Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A brother and sister have become the first mixed sibling duo to row across any ocean - covering more than 3,000 miles in an incredible 43 days

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anna and Cameron Maclean battled isolation, technical difficulties and were even tailed by a shark during their grueling journey across the perilous Atlantic Ocean. The team - dubbed 'The Seablings' - set off from the island of La Gomera, Canary Islands, before Christmas in their 24ft boat. They reached Antigua on Saturday (Jan 25) after exactly 43 days, 15 hours and 22 minutes at sea - beating the previous record for a mixed pair by ten days.

Spectacular ice castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spectacular ice castle built by hand over thousands of hours towers almost 50m into the sky. Huge icicles dangle from the ceilings and the exterior while the whole structure is filled with carefully designed tunnels. The stunning images were captured in Hawrelak Park, Alberta, Canada.

Chameleon snatches dragonfly from flower

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon catches an unsuspecting dragonfly by firing out its long tongue. The green-striped reptile extends its extraordinary tongue to the same length as its body to grab the insect. Balancing on a plant, the 15cm-long veiled chameleon waited for the dragonfly to land nearby before pouncing. Photographer Tanto Yensen spotted the quick-moving reptile during a cloudy morning in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bristol scientists are pioneering a new way to protect endangered species in Africa which could help revolutionise wildlife conservation projects

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers from the University of Bristol and the Bristol Zoological Society were flown out to Cameroon in December to trial the new approach involving machine-learning and drone technology. The technology, developed in Bristol, was used to monitor populations of the threatened Kordofan giraffe at Bénoué National Park. Footage shows the drones scanning a heavily wooded area the size of greater London in search of the elusive animals.