Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This is the extraordinary moment a paraplegic sportsman walked over to his mum and hugged her for the first time in more than 10 years - with the help of a robotic exoskeleton

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jun-beom Park was confined to a wheelchair in 2008 after being involved in an accident on the way to a school exam. He damaged his thoracic vertebrae and suffered from depression as a result of the incident, isolating himself from his friends, girlfriend or family for a year. Now, 11 years on, the archery star has taken his „second first steps” thanks to an „exoskeleton suit” developed by Hyundai Motors Robotics Lab in Seoul, South Korea. In the heartwarming video, Jun-beom, 28, is seen putting his weight on his legs to stand up from his wheelchair, aided by his Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton (H-MEX). Hyundai was confident about the test having completed research, development and carried out trials, but it was not without its dangers with any mistake or miscalculation potentially dangerous to Jun-beom. But after taking a deep breath, he nervously walks toward his parents in an emotional scene reminiscent of a baby taking its first steps. The Para-archer, ranked seventh in the world, reaches his mother to hug her courtesy of the wearable robotics. The touching moment is part of Hyundai’s vision to develop technology where robots and humans can work together to re-define mobility.

A brave schoolgirl defied the odds to wake up from a coma after contracting deadly sepsis - from a sore throat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kiah Stone-Richards, 12, went to bed with a throat infection but rapidly went downhill through the night. She had developed sepsis within hours ‚Äď a life-threatening infection which occurs when the body starts attacking its own organs. The little girl was rushed to hospital where her mum Hayley, 32, found her surrounded by 25 doctors and nurses battling to save her life.

Miss Rigby the cat who spends her life sailing with her family

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the amazing story of an adventurous Pawrate of the Carribean who spends her life sailing with her family. Miss Rigby also known as Rigs, Riggles or Chicken is an American Burnese who has lived on a boat with her owners Shane and Maryvonne since she was an 11-week-old kitten and loves nothing more than exploring the waters of the USA and the Carribean ocean with them Shane, 53 and Maryvonne, 52 previously owned their own architect business together before quitting 10-years ago to persue their passion for sailing.  They now live on their boat and travel full time.

Floating 'Arctic Bath' hotel and spa in Sweden

***EXCLUSIVE*** A floating 'arctic bath' hotel and spa has opened its doors for the very first time on a river in Sweden. Situated on the peaceful river Lule, guests can choose to stay in cabins both in the water or on land and can enjoy an open-air cold bath under the northern lights. There's also a spa, sauna and restaurant allowing guests to immerse themselves in the elements while also enjoying a touch of luxury.

A besotted owner shells out a staggering $1,000 a month on her cute corgi which needs a custom-made set of wheels to get around as well as acupuncture sessions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelli Krysh, 36, was devastated when Penny, 11, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, a chronic condition which destroys the spinal cord causing a slow deterioration in the rear legs and ultimately paralysis. Kelli spent $650 on a doggy wheelchair and pays between $800 and $1,000 a month for Penny's supplements and physical therapy, including water treadmill therapy, acupuncture and laser treatment. Kelli, of Los Angeles, California, said: "I probably spend between $800 to $1,000 a month on Penny but I'm lucky that I can afford it. "It has helped to keep her going. "I now feed her a raw diet which is supposed to reduce inflammation so she eats raw turkey and goat's milk. "She runs on a water treadmill which keeps her buoyant. "She also has laser treatment and occasionally she has acupuncture." Although degenerative myelopathy is a progressive disease with no known cure, Kelli is optimistic about Penny's current condition. "Right now she can still get around, she is very happy. "When I take her on walks, people are always in love with her and enamored with her. "She is not aware of what's happening to her - she still loves to play and loves to see people.‚ÄĚ Kelli added that she understands why some people might wonder about the amount she spends on Penny's treatment but she explained that the corgi is like "her child".

A delighted teen is celebrating as a fundraising page she set up for life-saving cancer treatment for her best friend has reached its £300,000 target - in just one WEEK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lillie Cotgrove, 13, was "devastated" when her best pal Lily Wythe, 14, was diagnosed four months ago with the deadliest type of childhood cancer. The survival prognosis for Lily's condition - a high-grade diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) - is just eight to 12 months. So when Lily's parents found "promising" clinical trials for her cancerous brain tumour in Seattle, USA, Lillie was determined to do what she could to help her friend.

A lavish diamond tiara owned by one of the British aristocracy's most flamboyant characters who died owing a whopping £60million is due to go on sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning tiara, formed of over 100 carats of diamonds mounted on a velvet-covered band, belonged to the 5th Marquess of Anglesey, Henry Cyril Paget. Known as the black sheep of his family, Paget broke the mould with his love of performance, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on lavish clothes and jewels - including the magnificent Victorian tiara. Paget, known as the 'Dancing Marquess' due to his love of theatre and performance, died in March 1905, aged 29, having run up debts equivalent to £60 million. His pricey tiara has remained in the Paget family for generations - until now. It is currently being exhibited by Hancocks London, the award-winning jewellers which was recently recognised as the best independent jewellers in Mayfair.

A new school has become the first in the world to use old train carriages as classrooms

***EXCLUSIVE*** A failing school struggling to attract students due to below-par classrooms has been brought back to life by teaching children inside train carriages. The Ashokapuram primary school in Karnataka, southern India, was almost forced to shut down due to a drop in the number of students. But it will stay open thanks to the ingenious way the school now teaches its students - at a cost of only £700.

These could be the fattest squirrel in the UK - who still can't stop chomping on a nut

***EXCLUSIVE*** Part-time photographer David Hoztaby was on his daily afternoon walk when the sizeable grey squirrel caught his eye. The chunky tree-dweller was unfazed by the approaching photographer as it stood comfortably near the roots of a tree, laser-focused on eating its dinner. The pictures, taken in Horton Park in Bradford, West Yorks last autumn are some of David’s favourites - as he loves spotting unusual wildlife. David from Bingley, West Yorks said: „I was on my daily walk in the park one afternoon when I spotted the chunky squirrel.”