovers only grow to about 7 inches tall, and are found on beaches across North America and Alaska. The picture was captured by amateur photographer Greg Gard, 39, who was at the beach in Cape May County, New Jersey, USA, to see the annual southbound migration along the Atlantic coast.

Illusion of dog jumping through fence

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mind-blowing optical illusion of a dog jumping through the wooden panels of a gate is bound to cause double-takes. Cocker spaniel Bailey appears to defy physics by warping through the gate while out on a walk with its owners. However, the confusing image was simply a perfectly-timed shot of the animal leaping through what is a cocker spaniel-sized hole in the gate. Photographs of the gate in Hampshire's pretty New Forest reveal the hole in its centre panel.