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A miracle-making mum who was once told by doctors that she could never had children has proved them wrong - by giving birth to TEN kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Gale was diagnosed with polycistic ovaries aged 18, with doctors delivering the "mortifying" news to her and husband Spencer that they were unlikely ever to have kids. But just two years later Emma, who had started to look into fostering or adopting with her hubby, when she fell so ill that she "couldn't even stand up". After rushing to hospital, it was revealed that Emma was two months pregnant - to the astonishment of both her and her husband.

Woman in long distance relationship with plane finally plans wedding to Boeing 737

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman has been in a long-distance relationship for SIX YEARS with a PLANE - and after finally MEETING IN PERSON she’s PLANNING A WEDDING. Saleswoman, Michele Kobke (30) from Berlin, Germany, first met the love of her life, a 737-800 Boeing plane she calls „Schatz” which means „darling” in German, in March 2014 while she was in Berlin Tegel airport. She was first attracted to its wings, winglets and thrusters and after six years of only being able to „meet” it through the glass window of the airport, in September 2019, she has finally been able to kiss it and even stand on one of its wings in the hangar, a large building for housing aircraft. She hopes to one day move to be with her plane and to get married to it. Unlike a traditional wedding of a white dress and veil, Michele imagines wearing black trousers and a black blazer on her big day. They have planned to meet again in the hangar in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on March 18, 2020. While her friends and family have accepted her relationship, her family are not interested in meeting Schatz and she wants her wedding to be an intimate affair.

Woman with a huge tumour on her face reveals how becoming a makeup artist has helped her embrace her looks - and says she 'wouldn't trade her life for anything'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman became a makeup artist after a TUMOUR began TAKING OVER HER FACE at just TWO-YEARS-OLD - and doctors won’t remove it in case they make it WORSE. In 1995, Rhonda Manring (27) from Virginia, USA, was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes benign tumours to grow along the nerves, after her sister, Rebecca, noticed it and pointed it out to their mum. There wasn’t much doctors could do about it as they thought surgery would do more harm than good, due to her only being two and a half years old at the time. Walking out among the public has often been a negative experience for her, with parents pulling their children away from her to avoid them „catching” her condition. But despite her negative experiences and being constantly stared at by strangers, Rhonda has remained positive in her attitude and was always considered „bubbly” by nature. As she grew older, she developed a love of makeup, which motivated her to upload tutorials on Facebook and Instagram where she has amassed over an impressive 9,000 followers. Her social media community has helped her embrace her condition. She now wants to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis through her love of makeup to show that it is not a contagious condition and that everyone is beautiful despite society’s perception of beauty.

The tale of the sparkly marquess’ tiara

London, UK: LONDON, UK. The stunning tiara, formed of over 100 carats of diamonds mounted on a velvet-covered band, belonged to the 5th Marquess of Anglesey, Henry Cyril Paget. Known as the black sheep of his family, Paget broke the mould with his love of performance, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on lavish clothes and jewels - including the magnificent Victorian tiara. Paget, known as the 'Dancing Marquess' due to his love of theatre and performance, died in March 1905, aged 29, having run up debts equivalent to L60 million. His pricey tiara has remained in the Paget family for generations - until now. It is currently being exhibited by Hancocks London, the award-winning jewellers which was recently recognised as the best independent jewellers in Mayfair.

Bandit the ferret who loves to travel the world with owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** An RAF airman quit his job and sold everything to travel the world -- with his pet ferret. Charlie Hammerton, 25, was grieving following the deaths of his best friend, mother and adopted mum in just a year. In a bid to feel more positive, he decided to travel the world with his 'best pal', rescue ferret Bandit.

Man’s thumb was ripped off in a horrific work accident is back fixing shoes after surgeons replaced the lost digit - with his big TOE

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cobbler whose thumb was ripped off in a horrific work accident is back fixing shoes after surgeons replaced the lost digit - with his big TOE. David Lee, 40, was trimming the heel of a shoe last January when his hand got snagged in the machine and his right thumb was cut off. Incredibly, David was in such shock he managed to dial 999 and even went outside for a cigarette while he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

One week old cheetah cubs venture out for the first time in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable pictures captured three cheetah cubs taking their first steps on the wild side and beaming out at their new world. At just a week old, the happy cubs can be seen venturing out for the first time and seem to love it - with one showing off his dazzling smile. Wildlife photographer Paul Mahagi spent six days in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania waiting for the perfect moment to snap the cubs.

Textures of the sandbar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Striking patterns emerge as large barren sandbars form in a river. The white sand takes on different shapes, with some appearing like waves. Circular pools of turquoise water appear naturally as a result of quicksand. The natural sandbars meet man-made roads where workers drive lorries filled with sand to use for building construction.

The largest pupping season on Horsey Beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** As climate change threatens wildlife across the planet, a seal colony in the UK is experiencing an unexpected boom. The population of grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk is growing with over 2,300 pups born this season, which local residents say is more than they've ever seen before. Around half of the world’s grey seal population are found in the UK, with nearly 120,000 found on beaches across the country. They are a protected species and come to the Norfolk coastline to have their babies and breed. The images were taken by wildlife photographer Andrew Mason who said that no-one is quite sure why the seal colony in Horsey has grown so spectacularly in recent years.

Sparrowhawk makes starling scatter into different shapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** The starlings being chased by the sparrowhawk form the shape of a seal. A huge starling murmuration forms an array of different shapes - even appearing to recreate Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress photograph. The flock of around 20,000 birds flew in unison above a wooded area and also produced shapes akin to a bird and a seal.The murmuration can also be seen evading a sparrowhawk - which hunts starlings - by splitting and clustering together. Amateur photographer Natasha Weyers, 44, captured shots of this amazing display over woodland in Ibsley, Hants.