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The teenager who collapses whenever she LAUGHS: Narcoleptic 15-year-old suffers sudden muscle paralysis if she giggles

***EXCLUSIVE*** This girl has had to develop a KNOCKOUT SENSE OF HUMOUR after developing a condition that makes her FAINT when she LAUGHS. In the summer of 2016, office assistant, Victoria Coomer (50) from Indiana, USA, started to notice that her daughter, Jordan (15) was sleeping a lot, but she attributed it to her just growing up. However, it continued to get worse as time went on, to the point where she would fall asleep during her classes at school, at the table while they were eating their dinner and while she was doing her homework. She decided to book her an appointment with the doctors to get some answers and they ran various tests, took her blood and checked for different possible causes of her constant sleepiness but everything came back negative. In January 2017, she took Jordan to a paediatric sleep specialist, who told her to wear a watch-like device that would monitor her sleeping patterns which she would wear 24-hours-a-day for a month. In March 2017, they re-visited the doctor, who collected the data and was shocked by the results and decided to do a sleep study. Jordan was hooked up to wires that would monitor her sleeping patterns throughout the night. The next morning, she did a daytime study and they were able to rule out sleep apnoea but according to the results, Jordan was having 20-minute naps every two hours over an eight-hour period. This was to monitor how fast she went to sleep and if she was going into REM sleep. When they went home, three days later they got a phone call from the doctor who told them that Jordan has narcolepsy, a long-term neurological disorder that involves a decreased ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Remembering that in February 2016, Jordan contracted strep throat and was sick for a week, her doctor told them that this could have triggered her narcolepsy. In June 2017, Jordan and her family were all laughing about something when suddenly she collapsed on the ground and lay there for 20 to 30 seconds before bursting into tears. She has had other similar occurrences when she would laugh, and her muscles would go weak causing her to nearly collapse. She was then diagnosed with cataplexy, a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious. They now want to raise awareness of both conditions which are connected as it is very rare to have cataplexy without narcolepsy, but you can have narcolepsy without cataplexy. Jordan hasn’t let her condition stopped her from going after her dreams and is very active in sports such as basketball, cross country and horse riding.

Photographer captures once in a lifetime shot straight into the jaws of shark

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer comes face-to-oddly-shaped-face with one of the ocean’s MOST AGGRESSIVE hunters in these spectacular underwater shots. Remarkable photographs of great hammerhead sharks, snapped off the coast of Bimini in the Caribbean, include a close up portrait of a grinning shark, showing off its gnarly teeth; a fearless expert hand feeding a humungous hammerhead; and a diver manoeuvring one of the consummate predators away from the camera by its extraordinary snout. The fascinating shots were captured by acclaimed underwater photographer, Ken Kiefer II (50) on a winter visit to the Bahamian island - one of very few spots on the planet where great hammerheads regularly frequent.

I was told to terminate my baby after doctors found his brain was growing outside his skull – but he’s thriving

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum was offered a TERMINATION when it was discovered that her baby would be born with a TINY HEAD and brain tissue PROTRUDING from his skull – but one year later, he’s thriving. Stay at home mum, Omobola Gordon (25) who was born in London, UK, but grew up in Houston, Texas, USA, met her husband, Checotah (26) in 2012 and they always knew that they would have children together one day. In early 2018, Omobola found out she was pregnant and for the first 20-weeks of her pregnancy everything seemed to be going smoothly. At her 20-week anatomy scan, medical staff were able to check that her baby’s heart, blood flow and kidneys were all normal and that the legs and abdomen were measuring fine, but they struggled to measure the baby’s head. A few weeks later, Omobola went to one of her regular check-ups where doctors again struggled to be able to measure her baby’s head and they suspected that her unborn child might have Trisomy 18, a chromosomal condition associated with abnormalities in many parts of the body. After this, Omobola was referred to a maternal-foetal specialist who told her that her child didn’t have Trisomy 18 but would likely be born with some malformations to the brain or skull. She was told that her baby could have microcephaly, a condition where a baby’s head grows much smaller than expected, or anencephaly, a condition where portions of the brain, skull, or scalp are absent, because the scan appeared to show an opening on the skull that was causing an encephalocele, where brain tissue protrudes outside of the skull. Omobola and her husband were offered a termination, but they declined as they wouldn’t know for sure what was wrong with their baby until birth. The couple had to create a palliative care plan in the final weeks of pregnancy just in case their son wouldn’t be able to survive after being born.  On October 1, 2018, their son Ozzie was born weighing 7lb 5oz, with an encephalocele which covered a third of his face, but his skull was complete, only misshapen. Two days after giving birth the family were discharged from hospital with the support of hospice nurse visits. At four months old, Ozzie underwent surgery to remove his encephalocele and he has been defying the doctors ever since, has less check-ups and visits from nurses. Although he can’t crawl or toddle yet, he babbles and smiles like any baby, and Omobola says Ozzie’s star smile warms the hearts of everyone who meets him. Omobola decided to share their journey on social media to help other families who have children with special needs and the support has been overwhelming. She hopes to show other families that miracles do happen and children with additional needs deserve just as much love as other children.

Look inside the £40 million super-mansion that's the most expensive house for sale in London

 ***EXCLUSIVE*** Highgate mega-home hits the market for an eye watering $40 million. A luxury mansion in one of London's most exclusive suburbs has emerged on the market for a staggering £40million. Heathfield House is in the heart of Highgate, north London, home to famous figures including Jude Law, Liam Gallagher and Kate Moss. The stunning 10 bedroom house, which comes with two acres of landscaped gardens, is a stone's throw from Hampstead Heath. It has a giant 94ft by 39ft swimming pool and its own spa, as well as an aquarium and a tennis court. The property, which has separate staff lodgings, is being sold with estate agent Sotheby's International Realty.

Dad-of-one left fighting for his life thanks to his nail-biting habit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steven MacDonald, 48, was rushed to hospital just days after noticing his left index finger had become infected.  It swelled up and turned green with puss - after he'd been nibbling his nails. The former postman - who has been a nailbiter all his life - was initially given magnesium sulphate by a pharmacist in order to cure it.   But his finger continued to balloon and just four days later his fiance, Karen Peat, 47, noticed a rash on her partner - running from his finger up his forearm.  Karen rushed Steven to University Hospital Monklands, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, where the couple found he had a severe case of paronychia - an infection of the skin around the fingernail - which was spreading and medics performed emergency surgery to save his life.

Stunning Georgian semi-detached property that earns its owners £60,000 a year as a backdrop for Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Waitrose and Disney adverts goes on the market for £1.15million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A semi-detached home that has gone on the market for £1.15m pays for itself as it earns £60,000 a year as a film location for adverts. The elegant Georgian home has acted as a backdrop for TV commercials for the likes of Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and John Lewis for
the past 12 years. Its garden summer house was featured on the front cover of the Laura Ashley Spring and Summer 2019 catalogue. The four storey home in Bromley, south east London, is now up for sale through Purple Bricks.

Blazing tank war hero's medals up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bravery of a war hero who was killed at El Alamein after operating a blazing tank for 10 hours can be told after his family put his medals up for sale. Lieutenant Arthur Almond's made the ultimate sacrifice in helping ensure the Allies achieved their first victory over the Germans in the Second World War. He received the Military Cross for his heroics and his medals are now being sold by his nephew at auction for £2,500.