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Guess these celebrities' middle names

Most celebs are known by their first and last names — occasionally throwing in a middle name or an initial to distinguish themselves if it’d otherwise be too common — so ultimately, celeb middle names often go by the wayside. But if you’re a true student of pop culture, you might just be able to identify these uber-famous celebs by their lesser-known middle monikers.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston

Kourtney Diane Kardashian

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence

Samuel Leroy Jackson

Theo Taptiklis James

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Tina Stamatina Fey

Ben Géza Affleck



Nikki Houston Reed

Stephen Tyron Colbert

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult

Michael Bakari Jordan

Adele Blue Adkins

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland