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This $26.5 million house is the ultimate shrine to Star Wars

The ultimate shrine to Star Wars may not be at Disneyland. It's located in this absolutely gorgeous property in Hidden Hills, Calif. Listed at $26.5 million by The Agency, the 18,183-square-foot home is loaded with incredible collectibles, life-size props and a Star Wars-themed home theater. The entire 5,000-square-foot basement of the home is Star Wars themed, and it's honestly far more awesome than you can even imagine. Here's an overhead look at the backyard of the 2.95-acre property. We don't know who your immediate neighbor would be in this gated community, but the town of Hidden Hills is home to loads of high-profile celebrities.

This horse is TI-NEIGH - Meet Martha the dwarf horse that is no bigger than a DOG

***EXCLUSIVE*** At less than 2-feet tall Martha the 15-month old miniature dwarf horse is no bigger than her family’s golden retriever but what she lacks in size she makes up for in character and her adorable online antics are making the entire internet smile. Martha was taken in by the R&R ranch in wildwood Missouri after she was spotted on Craiglist listed to be sold as a Christmas present. The owner had no idea about her dwarfism but luckily the keen eye of Stacy Rolfe owner of R&R ranch spotted some leg problems and she was quickly rescued.

Woman surprises fiancé with wedding after getting bored of waiting

***EXCLUSIVE*** This bride was so tired of waiting to get married that she organised her wedding in SECRET - before surprising her fiancé with an IMPROMPTU CEREMONY at a New Year’s Day beach party. Realtor, Nicole Arnett (40) from British Columbia, Canada, said „yes” to business owner, Daniel (39), in 2014 after a low-key and intimate proposal at their home with Daniel’s grandmother’s wedding ring. Since they agreed to tie the knot, Nicole and Daniel had trouble deciding exactly how they wanted to execute their big day. After several unsuccessful attempts to secure the details, Nicole came up with an idea to surprise Daniel in December 2019. Nicole’s plan was to disguise their ceremony as the typical New Year’s Day party she and Daniel hosted every year, which is closely followed by Nicole’s 40th birthday on January 2.

Newly-colourised images released to mark 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz's liberation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harrowing colourised images of the Holocaust which expose the full terrors faced by the death camp’s inmates have emerged SEVENTY-FIVE-YEARS after the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp. Sobering photos, some revamped in colour for the first time, capture the horror of genocide in the eyes of a gaunt 18-year-old Russian woman; a concentration camp responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people being ceremonially burnt to the ground by liberating British forces; and malnourished Jewish children peering out at their Soviet rescuers through a barbed wire fence at Auschwitz. Other upsetting colourisations include a smiling portrait of four-year-old, Istvan Reiner, taken just a few weeks before he was murdered at the infamous death camp, and another showing a palpably relieved young Jewish refuge recuperating in hospital after being rescued by appalled Allied Forces.

An explorer has become the first Brit and the third ever person to climb the world's remotest mountain - so isolated only ten people have ever SEEN it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adventurer Leo Houlding, 39, successfully conquered Spectre - a jagged mountain peak in Antarctica, 450km south of the South Pole. It is so remote that only ten people in the world have ever even seen it. He battled Antarctic conditions for more than 2,000km to make their climb.

A loving father is helping other dads bond with their young daughters - by running workshops teaching them how to plait their hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Woodhams and his seven-year-old daughter Poppy are joined by up to a dozen other dads and daughters every month at classes hosted by a specialist plaiting tutor. The 38-year-old said the lively sessions enable dads to learn a new skill, while more importantly gaining the much-needed opportunity to spend quality time with their girls. He said: "I don't think lots of men get to enjoy anywhere near as much time with their girls as they should.  "The classes give us that chance to do something nice together and also show the little ones that not only their mums can do their hair. "Historically doing hair is a woman's job so it's great to break that barrier down."

