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Three of my baby girls died in the womb but I had to carry them to 23-weeks to save their sister

***EXCLUSIVE*** After the devastating loss of THREE of her quadruplets, this mum was forced to carry them all to SAVE ONE. When bartender, Tori Keller (23) from Athens, Alabama, USA, and her fiancé stone polisher, Tyler Hallman (24) found out they were expecting quadruplets when Tori was 19, they shocked doctors who asked them if they were taking fertility medication, which they weren’t. Once they’d got over the initial shock and had seen their four babies on the ultrasound, Tori and Tyler, who first met on the dating app, Tinder, were looking forward to becoming a family. Three babies; B, C and D were sharing a placenta and sac and their fourth baby; A was in a sac of their own. Tori suffered with terrible morning sickness during her first trimester and her pregnancy was deemed high risk which meant she had to see her doctors weekly for checks. At 15-weeks the couple were looking forward to a scan that would determine the sex of their children when they received the news that baby D no longer had a heartbeat as the placenta wasn’t strong enough to sustain three babies. Heartbroken, Tori and Tyler discovered that they were expecting girls and despite grieving the devastating loss of their child, Tori was told that she would have to carry all four of her babies full term. Tori found the strength to carry on but two days after her 18-week appointment she stopped feeling any movement as well as having pains in her side. Terrified, Tori phoned her doctor and was told not to worry and that her pains were just her uterus growing. At their 19-week scan, Tori and Tyler were told the heart-breaking news that babies B and C no longer had heartbeats but told them that she would still be able to go full term and deliver all four babies naturally. From then on Tori was closely monitored with ultrasounds, cervix checks, blood and fluid samples and at 21-weeks she was admitted to hospital for closer monitoring due to her cervix weakening. Tori had been in hospital for two weeks when at 23-weeks she suddenly went into labour and was rushed to theatre to have an emergency caesarean. Athena was born on January 2, 2017, weighing just 1lb 5oz and 12in long with her eyes still fused shut and her ears not yet fully developed, her sisters were born sleeping. Tori and Tyler had to wait two and a half weeks before they could hold their delicate daughter and Athena spent 127 days in hospital before being discharged.

Woman has spoken of her gratitude after One Direction star Zayn Malik donated £10,000 towards helping her daughter fight against cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The thankful mum of a five-year-old girl who is battling deadly cancer has spoken of her gratitude after former One Direction star Zayn Malik donated £10,000 towards her cause. Helen Robinson, 24, was shocked when she woke up to find the unexpected donation on her daughter Caitlin’s gofundme page - where she’s desperately trying to raise over half a million pounds to save her daughter’s life. She said they had reached just £10 short of £2,000 when she first checked, but it skyrocketed to £12,000 when she looked moments later. The mum-of-two has reached out to Zayn via Instagram to thank the singer for his „immense generosity” and hopes his fans will join the cause to save her daughter’s life - who loves to sing One Direction songs in the shower. Brave Caitlin has been battling the rare cancer since her diagnosis in March 2019, and has tragically spent 70 per cent of her time in that period in hospital.

Woman with massive growth on arm says lump 'gets her down,' hopes to have it removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Somerset bride-to-be is fundraising to get a large lipoma removed from her arm before her wedding because it is not covered by the NHS. Nikita Berryman, 29, of Frome, said she has been left feeling "down" about the non-cancerous fatty lump and does not want it to impact her special day in June. She said: "I've had the lump for a few years, I got it looked at it make sure it wasn't cancerous and was pleased to hear it wasn't. "Now I'm planning my wedding I want to get it removed. "I tried to get it off via the NHS but I've been told they wont do it because it's too large."

World's oldest mushroom discovered in the Congo is 810 MILLION years old and may have helped make soil for the first plants on Earth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fossilized network of filaments where vestiges of chitin - a very tough compound found in the cell walls of fungi - was detected..  The world's oldest mushroom has been discovered - smashing the previous record by 350 million years.  It lived up to 810 million years ago in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - and helped kick start life on Earth.  Fungi played a key role in evolution by making the atmosphere rich enough for animals to thrive.  The primitive mushroom formed in a lagoon or coastal lake when life on the continent was in its very infancy.  Early multi-cellular marine creatures had just started to split into sponges - and then everything else.  Study co-ordinator Professor Steeve (correct) Bonneville, of the Free University of Brussels, said: "This is a major discovery - and one that prompts us to reconsider our timeline of the evolution of organisms on Earth."

Amazing aerial photographs show the Severn Bridge draped in a spectacular sunlit blanket of fog

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning photos show the Severn Bridge between England and Wales barely peeping above a blanket of thick dappled cloud covering the estuary. The aerial photos, captured by the National Police Air Service, show the 136 metre (445 feet) tall bridge emerging through the remarkable cloud coverage. The remarkable sight was caused by a weather phenomenon known as 'temperature inversion' - where cold air, which is usually higher up in the atmosphere, gets trapped beneath warm air. And the amazing cloud blanket captivated hundreds on social media, where many people shared photos, calling it "fascinating" and "surreal".

Breeder used razor to cut bulldog puppies’ ears to make them ‘cuter’ for celebs including Little Mix’s Leigh-Ann Pinnock

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vile dog breeder who mutilated puppies as part of a sick trend for celebrity owners has been banned from keeping animals after The Sun triggered a major animal welfare investigation. ittle Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 28, and Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, 32, are among those who bought pets who had undergone cruel cosmetic surgery, known as docking, at the hands of Simon Davis.