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Nostalgic movie fan turns his basement into a 90s video store

United States: A nostalgic movie fan has transformed his basement into a 90s video rental store. Nick Collins spent two months putting the room together which includes shelves of thousands of films on VHS tapes. There's even boxes of movie-sized sweets at the end of the aisles. Nick enlisted the help of his uncle to create the room, which cost around $1,200 in total to make. „I spent pretty much each day and night cutting, sanding, measuring, and painting until the sun came up.” says Nick. Nick actually began expanding the basement four years ago but the idea to turn it into Blockbuster came a bit later. „It all started coming together once I got into collecting VHS tapes with my brother” explained Nick. „We had this small closet-like space that was about half the size of the room you see today. As we got more and more tapes, we ran out of the room, and I thought it about potential ideas for an expansion.” While the basement transformation is not a location open to the public to visitshop at, Nick does offer VHS tapes on his online store Nostalgia Video as well as other relics of the 80s and 90s. „People are absolutely nostalgic for things like VHS tapes and retro video games” he added. Nostalgia is in right now for sure!

Mother who allowed her daughter, 3, to stop brushing her hair so she could have dreadlocks reveals she's been accused of 'neglect, abuse and cultural appropriation'

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAUI, HAWAII, USA: This mum has been accused of NEGLECT, ABUSE and CULTURAL APPROPRIATION for letting her THREE-YEAR-OLD daughter have dreadlocks - but the toddler is now an INSTAGRAM SENSATION. Karaoke MC and mum of three, Kristin Miller (34) from Maui, Hawaii, USA, used to find her thin hair difficult to style and having always admired dreadlocks for their beauty, she decided to lock her own hair two and a half years ago. Kristin?s daughter, Loretta (3) hated having her hair brushed and found the experience traumatic and painful as her active outdoor lifestyle of rambling through mountains and bodyboarding meant her hair was constantly in knots. After seeing Kristin?s dreads form, Loretta, who was two at the time, was in awe and Kristin let her make the decision to stop hair brushing and have dreads of her own. Since then Loretta has never been happier and she?s in love with her new faff-free hair which doesn?t interfere with any of her favourite activities. Kristin decided to share Loretta?s hair journey on Instagram under the handle, @dreadyloretty, to normalise children with dreads. She has amassed a whopping 11.8K followers, who follow Loretta for hair inspiration on the social media platform. Whilst she?s received a lot of support on Instagram for letting Loretta follow her heart, Kristin has also been accused of neglect, abuse and even cultural appropriation from trolls who don?t think Loretta should be able to choose her hairstyle. Adorable pictures show Loretta rocking her amazing dreads on the beach, with her brothers, Julian and Wyatt, in the garden and at the park. Kristin wants to encourage other parents to listen to their young children and to allow them to let their children express their own individuality.

My boob grew to the size of a melon after my implant ruptured – I thought I’d die but I still got MORE surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how she feared one of her boobs would explode after her implant ruptured - and her breast swelled to the size of a MELON. Hannah Packham, 30, went under the knife in 2014, boosting her confidence and boobs from a 32A to a 32D. She flaunted her "perfect boobs" for years until she noticed one was growing bigger than the other. Over the course of a week the panicked mum-of-two saw her boob swell "five times its size" and was petrified she was developing breast cancer after Googling her symptoms.

An ancient Egyptian mummy has been 'brought back to life'... after British scientists recreated its voice

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Egyptian priest, known as Nesyamun, hasn't spoken in more than 3,000 years.  Now the sound produced by his vocal tract has been synthesised using CT scans, 3D printing - and an electronic larynx.  The audio recording last only a second - but gives listeners an idea of his deep powerful tones as he chanted songs for worshippers.  Co-corresponding author Professor David Howard a biomedical engineer from the University of London said: "The process is only feasible when the relevant soft tissue is reasonably intact - as in the case of the 3,000 year-old mummified body of the Egyptian priest Nesyamun."  His remains are contained in a beautiful, ornate coffin which is today on display at Leeds City Museum.  Known locally as The Leeds Mummy, the coffin and its occupant have captivated visitors to the city for almost 200 years - and is one of the museum's most famous exhibits.

260-lb mother-of-two reveals she lost nearly HALF her body weight after giving up partying, smoking, and drinking

***EXCLUSIVE*** Party mad woman loses HALF her body weight after being motivated by incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy. Personal trainer and nutritional coach, student and stay at home mum, Kassidy Caitlin Riekens (28) from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, lead a life of bad habits such as drinking, smoking and partying up to four times a week which spiralled out of control until she weighed 18st 8lb and squeezed into a UK dress size 22. Being overweight and unhealthy had a huge impact on her happiness and she hated who she was both inside and out. She felt ashamed and embarrassed, insecure and lost. She couldn’t walk far without being out of breath and she believed her unhealthy lifestyle ultimately lead to her suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. As she continued to party the nights away to forget about her problems, she received stark reminders by the negative comments from the public. One night in a busy club someone shouted, ‘Move it fat b****’ at her while another person quizzed her husband Dylan ‘Why are you dating her? She’s fat!’. In 2015 Kassidy fell pregnant and it was an incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy. During her daughter’s delivery she vouched that enough was enough and shortly after Harley was born she started her weight loss journey. Kassidy started preparing her meals taking special care to ensure they were healthy and she joined the gym. In the beginning she had no idea what she was doing but she researched what to do and has continued to learn every day since. Simply through meal preparation, exercise and a bit of determination Kassidy lost a total of 9st 4lb. She now maintains a weight of 11st 6lb and wears a much slimmer UK dress size 14.