A DJ was given hours to live after he got blood clots in his brain and fell into a coma -- thanks to an ear ache

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nick Sommons, 27, got an ear infection and was given drops to clear it up, but it just got worse. In just two weeks he had fallen into a coma and doctors pumped him full of antibiotics as they battled to find the cause of his illness and save his life. Keen runner Nick was eventually diagnosed with Lemierre syndrome - a rare infection that starts in the ear, throat or nose, and spreads to through the body. It was already at an advanced stage and had caused blood clots in his brain, prompting medics to give him an 8% chance of surviving. But after ten days he pulled through, and after learning to walk again and is back DJ-ing. Single Nick, from Kingston, Pennslyvannia, USA, said: ‚ÄúBy the time I got to ER I was hours from dying. In October 2018 Nick was ‚Äúliving the dream‚ÄĚ - travelling the country as a wedding and party DJ. But in November 2018 the super-fit runner developed a sore throat and an earache in his left ear, but thought it would disappear on its own. Remarkably Nick was discharged from hospital six days after coming out of a coma and up until mid-January 2019, lived with relatives during his recovery.

Twin sisters have opened a vet surgery which treats pets with herbal remedies including MISTLETOE and medicinal mushrooms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reagan and Jordan Carnwath, 29, grew up ‚Äėobsessed‚Äô with animals and in their childhood would bring sick or injured creatures home to care for them. The identical twins both studied veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow, and Reagan graduated in 2013 with Jordan completing her studies a year later. After finishing her studies, Reagan moved to Dumfries and Galloway to work in a rural veterinary surgery, but in 2017 she returned to her home city and established Herbal Vet Scotland.

This is the incredible moment a Paralympian swimmer managed to 'walk' while standing straight for the first time - thanks to a robotic suit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grace Harvey was able to take the special steps thanks to the help of state of the art technology - giving her a day she would never forget.  In the heartwarming footage, the swimmer smiled nervously as she took her tentative 'first' steps, and then giggled when a bystander said: "You're running, Grace."  Swimmer Grace is currently training in the city of Suzuka in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Paralympics in August.  She was given the chance to try out a robotic suit at the local university as part of the trip - which then enabled her to 'walk'.  Grace, who has cerebral palsy, posted a video of the "amazing" experience on Twitter.

Mesmerising moment thousands of starlings morphed into a dolphin over Glastonbury

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible photos show the moment thousands of starling soared through the air together forming amazing shapes - including what looks like a pair of DOLPHINS. The huge mass of birds took to the sky early on Friday morning, with the black swarm looking striking against the pink sunrise. The mesmerising display lasted over ten minutes above Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve in Glastonbury, Somerset, with the starlings contorting into a variety of stunning shapes.

A football-mad fan has been attending his local side’s games for nearly 90 years, said he “caught the bug” way back at his first game in 1932

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Huskisson, 95, went to his first Walsall FC game when he was seven and began a love affair that would last decades. The former Midlands Electricity Board meter reader said: “I first went with my Dad and I caught the bug.  “We played Arsenal in the FA Cup in 1932/33 in the first season I went. The Arsenal players were all saying ‘I can’t play on that pitch its all mud’  “The gate was around 10,000 and a player called Shepherd got the winning goal. We have had a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs, but that one I always remember.”  Since 1938, the superfan has kept a log of every game. This includes the players, the results and the scorers. His house is now a shrine to the Saddlers, with dozens of notebooks and scrapbooks that Jack has complied over the various seasons.

This cheeky polar bear gave a tourist a wave as he sailed past an iceberg

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roshan Panjwani, 37, was on a photography expedition in Scoresby Sound on the east coast of Greenland when he spotted the fluffy beast. From the safety of his boat, Roshan began to snap away and couldn't believe his luck when the bear appeared to acknowledge his camera --- with a wave. Roshan said: "We were out in a zodiac boat exploring the eastern coast of Greenland when we saw this bear.

As the winter sunset aligns perfectly with a narrow sea arch at Nanjizal, it creates a spectacular golden light show

***EXCLUSIVE*** People have been drawn to a remote beach in Cornwall to marvel at an annual natural phenomenon over the winter months. From December into January, when the sun transits the celestial meridian at a low angle and can be seen setting at its most southerly point from Cornwall, it aligns perfectly with a stunning rock arch as it sets into the sea, creating a magical spectacle as the last light of the day shines through the cave. The tall, narrow passageway that the sea has worn through the cliffs at Nanjizal beach in west Cornwall is called Zawn Pyg, though many know the cave by its more romantic name, „Song of the Sea”. This beautiful geological formation has been photographed since Victorian times, and been the subject of countless paintings, often capturing it at its most serene in summer.