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Woman reveals her boyfriend asked her to STOP losing weight after gastric surgery because it made him insecure

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s boyfriend asked her to STOP LOSING WEIGHT because it made him INSECURE - but she’s since ditched him and almost EIGHT STONE. Security Administrator, Kylie Hansen (27) from Taft, California, USA had been obese all her life despite being a competitive cheerleader and swimmer for 12 years. Her addiction to large amounts of fast food led her to her biggest weight of 18st 5lb and UK size 22. While she had always seen herself as the „big” athlete throughout school, Kylie never paid attention to how unhealthy and overweight she was. Kylie decided to lose weight in 2013 following a realisation that if she gained any more weight, it could cause health problems that could take over her life. Kylie decided to go under-the-knife to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on July 1, 2013. Following a rigorous dietary and exercise plan for over two years, Kylie now weighs an incredible 12st 2lbs and a dress size of 14-16.

Yes camerade! Unseen photographs documenting rural soviet village life discovered in abandoned house - and published for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the newly-discovered photographs that document rural life in the Soviet Union - after the negatives were found in an ABANDONED house. The unseen portraits of villagers were found in 2016, and have now been curated and published for the first time this month, January 2020. They provide a fascinating glimpse into what life was like in the mid-20th century living beneath the Iron Curtain. Zaharia Cusnir was an unknown amateur photographer who lived in a sleepy village in Moldova, and died in 1993. In the spring of 2016, a film student named Victor Galusca was exploring the same village when the 23-year-old noticed boxes of photographic negatives in the rubble of an abandoned house. Victor then worked on the archive with the permission of the photographer’s daughter, who dismissed her father’s work as „garbage”. Victor and his photography teacher have been cleaning and scanning the treasure trove, and released them on a website in partnership with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility. The images were shot by Zaharia Cusnir between the 1950s and 1970s in and around the small village of Rosietici, Moldova.

A great-great grandma has knitted Sandringham House- complete with miniature figures of the Queen and Prince Phillip

***EXCLUSIVE*** Margaret Seaman, 90, spent six months finishing her knitted masterpiece- sometimes working 13 hours a day on it. The amazing structure has both sides of the main house- the public use side and the royal side with the lawns, trees, paths, and a lake with a small house on it. She first became inspired to create her structure after visiting Sandringham House with her grandson last spring.

Squeezed Middle - Tardis like home built in south London terrace

***EXCLUSIVE*** Slight Move? - Gap in the market has been filled by this deceptive 'tardis' like new London home. The unique 'infill' house which is just 11ft wide has emerged on the market for £1.25million. The Coach House has been cleverly designed in an L shape to fit perfectly in the narrow gap between two Victorian houses. The three storey, four bedroom property in New Cross, South London, widens out at the end and opens up onto its garden. The home, which is on the site of a former coach house, has been designed by architects Selencky and Parsons.

Collectors hoard of Royal French porcelain uncovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** One woman's lifetime collection of French porcelain that filled 'every nook and cranny' of her modest home is set to sell for £250,000. The late Judith Howard's passion for 18th century gallic ceramics saw the walls, shelves and display cabinets adorned with hundreds of plates, dishes and bowls. She was well known for having an eye for a bargain, so much so that a 250-year-old plate she bought for £13 at an antiques shop is now tipped to sell for £25,000. The item was once part of the 1,735 dinner service set made for French King Louis XV and housed in the Palace of Versailles. Mrs Howard's collection is being sold by Woolley and Wallis of Salisbury.

Daring Pitbull loves nothing more than getting her adrenaline fix by catching some waves on her trusty SURF BOARD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Although not getting the easiest start in life as she was rescued from a garage by James Wall as a puppy, Faith the Seven-Year-Old Pitbull Terrier has found a new lease on life as she discovered a passion for surfing!! After first expressing an interest in 2013 faith has now become an adept surfer and her escapades have been shared thousands of time on social media. James Wall, a 38-year-old Hospitality Manager and Faith’s Guardian said: „In November of 2012 while at work a guest complained of two pit bulls chasing people in the parking garage. When a co-worker and I went to the garage we saw two puppies around six months old. I sat on the ground and called the puppies over, once they got closer I could see they both belts around neck, they were dirty and underfed.”

One off Lancia Hyena for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare sports car that was designed, built and funded by a single wealthy collector has emerged for sale for a whopping £170,000. The Lancia Hyena Zagoto dates back to 1992 when motoring enthusiast Paul V.J Koot created it by hand after being rejected by Lancia themselves. He initially approached them with the idea of transforming their Integrale HF Evoluzione 2 hatchback with the help of bodywork experts Zagoto. However, Fiat, who owned Lancia, hated the idea and refused to support the project. Mr Koot, a Dutchman, therefore decided to run the project himself and set about creating 75 Hyenas to sell to the general public. Due to extortionate costs only 24 were ever completed, with this example going under the hammer with SIlverstone Auctions, of Warks.

Elephants appear on powerful images

***EXCLUSIVE*** These images were taken by professional photographer Clint Ralph in the Savuti desert near Chobe National park while the area was undergoing the worst drought in living memory. The animals can be seen clamouring over each other trying to get some water from one of two remaining waterholes in the area. Clint, 55 from Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa said: “In this particular area there were 2 active waterholes that actually had not dried up yet. The area was experiencing the worst drought in living memory with the animals taking extreme pressure as the vegetation was super scarce and water was nowhere to be found.”