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Woman who fell in love with fitness after escaping an abusive relationship reveals she kept lifting weights while 10 MONTHS pregnant - and went from 226LBS to 145LBS after giving birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** After leaving an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP this woman discovered a love for weightlifting that even PREGNANCY couldn’t stop – admitting she hit the gym FIVE TIMES A WEEK and did 100KG DEADLIFTS until the day she went into LABOUR. Personal trainer and online coach, Yanyah Milutinovic (33) who lives in New York, USA, had grown up into sports; her fitness journey began when she played football at the young age of four years old. She quickly fell in love with various sports including karate, swimming, basketball and sprinting and this passion continued until she was 16 years old. When she was 21 years old, she was in a very relationship which turned abusive, this lasted five years. Throughout this time, she fell into bad habits of eating junk food, late nights drinking and partying and poor sleeping patterns. Four months later she woke up with a terrible hangover, looked in the mirror and suddenly had an epiphany. While she had left her abusive ex, she was now abusing her body. Seeing her body looking ‘unrecognisable’, she didn’t like what she saw and decided to make a change. She was 12st 7Ib and a UK size 10. She set up a membership with her nearest gym and began working out religiously six to 10 times a week. Her new drive to become fitter and healthier became her therapy to overcome the abuse she went through. In 2016, through her dedication to the gym, she met her husband, Risel Martinez (30), who became a strong source of support for her throughout her recovery. Just two months into their relationship, Yanyah fell pregnant with their child, Smiljana Vida Martinez (2). While her body changed again due to her pregnancy, Yanyah was determined to stick to her gym routine but instead toned it down accordingly. She continued to work out but three to five times a week. She would continue to deadlift 102kg for 12 reps even until the day she went into labour at 41 weeks. At her heaviest, she was 16st 2Ib and a UK size 18 but managed to lose over a stone just two months after she gave birth. Her fitness motivation continued and once she was back to her usual routine, she began working out four to six times a week on weights mostly. She alternates looking after her daughter with her husband so that they both have time to work on themselves. She is now a healthy 10st 5Ib and a UK size 12 to 14.

Woman, 22, shares candid selfies of severe acne after her skin suddenly broke out across her entire face 'because of the stress of moving to another country'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman says strangers STARE at her after STRESS caused her acne to TAKE OVER HER FACE – but rather than hide it, she WORKS IT. Illustrator and former au-pair, Mariia Bilenka (22) from Kiev, Ukraine, struggled with acne as a teenager but just put it down to puberty and was certain her skin would eventually improve, which it did. But in Autumn 2019 whilst she was working as an au-pair in Germany, Mariia’s acne flared again to the worst it had ever been in her life. Mariia doesn’t exactly know what caused her most recent acne flare but thinks it could have been down to the stress of work and living away from home which she found difficult to adapt to.  She started to feel lonely and broken as her skin got worse. One day Mariia discovered the acne community on Instagram and soon realised that she wasn’t alone and she plucked up the courage to share a bare-faced selfie of her own with the world. Since doing this, Mariia has been inundated with messages of support from people who say that they’ve been inspired by her. Mariia admits that she used to apply filters to her Instagram pictures to give the illusion of having perfect skin but she knows that this isn’t a reflection of real life and the outpouring of support she’s received for her natural pictures has helped Mariia to not stress about the condition of her skin and has given her a more optimistic outlook on life.

Twelve-year-old Shih-tzu cross Marley has nearly FOUR POUNDS of matted fur shaved off after he was found covered in urine and barely able to move

***EXCLUSIVE*** A poor dog who was found soaked in urine and barely able to move was rushed to the vet - where he had over a KILOGRAM of matted fur cut off him. The RSPCA is appealing for information after a severely matted dog was abandoned in Somerset. Marley was so matted he was unable to move and struggled to see because of the appalling condition of his dirty, urine-soaked coat.  The 12-year-old Shih-tzu cross was found in Bleadon near Weston-super-Mare on Thursday (16 January) by a member of the public who brought him to RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre for the urgent care he desperately needed.

Birds taking photos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the birdie. A series of birds appear to practice their photography skills as they perch behind a camera. The birds took turns behind the camera which was placed on a tripod in the middle of woodland. Photographer Phil Gould spent four hours watching the 12 species of British birds fly towards his old camera in Hampshire's New Forest.