Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman was reunited with her long-lost father after 56 years when he was 'suggested' as a friend - by FACEBOOK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Karen Harris was adopted as a little girl in the early 1960s because she was born out of wedlock. The only thing she knew was her dad's name Trevor Sinden - which was told to her by a social worker when she was 18. She tried to find him but with little information she failed - until decades later when she saw the name on the 'suggested friends' feature on the social media site. Karen, of Penryn, Cornwall, saw Trevor lived 350 miles away in Kent but scanned the profile and from his details and history realised she might be looking at her father. The pair then chatted for weeks and met for the first time in an emotional reunion on Friday - and they both said it was like they have known each other their whole lives. Karen, 56, said her birth parents gave her up for adoption in the early 1960s.

A camera-happy pooch who loves posing for pictures has turned their hobby into a business after signing a modelling contract

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ”Little Diva” Willow and her owner Heidi Gibbons, 22, spend hours each day posing up for Instagram - but they’ve now been snapped up by an American pet boutique company. The shih-tzu is like most dogs who „love snacking and walking” says Heidi - except the photogenic pooch boasts nearly 12k followers on Instagram. The confident dog turns 10 later this year but still wags her tail like a puppy when she knows she’s getting dressed up for a shoot. The midwifery student said she’d always taken pictures of her best friend but it quickly turned into an obsession - snapping over 12,000 shots of her in the last year alone. The hobby turned into a potential career for the pair last December after US pet boutique store Aki-oka offered the pair a modelling contract. She'll now be featured wearing various dog apparel on their website and Instagram page. Ms Gibbons, from Cleethorpes, Lincs. says she never expected her dog to spark so much interest but now believes she’s got star potential.

Auschwitz laid bare in harrowing colourised images of Nazi death camp where 1.1million Jews died

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groundbreaking new documentary will feature previously unseen colourised archive footage and moving testimonies from survivors - of AUSCHWITZ concentration camp. The two-part documentary, Auschwitz Untold: In Colour, will be narrated by award-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley, 76. Viewers will witness, for the first time, colourisation of black and white archive footage which will give new resonance to the unprecedented horrors of the World War Two prison camp.

A brave son saved his mum's life and ended her 30 year misery -- selflessly donating his kidney

***EXCLUSIVE*** William Russell, 37, has been supporting his Linda Russell, 63, for years throughout her three decade battle with kidney disease.  When doctors delivered the devastating news she would die without a transplant, in 2018, William immediately wanted to help.  Tests revealed he was a suitable donor match and the brave dad-of-one went under the knife on December 17, 2019.  The transplant was a success and Linda is now doing better than ever thanks to her son's selfless gift - coming out of hospital on Christmas Day.

A teen schoolgirl who set up a fundraising page to help her best friend get life-saving cancer treatment was stunned - when she raised a whopping £82,000 in four DAYS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lillie Cotgrove, 13, was "devastated" when her best pal Lily Wythe, also 13, was diagnosed four months ago with the deadliest type of childhood cancer. Lily's family were told to "go home and make memories" after available treatment on the NHS ran out - but they have found two "promising" clinical trials in the United States for her cancer. And her determined friend Lillie leapt into action and set up The One Pound Warriors - which has received a host of celebrity endorsements including Jonathan Ross, Rachel Riley, and Gemma Collins.

An adorable rescue dog with a ''wonky'' face has found a loving home - after hundreds of adoption requests

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brodie the German Shepherd Border Collie cross was born in a rescue shelter but was attacked by his mum when he was only 13 days old. She bit his head leaving him with severe cranial and facial injuries - but the resilient dog survived with a permanently slanted face. The poor little pooch’s jaw fused together as he grew but one side of his face got stunted which left him partially blind in one eye.

A mum quit social media after she became so addicted she spent THREE HOURS every day using Facebook and Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlotte New, 31, admits she was so „hooked” to the two websites she couldn't watch a TV programme fully or help her kids with their homework properly. It affected her relationships because she found herself scrolling through „pointless posts” rather than spending time with her children Lielah, eight and Theo, six. Hairdresser Charlotte even found her mood plummeting when her photos didn’t get as many likes as her friends’ posts. But it wasn’t until she received a notification on her phone telling her she was spending three hours a DAY on Facebook and Instagram, she decided enough was enough. She deleted her accounts and the apps off her phone and said she felt "liberated". Nearly a month on, Charlotte, from Caldicot, Wales, said she now has an extra three hours with her kids a day, is chatting to them properly and feels more confident. The kids did not get the attention they needed all of the time. Leilah did say to me a few times 'mum get off your phone'.

An exhibition of artwork made of LEGO targeting school children contains guns made of the iconic bricks in a reference to the Troubles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brick by Brick displays creations from 18 international artists on a historic estate in Workshop, Notts. It follows a previous LEGO exhibition at the award-winning Harley Gallery, which attracted 80,000 visitors in three months. Attendees will be able to build something themselves on the Welbeck Estate, where a monastery was founded in 1153. Workshops for children will run through February half-term and Easter holidays, but LEGO machine guns and handguns, including a multi-coloured one, are on show alongside bags of popcorn. The guns are the work of Belfast-based artist David Turner, who was born in 1968 and grew up during the Troubles. Information given to visitors says: “His childhood was shaped by the turbulent times of ‘The Troubles’, with guns, conflict and checkpoints a part of his everyday life.”

A set of distinctly anti-American North Korean propaganda posters are about to be auctioned

***EXCLUSIVE*** One disturbing image depicts a North Korean soldier in a patrol boat speeding away from a burning U.S. destroyer with text that translates as: „If the U.S. Imperialist Aggressor recklessly attacks us, they will be severely punished!” Another shows a North Korean officer using a computer to launch a nuclear strike against the U.S. mainland with the message: „Let’s always be in a state of emergency!” A third warmongering image shows a woman holding a bountiful fruit basket in front of the North Korean army with print that reads: „The reinforcements are the true patriots. Let the parade of heroic supporters grow forever." The unique pieces of agitprop are estimated to sell for $3,900 USD [£3,000] each by Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers. The threatening images were smuggled out of the country by Andy Kershaw a British journalist who has visited the secretive state four times since the late 90s.