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A 22-year-old whose brain tumour was misdiagnosed as a mental illness is opening up about her terrifying ordeal

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Laura Skerritt began suffering from migraines, sickness and psychosis, she was prescribed anti-depressants and told that her symptoms were caused by anxiety, depression or even that she was bi-polar. The medication had no effect on Laura’s condition and over time she deteriorated further. By November 2018, she was struggling to walk and having seizures. A scan at Yeovil District Hospital revealed the news that Laura and her worried parents, Mark and Kate, feared the most. Laura was living with a tennis ball-sized brain tumour and she needed emergency surgery to prevent her having a potentially fatal stroke or seizure.

Artist has created a series of breathtaking snow designs - by WALKING for more than 50 miles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Simon Beck, 61, spent two weeks battling the elements in Colorado, USA while 'drawing' the incredible patterns. He created four in total, spending between two and six hours on each - bringing his lifetime tally up to a staggering 300. The intricate designs - best appreciated from above - are inspired by snowflakes, crop circles and mathematical fractals.

An uncle who made a fully-working LORRY for his nephew has been inundated with requests to make more

***EXCLUSIVE*** Darren Buckler, 40, built a body for a Mercedes mini truck for his nephew Hugene, four, following a stay in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  The 24-volt battery-powered four-wheel drive lorry has a plank aluminium body, flashing safety lights, fully decked out cabin and is big enough for a child to sit in and drive.  Darren, a landscaper from Walsall, West Midlands, posted a photo of the present on Facebook and to his amazement received hundreds of comments, with lots of people asking if they could order their own.

A strange cloud looks like a looming Jesus figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A homeowner was left gobsmacked after capturing a cloud in the shape of an angelic figure making a Christ-like pose in the skies above her house. Caroline Hawthorne, 42, had been making a cup of tea when she spotted the bizarre formation from her kitchen window at around 10.15am on January 4. She stopped in her tracks and took the remarkable snap with her iPhone SE before the cloud drifted apart after 15 minutes.

Mum hid her newborn daughter from strangers for six weeks due to a purple birthmark covering 90% of her body - and even applied filters to hide the colouring from photos she posted online

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mum of a girl born with purple birthmarks has admitted she hid her from strangers for SIX weeks after she was born - and even used filters in photos she posted online. Sara Farrow, 27, was scared of people seeing her newborn daughter Lacey-Dee Barrett in public because of the port-wine stain birthmark covering 90% of her body. The mum-of-two's adorable daughter was covered head-to-toe bright purple patches caused by the abnormal development of her blood vessels during pregnancy. Protective Sara was scared of what people would think and didn't want her little one to be singled out as different to other children.

This African Darter’s hunting routine doesn’t quite go to plan as his catch of the day bites him on the beak leading to a once in a lifetime shot and a priceless reaction from the bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** 56-year-old Gert Janzen van Vuuren shot the hilarious moment on December 30th 2019 at Lake Panic hide, Skukuza in Kruger National Park. The attorney from Pretoria, South Africa said :‚ÄúI often visit the park and Lake Panic bird hide to photograph waders and wild game. I had noticed the African Darter was busy hunting and have followed him until I got this shot.‚ÄĚ