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Brave Brit first person to swim under Antarctic ice sheet – wearing just his trunks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A climate change activist has become the first person ever to swim under an Antarctic ice sheet. Wearing only a pair of trunks, goggles and a cap, UN patron of the oceans Lewis Pugh has swam where no man ever has before - in a river underneath a melting ice sheet. These incredible photos show the moment endurance swimmer Lewis, 50, takes the plunge in a glacial river formed as a result of global warming. The swim saw him swim in icy waters for eight minutes through a tunnel-like gap in the ice sheet.

Koala spotted amongst charred trees in Australia's bush fires

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone koala peeps out from behind a charred tree after surviving deadly bushfires which have devastated an Australian forest. The abandoned marsupial's tiny head can barely be glimpsed amid the scorched timber as it peers shyly out. Only blackened trees, stripped of their leaves, surround the unlikely survivor in the deserted forest near Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island. More than 150,000 hectares of idyllic green space across the island - which is the third largest in Australia - have been lost to the bushfires.

Toy story... A remarkable lifetime collection of 30 vintage toy cars has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable lifetime collection of 30 vintage toy cars has emerged for sale for more than £65,000. The fleet of rare pedal cars were acquired over almost half a century by retired car garage owner David Worrow, 72. During their time with Mr Worrow they formed what was believed to be the biggest private collection of its kind in the world.

Food addict reveals she nearly RIPPED her stomach by continuing to gorge on junk after getting a gastric sleeve - as she finally overcomes her bad eating habits to shed HALF her body weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Weight loss surgery didn’t quell this woman’s food ‘ADDICTION’ and every time she went over her FIFTY-SIX-GRAM meal limit she was left in AGONY – until the fear of RIPPING HER STOMACH forced her to lose HALF HER BODY WEIGHT. Hair stylist, Sylvia Harper (37) from Utah, USA, came from a family of alcohol and violence, but wanting to avoid those traits, she turned to food instead. Sylvia ate lots of carbohydrate rich and nutritionally poor junk foods which she washed down with sugary pop, and after having five children her waistline continued to expand until she buckled her belt at 19st and was wearing a UK dress size 22. After an unsuccessful marriage which ended when she was 20, Sylvia rekindled the relationship with her childhood sweetheart, Ben (35), who has been very supportive regardless of her weight. But Sylvia admits she was so embarrassed about her body that she would purposefully cause arguments with him to avoid social functions. Even though the thinner girl inside her truly wanted to attend. Whenever she did make it to those gatherings she would run for cover whenever someone started taking photos. Wallowing in despair about her weight woes, Sylvia woke up daily just hoping, praying that the pounds she’d packed on was all just a bad dream – Ultimately, she thought about her body constantly every day for seven years. Sylvia decided enough was enough and in 2017 she decided to have vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) weight loss surgery and within just one year she shed half her body weight to weigh 9st 7lb and now wears a super slim size four dress.

Man facing backlash from Sainsbury's

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cheeky shop owner has launched a new store called Singh'sbury Local, which bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the UK’s most famous supermarkets. See SWNS story SWMDshop.  Mandeep Singh Chatha, 34, has opened the new convenience store on Bushbury Road, Wolverhampton, with its sign featuring the famous orange colouring of Sainsbury’s.  Since opening in December Mr Chatha, who previously worked as a sandwich delivery driver, said the logo was drawing in crowds or walkers by to take a look.  Many have been amused by the branding, with people even stopping to take pictures and selfies. He said: "I decided on the name. My name is Singh and it is on Bushbury Road!"  The entrepreneur, who always dreamed of starting his own business, decided to capitalise on the similarity and registered the name at Companies House.

Mansion on English country estate where the Allies plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler's henchman SS General Reinhard Heydrich goes on sale for £1.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury house on an English country estate where the Allies plotted the infamous assassination of one of Adolf Hitler's top henchmen has gone on the market. Rooftops, a Norwegian-style chalet, is located on the Moreton Paddox estate in Warwickshire where 4,000 Czech soldiers were billeted during the Second World War. The plot to assasinate Nazi monster SS General Reinhard Heydrich involved two Czech soldiers who parachuted into Prague where they attacked and killed him as he was driven to work. His death led to appalling Nazi reprisals on locals, with more than 1,300 men, women and children massacred. The Edwardian mansion at Moreton Paddox that was requisitioned for the war effort was later demolished and Rooftops was built on the grounds in 2009.

Ground squirrel vs cobra

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deadly orange cobra rears its head as a squirrel confronts it while protecting its young. The cape cobra was hunting in the area when it was approached by the bushy tailed rodent. A tense standoff ensued between the venomous snake and the protective parent. The squirrel tried to make itself look as big as possible, before jumping back as the reptile strikes towards him. The unusual photographs were captured in the north of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

Heartwarming moment missing bearded collie Arran, six, is reunited with his owner after TWO DAY search involving 100 people and 40 fellow collies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lost and hound ... This is the heartwarming moment a missing dog was found after over 100 people and fellow canines took part in a major search for him. Dog breeder Madeleine Fear was left distraught when six year old bearded collie Arran, who has participated at Crufts, bolted from a dog walker in Verwood Forest, Dorset, on Sunday morning. After she put out an appeal for help was put on social media to track down the pooch, numerous dog owners and their pets answered the call of duty. About 40 bearded collies and their owners travelled from as far as Guildford in Surrey, a 160 mile round trip, to help. Within hours of yesterday's (Jan 21) search starting, Aaran was discovered in the back garden of a home in the town. The homeowner had seen one of the 200 posters which were handed out around the local area and called Ms Fear to alert her he had spotted him.

Lamborghini that was driven by Sir Roger Moore in his favourite film role emerges for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare Lamborghini that was driven by Sir Roger Moore in his favourite film role has emerged for sale for a whopping £275,000. The silver Islero S racer was built in 1969 as one of just five examples to be produced in right-hand drive. Shortly after leaving the factory it starred in the psychological thriller The Man Who Haunted Himself which featured Moore as Harold Pelham.

Flower sellers look like they are wearing dresses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Flower sellers parade their wares by wearing their brightly coloured produce like dresses. The men use jute to string marigold, rose and nightingale blooms together and then drape dozens of them round their necks. They then walk to the market in Kolkata, India, to sell for 10 rupees (10p) each.