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Woman who ‘looks 15’ says strangers think her boyfriend, 54, is her GRANDPA

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple whose TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR age gap leads strangers to mistake him for her GRANDFATHER. New Product Development Engineer and law school student, Robert Owen Sr (54), and model, Ada Olszewska (27) both from Illinois, USA, first connected with one another in March 2018, thanks to a Facebook post by Ada. At the time Robert had recently divorced his first wife and was living in Indiana. Outside of his nine-to-five job, he had developed his talents as an artist and was working on a new project combining his nature photography with acrylic painting. Ada, a single mother, originally from Bialystok Poland, was living in the couple’s now hometown and was looking for upcoming artists to feature as part of her job at an online magazine. Robert responded to her Facebook post and travelled to Chicago to be interviewed. After weeks of talking online, they finally met face-to-face and fell in love.

A dad who saved the life of a cancer patient 6,600 miles away was flown around the world on a trip of a lifetime by his grateful recipient

***EXCLUSIVE*** Canadian Milton Becker, 69, life was saved after a two-and-a-half year global search for a bone marrow donor was found in Welshmen Emyr Williams, 54, - and Mr Becker flew Mr Williams across the world to personally thank him for his vital gift. Milton Becker, 69, was close to death and in desperate need of a bone marrow donor when a two-and-a-half year global search linked him with an anonymous Welsh man. Emyr Williams, 54, was a near-perfect match, and his bone marrow was flown to Canada and given to Milton, who was declared cancer free. The pair were linked up by the donation database and grew close via phone calls and Facebook messages.

A woman was overjoyed when she welcomed her „miracle” rainbow baby into the world - having previously had two miscarriages on the same date at the same hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Bonful who endured two miscarriages on the same date in the same hospital room a year apart has finally given birth to a „miracle” rainbow baby. Katie Bonful, 31, went through years of heartache before she finally gave birth to her son, Maximus, now seven months old. The mum-of-one miscarried her first baby after experiencing some heavily bleeding during her second trimester on March 9th 2017. She fell pregnant again but went into early labour and miscarried in the same hospital room at St Thomas, Westminster, on March 9th 2018 - the same date, one year later.

Surgeon draws cartoons on kids' bandages to make the hospital experience less scary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dr Robert Parry goes above and beyond to make sure kids don’t get frightened when going under the knife on the operating table. To help, the 60-year-old decided to put down his scalpel and pick up a pen to draw amazing cartoons on dressings so kids aren’t scared by their scars when they wake up. He’s a pediatric surgeon at Akron Children’s Hospital, in Ohio, USA, and also a self-taught artist who uses both skills when in theatre with patients. Father-of-three, Dr Parry, has been a surgeon at the hospital since 2011 and has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in that time. And whenever he operates on a child he always makes sure to ask them for their favourite cartoon or movie character. It’s so he can surprise when they wake up with hand-drawn sketches of the characters covering up their scars. The talented doc’s drawings range from Spongebob Squarepants to Elsa from Frozen. Dr Parry said: “I take a moment to make sure a scar isn’t the only lasting memory of a child’s surgical procedure.

Colourful patterns inside precious gemstones

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning close-up photographs show the colourful patterns found inside precious gemstones - which look like tropical seas or photos taken from space. The amazing, swirly patterns, in shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and blue, were found on the polished insides of a series of colourful rocks. One photo, in different shades of purple, shows the jagged edges of an amethyst stone.