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Couple abandon their corporate jobs to live life on the road in a $50,000 converted van

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple spent THIRTY-EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS on a van conversion to leave their corporate lives behind – but admit it ISN’T SAFE, after two men tried to BREAK IN whilst they were sleeping. YouTubers, Allie Miraglia (29) and Trent Childs (33) from Washington D.C. and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, respectively, first met on the dating app Bumble in December 2016 and they bonded over their shared passion for travel and adventure. At the time Trent worked as an outdoor gear sales representative and Allie worked as a project manager for a healthcare quality improvement organisation during the week and they relished their weekends together where they would go rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, snowboarding and exploring nature. Two days before their first date, Trent bought a van so that he could go on weekend trips in the mountains without having to pitch a tent. The couple took their first eight-week-long road trip in 2017 through the Pacific Northwest and Canada and fell in love with the idea of living in a van permanently and the freedom of experiencing a life away from material possessions. So, they sold their first van and bought a RAM Promaster van in autumn 2017 and spent five months whilst still working their day jobs and spent £38,327 ($50,000) converting it into a tiny home on wheels complete with a shower, toilet, hot water, an oven and fridge. In early summer 2018 Trent and Allie decided to finally give up their day jobs and have been travelling through North and South America with their dog, Frank, full-time ever since; experiencing cultures that they say they would never be able to experience if they could only travel for one or two weeks of the year. Currently in Chile and on their way to Patagonia, Trent and Allie say they feel more connected to the world by living this way and that not being able to have many belongings in the small space of their van is liberating. Life on road hasn’t been without its hiccups, as on June 17, 2019, whilst in Nicaragua two men tried to break into their van whilst they were sleeping which has made Trent and Allie more aware of where they park up for the night. The couple share their adventures on Instagram and YouTube where they have over 173K subscribers.

Woman, 27, with a large bald patch who's been pulling her hair out since the age of eight reveals how wearing a wig has given her the confidence to finally overcome the habit

***EXCLUSIVE*** After first pulling her hair out at EIGHT-YEARS-OLD this British woman says INSTAGRAM has become a SAFE PLACE to share pictures of her BALD PATCH without judgement and says KYLIE JENNER has helped her feel confident in a WIG. Account manager, Hattie Gilford (27) from Surrey, UK, used to bite her nails as a child and one day her mum, Eliz, offered her £1 for every nail she stopped biting. Excited by the opportunity to earn some money, eight-year-old Hattie soon kicked her nail biting habit. But as an active child who was naturally fidgety and had a body-focused repetitive disorder (BFRD), Hattie replaced one repetitive action with another and during one long car journey pulled out a hair on her head and was fascinated by the hair follicle. Hattie has struggled with trichotillomania, also known as trich, a hair pulling disorder where someone can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair, for 18 years. For Hattie, who pulls hair from the top of her head, pulling is a subconscious act that makes the brain release endorphins and most of the time she doesn’t realise she’s doing it. After almost two decades of pulling her hair Hattie has a bald patch on the top of her head but she tries not to let it affect her confidence and she has learnt lots of tips and tricks to conceal it, like using coloured dry shampoo and hair pieces. Despite this, Hattie says that her patch can make her feel ‘ugly, self-conscious and anxious’ about herself, especially on days when she thinks she’s covered it up but later realises it’s still visible. Hattie has tried on and off to beat the urge to pull but it wasn’t until she set up her Instagram, @my_trich_journey, three months ago that she’s really felt that recovery is possible. Instagram is her safe place where she feels comfortable sharing pictures of her bald patch and connecting with other people in the community has taught her that she is beautiful regardless of the length or quantity of hair on her head.

British graduates, 24, spend £5,300 on minibus and tour around Europe living on just £100 a week because they say they cannot afford to rent a UK flat

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British couple decided to live together on a MINIBUS after graduating because UK rent prices were TOO EXPENSIVE – and now they travel all over Europe. Musician, Aaron Gold (24) from London, and Mental Health Worker, Laura King (24) from Leeds, UK, hit it off back in 2015 at the University of Westminster. The two young lovers were living together for the last 18 months while studying at university but after their courses ended they both went back to live with parents in their own home towns, 200 miles apart. Being restricted to video calls and fortnightly Megabus trips to London or Leeds the two were frustrated and missed each other desperately. After two and a half years of going back and forth they wanted more than anything to be together full time. With sky high rent prices in the UK, moving into an apartment together was out of the question for them. The two love birds worked on a solution and eventually they came to an idea that could work; an idea that would allow them to explore their likes of art and travel. They decided to move into a Renault Master 2009 minibus which they bought for just Ł4,000 from Facebook Market Place in January 2019.

Gin Yoga Classes

London, United Kingdom: Gin fans across the UK rejoice - gin yoga is now a thing! This month, Greenall’s, the Original Handcrafted British Gin, has teamed up with the UK’s leading pub company and brewer, Greene King, to bring yoga classes with a refreshing twist to pubs across the country. Just the tonic for those who might have fallen off the Dry January bandwagon or abandoned their quest to hit the gym four times each week, the classes aim to encourage everyone to.get a #bitofbalance. Each class will include 40 minutes of yoga (suitable for all abilities), ending with a Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic or a Greenall’s Blueberry Gin and Tonic. These deliciously fruity gins contain zero sugar and when paired with a low-calorie tonic, they contain just 54 calories per serve - if that’s not enough to get you stretching into a sun salutation, nothing will!

Obese woman whose family told her she'd 'explode' if she ate any more loses 122 lbs. thanks to a strict diet and exercise - but now her relatives slam her for being 'TOO skinny'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s family told her she’d EXPLODE IF SHE ATE ANYMORE, leading her to lose HALF her body weight – but now they say she’s TOO SKINNY and have STOPPED SPEAKING TO HER. Social media influencer Gessica Parisi-Rodriguez (25) from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, knew she was struggling with her weight at just eight years old. Because she came from a Sicilian-American background, with many family run restaurants across Michigan, celebrations included an over-abundance of food. So, Gessica was learning to eat in both good and difficult times. As she continued to grow, her family were very verbal about her appearance and told her she’d explode if the ate anymore, others told her they hoped she would find a man who would love her being obese. Physically at the age of just 17 she was eating over 4,000 calories a day and was always out of breath when walking, she was at risk of serious health complications such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism; a bleak future for a young woman. Gessica hated herself; dragging her 18st and UK size 20 body around everyday took its toll. She was desperate for guidance and looked to her faith to guide her where she had a life changing, spiritual experience that changed her life. With the guidance of God, Gessica changed her outlook and started walking in increasing increments until she was walking one-to-two hours a day. She also started tracking her calories while cutting down on the unhealthy food she enjoyed. Within just two years she naturally lost 7st 2lb and shaved a further 1st 8lb of fat through weight training and cardio at the gym. Having almost halved her own body weight she now weighs just 9st 4lb, wears a dress size eight and looks incredible.