Woman whose acne was so bad she REFUSED to go to work for two months reveals how her skin was cleared by controversial drug Roaccutane – and now she has a contract with Bare Minerals

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was so embarrassed by her ACNE that she REFUSED to LEAVE THE HOUSE, pulled a SICKIE and didn?t go back to the office for TWO MONTHS. Software developer, Oonagh McLaughlin (25), from Co. Derry, Northern Ireland, noticed a change in her skin in April 2019 when she broke out in vicious spots and cysts on her face. Concerned by how rapidly it had developed, she first visited her GP in May 2019, but doctors were unable to properly diagnose her condition. She was prescribed birth control pills and antibiotics in the hope that they would put a stop to the condition, but nothing worked. Ashamed of how her skin looked, Oonagh became a recluse. In June 2019 Oonagh went to Kingsbridge private hospital, Belfast where dermatologists assessed her skin. Oonagh was diagnosed with Rosacea fulminas-a rare inflammatory dermatology disease that mostly affects women.

Meet Archer the dog and Niqo the cat - an inseparable pair of animal chums who roam the streets of Bristol getting into adventures

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Archer & Niqo - the dog and cat who have formed an unlikely friendship - and even go on WALKS TOGETHER unaided. The pair have been inseparable since they were young, and are even confident enough to follow orders off the leash and on public streets. Owner Ben Murray, 30, bought Archer as a puppy in 2012 after seeing a picture of him online - falling instantly in love. Without even meeting the breeder - Ben knew Archer would become a perfect part of his pack.

A loving couple were determined to tie the knot despite being hospital-bound with pneumonia - so they married in the hospital ward

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vivien Stokes, 56, was admitted to hospital with aspiration pneumonia and was due to marry long time partner Fred Hartley, 73, in June but she was too eager to wait any longer. The pair, who both have cerebral palsy, met 29 years ago and have been madly in love ever since - and thanks to kind donations from strangers online have had the perfect wedding. Gifts began to pour in after an appeal was launched online to help the pair tie the knot - including a selection of FIVE wedding dresses for Vivien to choose from.

A green couple built their own eco-house for 230K - and say they now have an energy bill of MINUS £150 a month

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lindsay Berresford, 34, and her partner David Ffrench, 38, receive a Renewable Heat Incentive grant from the Government which pays their energy bills for them they say. The two quarterly payments from the grant are based on the energy bill estimates for their incredible, four-bedroom eco home, and the couple claim they save almost £1,500 each year. The home, in Easton, Bristol, uses solar panels, which Lindsay and David claim heat their water for at least six months of the year.

Amazing images show icebreaker supply mission

Antarctica: These amazing photographs show the U.S. The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star clearing a path this month (January 2020) through the Antarctic ice to escort three refuel and resupply ships to McMurdo Station during Operation Deep Freeze. The ships deliver enough cargo and fuel to sustain year-round operations on the remote continent. The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star (WAGB-10) is in the fast Ice, approximately 20 miles north of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The 399-foot icebreaker is the only ship in U.S. service capable of clearing a path through the Antarctic ice to escort three refuel and resupply ships to McMurdo Station during Operation Deep Freeze. The ships deliver enough cargo and fuel to sustain year-round operations on the remote continent. U.S. Coast Guard photograph by Senior Chief Petty Officer NyxoLyno Cangemi.

The moment a cheetah grabs a huge antelope in a stunning takedown

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning images show the moment a cheetah grabs a huge antelope in a stunning takedown. A photographic tour group spotted five cheetahs from three different families on the banks of the Talek river in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, last week. The group- led by Canadian photographer Jeffery Wu - elected to follow the predators and waited patiently for six hours before the Cheetah’s targeted an unlucky trio of antelope known as topis that had come to rest in the long grass.

Byzantine tombstone discovered in Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea, Israel: Stav Meir, 13, displays a piece of a stone tombstone inscribed in Greek he discovered in Caesarea while picking mushrooms after the rains. Meir turned over the stone to the Israel Antiquities Authority for which he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for good citizenship. Archaeologists confirm ''This is part of a tombstone, the quality of which well illustrates the extraordinary wealth of Caesarea's rich some 1500 years ago.